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Yu Gi Oh – Finals of YCS Toulouse Video – Jack Bruun from Sweden!

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to share a video of the finals from YCS Toulouse. Jack Bruun is in fact from Sweden, and to honor him I thought I would share this with you all. Jack is clearly one of the best players in Sweden right now, and I’m not sure, but he may even be one of the best players in Europe. I need to look into how other Yu Gi Oh players have been finishing at YCS tournaments lately, but I will keep that for a rainy day. He sadly only finished second, but… second is still a great spot!

(Interview from the coverage.)
Age: 15
Hometown: Gothenbourg, Sweden
Occupation: Pupil, 9th grade

What did you play this weekend and why?
Dino Rabbit – I consider it to be the best Deck as it can answer every other card in the Deck! It’s extremely strong whenever you can start the game!

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
I made Top 32 in Brighton and also reached day 2 in Leipzig!

What card from GAOV are you most looking forward to?
I only checked out a few cards, but Cardcar – D seems like the standout card in the set, so I’ll go with that!

Will you attend the WCQ: EC in Milan?
Yes, certainly!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Auctions – Last Minute Bids!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to tell you all right now that my auctions are soon coming to a close! There’s between one and five hours left on the auctions so I’d just thought I show you what’s up there on Tradera right now. Since we’re reaching the last few hours of the auctions, this is a great time to place bids so you don’t have to go into some type of bid war with other users.

Hope you find something you want!

Grand Master Of The Six Samurai – Secret Rare – 350kr

Hand Of The Six Samurai – Secret Rare – 50kr

Splendid Venus – Secret Rare – 15kr

Charge Of The Light Brigade – Secret Rare – 100kr

Foolish Burial – Super Rare – 170kr

Dark Soul – Ultimate Rare – 250kr

Beckoning Light – Super Rare – 100kr

To check out more auctions go here:

Thanks for taking a look and supporting Nurgle’s Place!

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Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 6 – Vägen till Wizard Games

Hello everyone, I’m sorry, this is not in English but I hope you can deal with it for now. ^^

Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 5 – EM Kval


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Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 3 – Filip Special


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Guess what? Thats right. 😉


Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 3 EP 9 – Tillbaka i Rutan


Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 3 EP 8 – All Night Fight