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Guest Writer – Atlantic City Grand Prix Tournament Report

OBS: This is a post from January this year and so is a bit out of date, but the event still happened and the report was still written by one of our guest writers! And asked to be shared a while back. Of course my lack of work on this blog made it not happen… well… now it happened! Link to the original post at the bottom of the post, enjoy!

Atlantic City Grand Prix Tournament Report
Posted on January 20, 2013 by reithena

First, sorry this took so long. I started school back up this week and was getting started there as well as Trev coming back home and apartment searching…so busy the past few days!

I only stayed for five rounds. After round five I was 1-3-1 and it just put me in exasperation mode, but more on that later.

My day started at 5 am when I woke up to start driving from Delaware to Atlantic City. Now normally I love these early morning drives, but there was fog. Crazy awful Silent Hill levels of fog in some areas, not just the normal morning stuff in low lying areas. So it took me an extra 30 minutes or so to get up there. Not to big of a deal.

Then, I try to park in the parking lot across the street from the convention hall. Press the button, press the button, one more time, no, not going to give me a ticket. Call up the convention hall. The number for general inquiries is just a a calendar of events. So I start calling every person on the list for the convention hall. I finally get someone, who thankfully sends someone over rather quickly. However, the fix wasn’t fast and by the time he told me the machine was broken it was 9:00 am. Registration closes at 9:30. Crap. He tells me another way into the parking lot which, while on the same block takes a lot of driving due to the number of one way streets, park in the first spot I see and run. I will not have woken up that early and driven that far for nothing.

I get in the hall at 9:20 and just start to fill out paperwork. It is these times that I’m always happy that I have my deck list pre-written out on my phone. Got it all done and they were still registering late comers and giving them time to get things in order. Okay.

So I milled about. Looked at some cards, bought the playmat from rk post since I didn’t get a chance to register early. Went and found a spot and started to do some extra shuffling. They posted seats for the players meeting and I reported. Got to see a lot of familiar faces. It was very nice to see people from various other tournaments and events at the table and to know that we seem to be continuously sat near each other.
I loved it, thought it was awesome…so did my mom and she wanted to steal it.

I loved it, thought it was awesome…so did my mom and she wanted to steal it.

Then it was off to the races.

Round 1: This was an interesting round. The first game I was able to easily take care of all of the threats that he had, which was mostly a Olivia Voldaren. Other than that his deck was Red and Black, but control. All about removal and life reduction through soceries. I was eventually able to just get out enough creatures, and big ones at that, that he could no long remove. I eventually ran him over with Jarad and some Dreg Manglers. The next games went just the opposite. It seemed like he side-board in some extra Olivia’s and Pillar of Flame. Having things exiled rather than sent to the graveyard was a big hit. I had side-boarded in some Tragic Slips rather than the usual Ultimate Prices since pretty much the only creature he had was Olivia. I would throw things out every turn, but it just wasn’t enough between the exile and the stealing. game three was a complete wash as I got stuck on three mana. Lot’s of things in the graveyard, Jarad in my hand, but I could not seem to just get there in time. It was unfortunate, but I wasn’t upset. It was nice to lose to someone else who had completely created their deck from scratch rather than just buying the cards that the current decks were playing.

Record: 0-1

Round 2: In round two I faced a Red Deck Wins build. This, I thought, was going to be a bad match up for me. It turns out I was wrong. The first game he just couldn’t deal with how fast I was able to throw out creatures, start killing his with Ultimate Price or the Golgari Charm. I had no issues with just blocking and chunking things to the graveyard. I seemed to really confuse him when I pitched a Thragtusk for a dual land during a Grisly Salvage. But then again, when I can throw down a Jarad and have him huge, and throw a Rancor on him right off the bat, there is no need not to.

In between games he made the comment of not knowing what to side in against me, or how to really play against such a deck. Which I’m fine with. Game two went even faster, but in his favor. I had a really bad hand and wasn’t pulling things fast enough to respond. At most I thinkI had two Dreg’s and a Geist out, but I needed them all to block.

Game 3 was a bit longer. It went in my favor, but it was sad as for part of it he just seemed to give up. He started to come back at the end, but there isn’t much you can do about me laying out two Strangleroot Geists, having no issue Golgari Charming to whip out most of your critters and bring them back from undying, and then add even more counters on to them. It just hurts. However, he was able to do damage to me via Vexing Devils. So I won, with three life left.

Record: 1-1

Round 3: Bant control OMG I hate you and can’t wait for you to be gone. Thankfully the person I was playing against was fantastic! The first game just went on and one and got to the point where I didn’t have answers. Mostly for all those Restoration Angels and Thragtusks. It was a pretty standard game all things considered. Had him at 2 and then he just jumped back up to 17. Ouch.

