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Nurgleprobe Podcast #3 – Dead of Winter


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Nurgleprobe’s TOP 10 – Boardgames I want to get!

Capitalism, ho! Yea this is one of the weirdest top 10 lists I’ve done in the longest time, ignoring the fact that it was a very very long time since I did a top 10. So in the following list I will present to you, the top 10 games that I want to add to my collection (but because of reasons they’re not in it yet). Let go through the games and tiny motivations to why I have them in my top 10 list of “boardgames I want to add to my collection”.

At spot nr 10.

10. Warhammer 40k: Conquest
40k conquest tiny pic I’ve always been a huge fan of trading card games, but recently, I’ve decided to stop playing them and switch to LCG and other collectible games where you know the contect of the expansions (this mostly because of the huge money-sink feeling of TCGs). Conquest have the setting of one of my favorite sci-fi worlds and the gameplay appeals to me in may different ways. Planets to fight over, a joint goal from both sides and hidden movement. And being a part of a LCG in its early days is something that I would love, being able to get the new cards as they are released and learn as the game expands. Conquest together with Netrunner will be my “go to” card games from now on, thanks FFG!

9. Android
android tiny pic This is not the most popular boardgame in the world, it’s long, have plenty of tiny rules and things to keep in your head and that may not appeal to everyone. BUT I just love how all the mechanics and gameplay creates a story for the character you’re playing. Everything is put in to the game to connect you to the story and world of Android. This universe has a huge appeal to me, and it’s not by chance that I got the other two games set in the same one.

8. Chaos in the old World
chaos in the old world tiny pic This is one of those games… when you sit down and play it, you love it. But then as soon as you leave the table, you hardly remember how the game played. You just remember everything about it feeling thematicly awesome. You play as one of the four chaos gods from the Warhammer Fantasy universe and try to corrupt the old world with your evil powers and followers. I love this game and I really do want it on my shelf. Also… my nickname is Nurgle and in this game… I can not only be called Nurgle around the table, but also PLAY Nurgle. LOVE IT.

7. Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest
tanto cuore oktoberfest tiny pic All of you out there can play your Dominions and your Thunderstones, but I will stick around with my maid game Tanto Cuore. This game is loved by both me and my girlfriend and we will never say no if it’s pulled out on to the table. This cute deckbuilder puts you in the master positions of a house that you need to hire maids for… to serve you. The art is very cutesy and even tho it puts of a LOT of players, I hav not played with a single Dominion fan that have not liked this game. Behind the manga style art there is a great deckbuilder. Do not miss out on this game just because you turn your head on the theme. Oh and Oktoberfest is the fourth release in the Tanto Cuore franchise. As soon as it’s out there I’m getting it! (Yea it’s not released yet and already on my list… hm).

6. Fury of Dracula
fury of dracula tiny pic This is one of those games that have been asking for another print run for the longest time. Or well, people around the world have been asking for it. I’ve wanted to get Fury of Dracula for many many years, but when I finally started with my boardgame hobby, this game was already long gone and in the safe hands of board game collectors everywhere (and I don’t know a single one of them apparantly). One player takes the role as dracula moving secretley around a board while the other players takes the role of vampire hunters trying to track him down. A out of print game that I would love to get my hands on.

5. Battlestar Galactica
battlestar galactica tiny pic You may not know this but one of my favorite board games of all times is “The Resistance”, a game with secret identities where you try to figure out which players are trying to make your life harder. Battlestar Galactica is a cooperative board game where there may be players working against you. There is plenty of things happening in this game and everyturn there are situations that you and the other players have to solve. Will you make it through or is there players working against you stopping you from progressing, or is it just that you can’t complete it anyway? A great game that everyone should try. I have not yet played with the expansions but I’m looking forward to it.

4. Cosmic Encounter
cosmic encounter tiny pic I’ve played this game two times. And those two games had a huge impact on me, I love how everyone plays a race with a very distinct special power and how the gameplay is so inredibly simple. Even tho if there is a simple base to this game, everything above that is huge. You have to communicate, try and create agreements with other players, figure out when to help and when to backstab and just PLAY it. I NEED this game in my collection.

