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Yu Gi Oh – Turbo Pack 8 – Set list

Hello Nurglings!

I’m not very active with the Yu Gi Oh card game anymore, but I thought I would keep sharing SOME of the news about the game and upcoming products.
Just for the hell of it. For the ones of you that started following this blog becuase of the Yu Gi Oh content here. 🙂

So here it is. Turbo Pack 8 spoiler!

Ultimate Rare
Thunder King Rai-Oh

Ultra Rare
Skill Drain

Super Rare
Green Gadget
Red Gadget
Upstart Goblin
Mirror of Oath

Aligator’s Sword Dragon
Alligator Sword
Lost Guardian
Gozen match
Magician’s Unite

The Emperor’s Holiday
Elephant Statue Of Blessing
Gemini Imps
Flamveil Firedog
Really Eternal Rest
Rock Bombardment

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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Yu Gi Oh – Finals of YCS Toulouse Video – Jack Bruun from Sweden!

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to share a video of the finals from YCS Toulouse. Jack Bruun is in fact from Sweden, and to honor him I thought I would share this with you all. Jack is clearly one of the best players in Sweden right now, and I’m not sure, but he may even be one of the best players in Europe. I need to look into how other Yu Gi Oh players have been finishing at YCS tournaments lately, but I will keep that for a rainy day. He sadly only finished second, but… second is still a great spot!

(Interview from the coverage.)
Age: 15
Hometown: Gothenbourg, Sweden
Occupation: Pupil, 9th grade

What did you play this weekend and why?
Dino Rabbit – I consider it to be the best Deck as it can answer every other card in the Deck! It’s extremely strong whenever you can start the game!

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
I made Top 32 in Brighton and also reached day 2 in Leipzig!

What card from GAOV are you most looking forward to?
I only checked out a few cards, but Cardcar – D seems like the standout card in the set, so I’ll go with that!

Will you attend the WCQ: EC in Milan?
Yes, certainly!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Duel – Jack (Plant) Vs. Nisse (G.B)

Hello my Nurglings, enjoy!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Duel – Frazze (T.G. Plant) Vs. Alec (Chaos)


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Yu Gi Oh Duel – Robin (Agents) Vs. Lenny (Dragons)


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Yu Gi Oh Duel – Alec (Gadget) Vs. Lenny (Dragons)

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Yu Gi Oh Duel – Joppe (T.G.) Vs. Jocke (Machina Gadget)

Hello my Nurglings!

Enjoy another Yu Gi Oh match between Joppe and Jocke two local players.

Until next time, take care!
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Kevin Twart – Mistakes were made (Tour Guide)

Hello my Nurlings!

To all of you that play Yu Gi Oh, you’re probably aware of the big no no from Kevin, he stated inaccurate rules on his Facebook and it was quickly taken in as ”fact” with many players. The rule – XYZ material monsters get their “leave the battlefield” triggers. This created a huge hype around the card “Tour Guide from the Underworld” and it’s combination with the card “Sangan” the price on Tour Guide even went up to around 500 dollars for a set (3 cards).

It was insane, at the same time, me and a few other stated that the OCG rules clearly made this an invalid play. XYZ material creatures are not on the field, they are physically under the card on the board but they are not on the battlefield according to the rules. A lot of people defended Kevin’s theory by stating that the TCG rules will probably be different like so many times in the past. I doubted they would make such a huge difference in rules between areas with cards that would clearly see a lot of play.

Here is the message from Julia Hedberg explaining the situation.

Hello judges!

I’m emailing you to let you know that a new version of the rulebook has been posted to You will find it under the Gameplay section of your country’s official site.
The notable change in this version – which is version 8.0 – deals with Xyz Monsters and Materials.
You will find this information on Page 45, under “Xyz Materials”.

“Xyz Materials”
Monsters that are used to Xyz Summon are called ‘Xyx Materials’, and are placed underneath the Xyz Monster, to show that they are attached to it. Monsters that have become Xyz Materials are not treated as cards on the field. When an Xyz Monster leaves the field, all of the Xyz Materials attached to it are sent to the Graveyard. If an Xyz Monster is flipped face-down, or becomes controlled by the opponent, the Xyz Materials are not sent to the Graveyard. They remain attached to the Xyz Monster.

Leaves The Field
Some monsters have effects that activate when they ‘leave the field’. For example, these effects activate when the monster is sent to the Graveyard, or is banished, or is returned to the hand or Extra Deck. When a monster on the field is shuffled into the Main Deck, or becomes an Xyz Material, it is no longer a card on the field, however its effects that activate when it ‘leaves the field’ will not activate.”

Please take the time to review the new rulebook, and alert the players in your area about this new version.
Judges should also read the article that was just posted on the Konami Strategy Site, which discusses Xyz Monsters and Materials – it will answer other questions you may have about Xyz. You can find it by clicking this link:

Thank you for your patience as we worked on the many translations and dealt with the other logistics involved in bringing you this update.
Remember that the correct email to use for rulings questions is

I still do not have any reliable updates about the status of the Judge Forum – I know we would all like to have it back online and available. I hope it will be soon.

Thank you again for all your efforts, they are appreciated as always!


Julia Hedberg
Judge Manager, Card Business
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Well until next time, don’t get those expensive cards because of one persons thoughts on rulings.
Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Online 3 – Championship Summer 2011 – Round 13 Finals

Yu Gi Oh Online 3 – Championship Summer 2011 – Round 12 Finals