Game two was far more interesting. I had what in my book was God Hand. All the right lands, great creature curve, and some removal if need be. Liliana always helps too. Put out a Deathrite Shaman and Gravecrawler so I was hitting for 3 pretty fast. Then I added on a Geist. He was able to get out a Thragtusk, but I just Ultimate Priced it to stop the Resto Angel that could happen. Started chipping away again, and played Lilliana and started to get him into the cycle of discard while I had nothing. He started to just play things to ry and get it out on the board, so I popped Liliana’s Ult after already doing splits with his Jace, and gave him the Choice between an Angel and his colorless lands or his colored lands. Oh the conundrums I love putting people into! At this point we were at time. He wound up keeping his colored lands and was able to play another Thragtusk and some Sphinx’s revelations, but never for much life gane and I was able to just widdle him away. Particularly after another Liliana resulted in more sacrificed creatures.

Record: 1-1-1

Round 4: This was good for me because it was the first time I had gone up against Frights/Reanimator. I had issues. Mostly on the fact that I mulled to 5 in the first game and didn’t have an answer for fliers other than Ultimate Price or Golgari Charm to wipe his spirits. It was a quick game, which only about 9 turns in it.

Game two went a little more in my favor. He didn’t draw into much and with Deathrite Shaman I was able to exile a lot of his spells that had flashback quickly. This game was even shorter then the first, only going for six turns. An army of Dreg Mangler’s will do that I suppose.

Game three was very long. We both took the shock, but I was the first one to get an creature out. And it was looking good for a while. I was able to sit there and exile things and either do damage or gain life with Shaman and do damage with Strangleroots and Dreg’s, and the occasional Gravecrawler. It looked promising. And then something horrible happened where he suddenly had 20 health and I had 11. And it just did not get any better. He was able to take me out in two swings thanks to more flying creatures. I really hope I can solve this problem now that I see it more clearly.

Record: 1-2-1

Round 5: This was a round. It was another Bant Control deck(joy of my life), but the guy I played took forever. In fact, I was upset that I wasn’t looking at the play clock because our first game took 45 minutes, he shuffled my cards so they were missed up sleeve wise, and he looked at two of the same card that had different art for a long time. It took so long sometimes I was forgetting whose turn it was. He won the first game and I was quick to move on too the next. In which a judge came over to observe and see how far along we were regarding play time. I said Game 2 turn 2. She seemed rather appaled by this and stuck around to watch in which my opponent kept taking time, looking at notes, tapping, untapping, and rearranging lands before playing a card. I had him down to 1 health and we drew. He won the round and I was incredibly bitter. I gave the judges my report on the match and they said they would keep an eye on the player in the future.

Record: 1-3-1

Now, after that last match I decided to drop. I would have loved to have kept playing and try to get the sour taste out of my mouth, but at the same time I was exasperated, tired, and a little pissed. I didn’t want my ill mood to ruin someone else’s good time that I could only imagine they were playing at such a record. Plus, two hours back to Delaware. I figured if I had been doing well I would just crash in my car or something along those lines, but at that point I just wanted to go ‘home’ and have my futon.

I did pick up some packs from the Lowryn block because that is what I do. Got another one of the filter lands, I think I have about half of them now. I also valued the time that I had in between rounds. There were a lot of great people to talk to. Of course there was the occasional, aww you’re here on behalf of bf/husband/what have you, but by now I’ve learned to calmly explain that I am not. It was also great that there was a young girl there who was kicking ass and I could point to and be like, been playing since I was a bit older then her.

So overall, no regrets. Lessons learned as per always, but never regrets. Now I’ve started to even get a group of people that I see at all of these types of events together and talk to them. It makes me feel pretty awesome.

Guest Writer - Renee

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First Look: Borderlands 2

Since the day Borderlands 2 came out I had a case of the Con Crud, I took off from work and played it with Trev in between naps and doses of dayquil. Yay con crud!

In any case, I feel that Gearbox really out did themselves with this game. Where they were restricted in the first due to money and an industry who isn’t to accommodating to new things anyway, for this one they sem to have really been given full reign. Also, little to no tutorial! YUSH! Although I am guilty of switching back to Borderlands 1 controls. I LIKE FAMILIAR!

I decided to start the game at Axton since everyone else seemed to be going as Zer0 and Trev was determined to do Maya. I happily do not regret my choice. Where I could not get into Roland’s character, I am loving the little tidbits of Axton that we have gotten, I love how he talks to his turret, and so far I’m enjoying the tank type roll.

Not to mention that turret is so much more bad ass then the previous one.

The environments are much more varied and crisp and the people are vastly more interactive. I have been in some cities, deserted towns, bandit camps, ice areas, and desert like areas. It is certainly a change from the all brown out look of the Pandora from Borderlands 1. It is a very nice change. So far I have encountered Nomads, Rakks, Skaggs, Bullymogs, and bandits. One top of three boses. Fast paced game is also fast.

