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Poll of the day – Favorite game to see duels from?

Hello my Nurglings!

Yea the questions is kind of straight forward. I’ve been doing a lot of dueling videos lately and I do think some of you enjoy them, I’ve been focusing heavily on Yu Gi Oh games though (Yu Gi Oh players are the ones most excited about being recorded). But I could try and get more games and videos up here from stuff ike Magic The Gathering (not Magic Online), Pokémon games or something else.


Thanks for answering the question!
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Online 3 – Championship Summer 2011 – Round 3 Finals

So many weird plays in this game… be sure to check this one out.

Yu Gi Oh Online 3 – Championship Summer 2011 – Round 2 Finals

Yu Gi Oh Online Videos – Six Samurai Vs Volcanic Burn

Another extra video:

Jwittz Video – Pokemon Card Of The Day

You know what, it’s been a while since I linked you to some different card game videos. I’m going to start with that again, not spam them, but since I’m not making that many videos myself, I may as well share the ones I found interesting!

Here he is, Mr Jwittz

Cya Soon!

Guild Wars 2 – Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Cinematic

Oh, I already wish that I could sit down and enjoy the world of Guild Wars 2, and thanks to a comment here on the blog that linked me to another blog, I just want to play it even more. The alias of the person zakgrin told me to check out his blog about Guild Wars 2, and I did, the first video I found there just put me in a huge GW 2 mode again. Come on! Work faster! Or… no, take the time you need to make it awesome! But… maybe faster?

Have a look. Also take a look at the blog that will be filled with the latest Guild Wars 2 goodies:

Guild Wars 2 Underwater

The biggest reason for me to post this is because I really really want to get Guild Wars 2. There’s still a lot of you players out there that hate the first Guild Wars. You know, take a look at what’s been shown of GW 2, the in game, the developer blogs, the underwater video! It looks great, and I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

Team Fortress 2 – Free To Play (+ Meet the Medic)

Wow, so it finally happened, Team Fortess 2 is now free to play for everyone! Just get your Steam opened up and download the game! I was just going to check out the new Meet The Medic video, and in the end of it I got the message that the game was now free to play. Was it a joke, I was somewhat unsure at first, but just a few clicks away I found it. The first message to hit me on Steam told me to download it right away, and of course I did, and so should you!

Enjoy game lovers!

Vidoes On BlazBlue: Continum Shift II

Just wanted to share these as soon as I saw them. It’s kinda interesting though, the quality of the videos aren’t that great, so maybe this is some PS VITA vidoes?

Robin Williams and daughter Zelda talk about their love for Ocarina of Time

I love Robin Williams, and when he looks like santa talking about Ocarina Of Time, I love him even more! 😀

A little backstory:

Robin Williams is known for being amongst the biggest fans of The Legend of Zelda series of games. The award-winning Hollywood actor revealed that he and his family have been completely immersed in the The Legend of Zelda series since first playing them over 20 years ago. His love for the series inspired him to name his daughter Zelda after the Princess featured within the series.