3. Mall of Horror
mall of horror tiny pic I’ve played the new “version” of this game called City of Horror. Sadly that new version is lacking, especially when it removed a key element of the old game: hidden voting. It was one of the best parts! You could discuss with players, make deals, but then you make that secret vote and do something completley different to what you just promised. Every player wants to stay in the game, but you can not do so by playing it alone (or by playing nice). Communicate your way to your goal and keep your survivors alive in the mall before the zombies comes a’ knockin’.

2. Dead of Winter
dead of winter tiny pic I love zombies. I love hidden traitors. I love discussing. I love story elments. This game put some of my favorite elements from games mentioned in this list and made a game out of it. I CAN NOT WAIT to get this game out on the table with a group of players and try to beat them down as the traitor…. you know… if I end up being the traitor. I’ve been waiting to get this game for a long time and as soon as it is back in stock in my local store I will be all over it.

1. Twilight Imperium 3
twilight imperium 3 tiny pic Epic. Epicness. Epic sci-fi madness. I have not yet played this game. But everytime I see a review of it, everytime I see the gameplay, everytime I feel like playing a long and epic game, Twilight Imperium 3 just pops up in my head. There is so much I think I would enjoy about this game, the space battles, diplomacy, technology, special abilities. MAN. This game. Is something I want to display and have my buddies that enjoy sci-fi just go: WHAT. LET’S PLAY THAT ONE. And I will do it, everytime. I mean… if we have 5-6 hours to spend.

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MTG – Post Rotation Deck – Standard – Golgari Zombies

Hello Nurglings!

This evening I will be sharing between one and three different deck ideas that I’ve written down for post rotation, just because I’m an awesome guy that share my fun ideas! The lists are not tested, they are not really created with other decks in the format in mind. I just wanted to play Golgari, that’s it!


4 Lotleth Troll
4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Gravegrawler
4 Dreg Mangler
3 Veilborn Ghoul
2 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord


4 Grisly Salvage
4 Abrubpt Decay
3 Mulch
2 Vraska the Unseen
2 Deadly Allure


4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Woodland Cemetery
4 Golgari Guildgate
8 Swamps
4 Forest

So just some quick things about the deck. Discard Veilborn Ghouls to Lotleth Troll, play a swamp and do it again. That plan will probably go away as soon as the deck evolves, right now it just feels cool, but I doubt that it’s actually good enough for the deck. Also, you could probably play Liliana over Vraska if you wanted to, or mix them both.

Hope you enjoy the list people!
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgle Update – Zombie miniature game rules?

Hello my Nurglings!

If you did not know, I’m one huge zombie-fan. Not as huge as some, I don’t go all out zombie all the time, but I love things related to zombies. Games, books, comics and my favorite mission in Star Craft 2 – the missions when the mutants (zombies) come attack your base at night.

You got to love things like that.

Anyway! I’ve been working on a set of rules for a Zombie Apocalypse miniature game, with character cards and what not. If I can get a rulebook done, do you want me to share it with you guys? Either I try and publish it by myself and do a print on demand style book + a simple free PDF version. Or I just, let it out there for everyone to use, that people can comment and suggest rule changes on. I will be doing an Alpha set of rules just for that purpose though. So we’ll see.

Oh well, for now a first draft of a Character card. Enjoy.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Zombie Love – From daughter to father

Hello my Nurglings!

I just wanted to share one beautiful piece of art, given from a daughter to her father. I sure is a cute thing isn’t it? Especially for us zombie lovers ❤

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Let’s Talk Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Gravecrawler

Hello my Nurglings!

Let’s take a look at a card that many people have talked about as the new Bloodghast. I start of by saying, no, it’s not a Bloodghast, this card has a few things that makes it worse, and one thing that in a way makes it better.

Let’s just show the card before I continue:

The main reason people say this card is the new Bloodghast is the fact that you can bring it back from the grave and it’s a 2/1 that can’t block. But there are two complete different conditions in how you bring them back. Bloodghast had a landfall trigger, and this card needs a zombie on the field to CAST it from the grave. Gravecrawler also lacks the built in haste ability.

So you need a zombie on the field, this creates a situation where you need to build a zombie deck to make it truly viable. Luckily, we have pleeeenty of zombies and zombie generating cards in the format. This may also be one of the cards to push zombies into the standard meta.