Even farther than all this, I’m loving the background you are getting on all the characters. That was something with 1 I felt we were missing was a real connection to the characters. SPOILER ALERT BELOW



Look! I even put in a big picture to really drive home the point of spoiler!

Too late now, I’m going for it.

Axton has this rather intense backstory where we found out he was going to be killed by firing squad for being a bit of a rouge solider. His commanding officer warns him so that he can go AWOL the night before and warns him to escape to the border planets. She also leaves him her wedding ring, telling him that she never really like diamonds anyway. I felt for him at this moment! This woman that he loved was telling him to leave, presumably because at some level she still loved him as well.

We can end that spoiler now.

But no really…I have a few little qualms with this game, but I’m going to give it time until full review to see if they still sit. Definitely worth the pick up and play, particularly if you have friends to play with either online or sitting next to you.

Now go, have fun, and get you some loot!

I cannot wait for the swath of destruction!

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Article by Ryan – MTG – Can’t Touch This – (A post rotation deck idea)

It doesn’t have the neon colors or Hammer pants, but this deck is gonna be control’s strongest point post rotation. The metagame is full of creatures that hit hard, and they come at you with such ferocity and in such numbers that traditional control decks that burn, kill, and counter run out of answers before they can end the game. So how can you beat these opponents? It’s time to back to control’s roots: Milling your opponent to death. M13 has given us some great weapons to do this with.

Can’t Touch This

Lands (24):
2 Desolate Lighthouse
4 Sulfur Falls
9 Island
1 Glacial Fortress (4 would be better)
8 Plains

You think cards like Nephalia Drownyard (ISD) would be better in this deck, but I believe you need white in order for mass removal, which is incredibly important. Desolate Lighthouse is a great late game card once the game has been shut down, keeping cards in your hand while you’re opponent discards.

Spells (24):
4 Mind Sculpt
4 Devastation Tide
3 Feeling of Dread
3 Sleep
1 Ghostly Flicker
1 Rebuke
3 Thought Scour
4 Think Twice
1 Divine Reckoning



This is where the deck’s true power lies. It may start off kind of slow, but that’s why you have cards like Feeling of Dread in there. Dread will tap those early game creatures, and should keep your life high until you can start casting Sleep and Devastation Tide. Nothing is more frustrating to an aggro play than having to reset their field every other turn. If things get too out of control, you can throw down a Divine Reckoning (though I think that new Return to Ravnica spell that destroys everything is better, but this is cheap!). This deck doesn’t have a lot of creatures, so blasting the battlefield is fine. Once you have your opponent with a bloated hand, unable to cast anything, then you start milling him. Mind Sculpt has great value at two mana, Thought Scour will help you get card advantage early, and the Ghostly Flicker was a recent addition to help with the creature situation . . .

Creatures and Other (12):
2 Dungeon Geists
1 Geralf’s Mindcrusher
3 Snapcaster Mage
3 Fog Bank
1 Deadeye Navigator
2 Jace, Memory Adept

Jace likes to make flour. Cause he’s a miller, he likes to mill . . . he — nevermind.

This deck really doesn’t need that many creatures, but the ones it does have are pretty good. Fog Bank is a great early card on the second turn and will keep non-trample damage from getting through to you while you build up your attack. Snapcaster Mage allows you to continue using your Sleeps or Devastation Tides while you continue to mill your opponent into oblivion. You know that ONE creature you let live with Divine Reckoning? Well, you can use a Dungeon Geist afterwards and tap him for the remainder of the game. Once you get higher up in the mana count and can stall your opponent, throw down the Mindcrusher and Deadeye Navigator, soul bound them, then mill your opponent for 15 cards the next turn. Most of these creatures have great “Enter the battlefield” abilities, so don’t sweat it if you have to scoop them all up because of a Devastation Tide.

2 Rebuke
1 Divine Reckoning
3 Negate
2 Oblivion Rings
2 Increasing Confusion
1 Void Stalker
2 Nevermore
1 Archangel’s Light
1 Curse of Exhaustion

The sideboard is probably the weakest part of this deck. I’m still working on it, and I’m sure there will be some great cards from the Azorius guild in Return to Ravnica that will fit in. Against control, more mill is always good which is why I’ve chosen Increasing Confusion, and Negate is in there for game enders like Bonfire of the Damned. 2 Oblivion Rings should be fine, because you’ll be constantly be picking up your permanents due to the Tide. Nevermore doesn’t see much play, but I think it could be useful in stopping your opponent from using the card you hate most. You can always change the card when you play it again after a Devastation Tide, and Curse of Exhaustion will cause your opponent to discard all of those cards they just picked up because they can only play one the next turn.

