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Blood Bowl Weekly #11 – Vampire team and action!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the blog about Blood Bowl Weekly #11! Okay so the blog is mostly a link to a video but I thought I would write something as well this time. So first of all, Blood Bowl Weekly #11 is all about the vampires, I created a completely new team and played 3 matches vs orc, dwarf and Nurgle. Actually doing pretty good in my opinion!

The vampire team has always been close to my heart, only 2 types of players and the vampires are truly the heroes of the team and field (or villains I guess?). It makes a little bit sad to see that the vampires never had more skins in the original Blood Bowl, hopefully when they re-appear in BB2 they will be a bit more personal. So that each vampire feels like a character (like they should).

Anyway, will not keep you here for long, enjoy the vlog/highlights down below and I will cya again next week with another Blood Bowl Weekly!

Want to see it recorded live? YOu can find me here:
Recording a new BBweekly every tuesday.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Let’s talk Innistrad – Vampire deck tomorrow!

Hello my Nurglings!

(Just wanna see the deck? Go here: )

Very soon (tomorrow), I will be talking about Innistrad vampires and why I think this deck will be awesome in constructed. For all of you that love aggressive decks and vampires, you should check it out, the deck is red and black and below is just one example of the first 4 rounds. There’s a lot more tricks then that but it gives you the main idea of the deck.

So until tomorrow, stay safe.
Cya soon!

The Innistrad Tribes Revealed

I’m not going to drag this out so just take a look here. 😉
I know that the Green card under ghosts really only fits when it comes to artwork but hey. 😛

(This comes from Mark Rosewater himself btw, just check his twitter out!!/maro254)

To discuss this:

OMG #MTG – Innistrad Info = classic horror!

Before I went to bed, I thought I would look around for some rumors and new facts about Innistrad and wow! Does it sound awesome to be a horror fan, and a fan of black!

Let’s the following quotes shall we:

Originally Posted by @dailymtg

New art for Kresh the Bloodbraided, & Su Quan, Lord of Wu! Crowd goes wild.
Originally Posted by @dailymtg

Now onto Duel Decks: Ajani vs Nicol Bolas. New Ajani & Bolas art shown. New alternate art for Lightning Helix. #mtgsdcc

Not Innistrad related, but you’re welcome if you didn’t know.

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It finally looks like @maro254 gets to talk about Innistrad finally! Vampires, zombies, and werewolves oh my! #mtgsdcc

OMG! OMG OMG! I’m sorry, but I’m having such a nerd orgasm right now, and first I thought that a lot of this would be mono black, but … this set is going to be insane trust me. I will love every color in this set. I love zombie movies, I love horror stories, books and movies and we get a set that focuses around three of the main creatures of which I love? I love you wizards, I do.

Originally Posted by @dailymtg

“There’s some graveyard & tribal mechanics” –@maro254 #mtgsdcc

Well… duh? *wink*

Red Vampires! Blue zombies! #mtgsdcc

To my friend Johnny; I’m joining you and your red mono crusade Johnny! Red got vampires. Oh wait, Blue got Zombies as well? Oh so, I will have to get all the red cards for my vampires and all the blue cards for my new zombies. Check!

“Werewolves are a very very key part of this set, they’re red & green.” #mtgsdcc

Okay so I need to get Green to get some awesome Werewolf stuff. Check.

“YES she (Lillian) is in the set. Also, there are TWO planeswalkers in the set.” #mtgsdcc

Okay so I need to get black cause love black and Liliana.

One more thing. Dark Ascension. Control the Night. February 2012.

Yes, that is the name of the set after Innistrad. And there is… ARTWORK OF SORIN! This block… I will be playing a lot of magic in the next few months. ❤

“There ARE more than just vampires, werewolves, & zombies in horror. I gave you just a taste.” @maro254 #mtgsdcc

Oh btw… new artwork for Innistrad right here people!

Until next time, dream of horrors!

Cya Soon!

Magic 2012 – Let’s talk about the Tribes

Hello M12! I’m glad to see you made it here safe and with some sweet reprints and new cards! It’s always exciting to see what’s coming out in a new set, and like the player I am, I can never decide on what I want to play, it’s horrible to be that kind of person in a collectable card game, trust me. With so many new sweet toys and cards that leave the format, it’s kind of hard for me to see where I want to go.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of mono black decks, mostly because that’s what I’ve been playing from the start. But with my favorite black tribe, vampires, leaving the game (and at the same time getting new cards *sad face*) I’m taking a step back from one of my two favorite colors, the other being green. It was a fun format that let me play around a lot with that because of Verdant Catacombs, the green/black fetch.

With play testing lately I’ve also realized that tribe decks are the ones that I enjoy playing the most. Be it vampires, elves or even white weenie which is my current favorite one even though I love green and black. Fun decks are also close to my heart, the ones of you that know me out there in the real world, knows that I love cards like Scythe Tiger and Sorin Markov, not the greatest cards in the format, well except for Schyte Tiger, it’s the best card ever!

Here he is again bragging of his great success!

Now that you know where I come from when looking through the new cards, let ‘s start with what I’ve just talked about; the tribes! There are currently five tribes in M12, White Weenie (Yes I’m counting that), Elves, Goblins, Zombies and Illusions. Illusions being a completely “new” blue tribe, they’re finally taking a step away from the Merfolk and giving us something new to play with. Illusions are also keeping their, if you’re targeted you die ability which probably will be their downfall in the end, but that’s where the lord comes in. Giving all illusions +1/+1 and Hexproof (or troll shroud if you prefer). With the new illusion clone for two mana (Phantasmal Image), and having protection thanks to counter spells, this tribe may be worth looking in to.

Two other cards should also be mentioned when talking about the tribes of M12 and the first one is the completely new card Adoptive Automaton, which is an artifact creature that lets’ you choose a creature type, he becomes that type and gives all other creatures of that type +1/+1. It’s quite a good add to any of the tribes that are lacking that extra power, except for WW which can’t use him that well.

The second oddly placed tribe leader, is a new vampire, to be honest, I’m somewhat excited about him and what this means for the next block, but I also feel zombies will be the main focus when it comes to black tribes, seeing as they got plenty of support cards in M12. Hell at least we can enjoy our vampires a bit longer even if the new ones aren’t as great as the Zendikar ones! He’s a vampire 3/3 flyer with Bloodthirst 3. While he’s on the field, vampire you cast get Bloodthirst 3 as well, ah nifty trick if you ask me, the positive thing with this type of lord is the fact that he won’t need to stay on the field to have supported the other vampires. The negative part being that you need to get some damage in to make him viable. But casting a 4/4 or a 5/4 vampire with lifelink for two mana seems quite awesome if you ask me.

Before I end this I also want to mention one tribe that just kind of popped up in M12, and even though I don’t believe it will be played all that much, it’s still kind of enjoyable to see.


So that’s that for the different Tribes of M12. Do you have a favorite?