So what other cards can you use Gravecrawler with, the first one that I can think about, is the zombie: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. With him on the field, you can pay one black mana to untap him and make him grow even larger. If you play Grimgrin, you’re going to play Gravecrawler. Another card that I just want to mention for the fun of it is: Zombie Infestation, discard two of these babies and summon them from the grave.

So this was a quick look at one of the soon to come Dark Ascension cards, enjoy!

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!

Let’s Talk Dark Ascension – Buy a Box & Game Day promo cards!

Hello my Nurglings!

You know, just enjoy the artwork will you. The Zombie Apocalypse is awesome looking! I need to get my hands on that just so that I can have it in my binder and stare at it. Or hell maybe even for some EDH fun!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Dark Ascension – Artwork spoilers!

Hello my Nurglings!

What more can I say then: Plenty of Dark Ascension artworks. Enjoy!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad Draft & Poll of the day!

Hello my Nurglings!

I still have a Innistrad release draft that I promised you to talk about. I kind of regret promising that and that’s why this post has been soooomewhat delayed. You see, I did shit (not going to talk about the draft I did after that cause that was even more shit). So why did I do so bad? I did the one thing that I’ve told myself never to do, I forced the colors I wanted to play, I passed on good cards in U/B and forced myself in to R/W. Cause I LOVE red and white in this set when it comes to limited, does that mean that I should force it? No No no and no.

I ended up going 2 – 3 and walked home with an Army of the Damned, I got one more in my second draft as well so now I got the 2 I need for my zombie deck, not all terrible.
So next format, what do you think I should play?

R/B – Vampires
U/B – Control
G/B – Zombie
U/W/B – Solar Flare
U/W/B – Puresteel

Cast your vote cause I’m really not sure. Also to mention; I will have more to say about the deck I play, maybe even post videos about it when the time comes.

Thanks for voting!
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Magic Standard Deck – Green Dawn (Zombies)

Hello my Nurglings!

Okay okay, first of, I said I would not do THE zombie deck for the blog. That was the deck using the Rooftop Storm and Gravedigger combo. Now, let’s instead talk of another kind of zombie deck. The – Green Dawn (as in: dawn of the dead). It’s all about the zombie horde!

It started with the mentioning of the “new doubling season” card – Parallel Lives. It doubles the amount of tokens you would put on the field. If you would put two tokens on the field, you put out four instead and so on. While discussing cards from Innistrad I soon after mentioned that I would love to play Army of the Damned in Standard. Soon after Johnny said, “So army of the Damned with that card would give you 26 zombies?” It kind of sky rocketed from there, talk about different token cards becoming more and more insane and the amount of Zombies would be HUMONGOUS!

Did I mention that I love old zombie movies? And the idea of making more than my local store would have tokens for makes me smile, a lot!

So here it goes the zombie horde! (I mean the creatures).

Creatures: 16
4x Diregraf Ghoul
4x Walking Corpse
4x Cemetery Reaper
4x Unbreathing Horde

So as you can see the whole idea is just to keep a steady field of creatures in the early game, a lucky enough start may even end up being to much for your opponent to handle. Unbreathing horde is also one card that is awesome once you get your token machine going. It can be huuuuuge and damage is no problem for it to handle.

So what do you need to make one awesome slowly growing Zombie army? You thought the creatures would be the backbone of the horde? Oh no, the enchantments will do that for you.

Spells: 20
4x Endless Ranks Of The Dead
4x Moan of the Unhallowed
4x Parallel Lives
3x Dismember
3x Altar’s Reap
2x Army of the Damned

Endless Ranks of the Dead together with Parallel Lives = awesomeness. Why? Let’s just say there will be a lot of zombies and “quickly”. Just imagine one Endless Ranks and two Parallel Lives, and two zombies on the field. Next turn you get 4 zombies. Yes 4. Ranks want to create one, Lives want to create 2, and the last Lives wants to make it 4. Next turn you get… let’s go through it together.

Endless Ranks of the Undead : I want to give you 3 zombies!
Parallel Lives: I want to make that 6 zombies!
Parallel Lives 2: I want to make that 12 zombies!
Yup… two turns, and 18 zombies on the field (Next turn it’s 48 zombies btw).

I can’t wait to try this deck out, even if just for fun (that’s an awful lot of rares just to have fun I know).

Oh and the lands:

Land: 24
17x Swamp
4x Woodland Cemetery
3x Forest

Until next time, stay alive.
Cya soon!