Initial play testing of this post rotation deck has been promising. It’s performed well against Token decks, various beatdown decks, and even Esper control. It still needs some tweaking, but with cards like Detention Sphere and Supreme Verdict coming out in less than a month, I think this Azorius “Detain” deck has a chance to be a powerful deck. Let me know what you think!

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Article by Naoki – Mistakes in EDH

So today I played my first EDH match and lost horribly. When I had initially pretested it against an army of generic tokens I had realized at that moment I had made a bad build. And naturally it was proven with my first time how bad I had done. So now to share with you what I had done and hopefully from my mistake you will learn not to do the same.

When I was working on my first EDH deck I was overwhelmed by choices. I wanted to run a five color deck. So naturally I chose Progenitus. Not to say he is a bad commander, but there are more practical ones out there than this big guy. So my biggest suggestion from the start is keep it simple and follow the basics of magic as far as deck construction goes.

Deck construction is quite a bit different in EDH compared to the other formats, but the same logic still applies. When I was working on my deck I had become unfocused. My deck went in one to many directions and thus become extremely inefficient.

I am not deterred though. I may have yet to become skilled in this area of the magic community, but I do have to say this is probably one of the more creative modes of play available to players. If you want more ideas here is a good site to reference: Tappedout.

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Article by Reithena – Persona 4: Arena: A Deeper Look

I still very much love this game after playing it both with people and a bit more through the story line. The controls are tight and responsive and animation really cool. There is occasionally a little too much talking…where you will have a conversation with someone and then the character has an internal monologue about what just happened. I just kinda sit there and am like, I just heard that, I don’t need to hear it again. But the storyline, at the same time, is really cool since it ties both Persona 3 and Persona 4 more together, beyond what they had done in Persona 4 already.

Playing PvP is really fun, particularly when you have two people who don’t quite know what they are doing. The button mashing that ensues results in some really neat combos along with some missed opportunities. But you see something and then you become determined to master it. Then it never wants to work against the computer! Is that not always the way, though? It was also a little bit more of a social fighting game then I normally see. When you go and play people want to talk about their favorite characters. Not in the way you hear during Street Fighter or Tekken…but in a much deeper way. In most cases, these are characters that you have played hours upon hours of story line with and have a deep vested interest in their lives and personalities. You speak of them more like old friends then characters. And you don’t get into fights over which character has the better move set, but over who has the deeper story and how they interacted with that other persons favorite character. It creates a much different social dynamic that I enjoy to no end.

Now into the single player story mode. I’m not sure what the point of the bookmarks are. I stopped the game one night, went to go pick Yukiko’s story back up…and had to start from scratch. Despite having bookmark 6. I went back to the title screen and looked for what I was missing. Didn’t see anything. Looked in the guide. Nothing. Checked the internet and there are very few discussion on the bookmark method at all. Am I the only person who just doesn’t have the time to sit there and marathon through these thing? Anyone have any tips or is it really a rather useless feature that just allows me to fast forward(not skip) some of the talking?

I did complete Main Character’s story mode, which then unlocked two new characters for me to use. Not sure why I got two characters I did not encounter at all throughout the story, but sure. The biggest disappoint was the lack of a final boss. I’m not sure if I have to clear all the characters to get to that final boss. You see this epic cut scene with Labrys and Shadow Labrys and the character prepares to fight, but then nothing, you just go back to character select. I’ll be following up on this in future posts probably.
Copyright Atlus

Labrys is pretty cool looking…although it maybe my love for blue haired girls talking.

Other than that, it is an awesome game. I played with the extra pictures that were included and the sound effects and while nothing new from a fighting game, it is still nice to see the characters in such great detail. If you are a fan of fighting games like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear pick this up. If you love Atlus, pick this up. If you love complex stories with questions abound, pick this up. If you just want to see your favorite characters in a new light, pick this up as well.

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I want you! Bloggers, youtubers, writers!

Hello everyone! I must say feel good about Nurgle’s Place becoming the one blog I’m using, about games and different related hobbies. The one last thing I wish I could do with this blog, is to run it with other people, or rather, invite guest bloggers that can use this space to vent their thoughts on new games, events, reports, deck profiles and so on. I want to let the readers come back to a new content everyday from people that they know talk about interesting subject.

So I’m going to take a long look around the web tomorrow evening, try to find bloggers that blog for the joy of it, I will even be looking around on YouTube to find people that can make episodes to post on this blog. This is the next logical step for me and what I want this to become, I want it to grow and invite people from different hobbies to one place.

A forum, a youtube channel, interesting articles and comments and most importantly fun! Let’s make this into something special! If you’re interested to become a part of the Nurgle’s Place family, just leave me comment or email:

I’ll be happy to see you soon!

You will even get one a cute sign picture like me to use on the blog. 😉