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Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Markov Blademaster

Hello my Nurglings!

Time to talk some more Dark Ascension. I’ve been really slow when it comes to writing about the newer cards spoiled, so I thought I would take some time today to do just that.

The card I’m going to talk about first, is a card that holds some awesome artwork. When I saw the artwork spoiled I really hoped that the card would be playable. This way we could play with one of the best looking cards in Standard.

Did this vampire art live up to my expectations of the card, sadly… well. Here is the card:

So the issues I have with this card starts already at the top. The three mana that it costs to cast this card makes it tough to fit into the vampire tribe deck. Cause the three mana spots are filling up quickly with good cards and you want to be more aggressive than that. And when Vapor Snag is in the format, this can easily be a waste of three mana that you could easily use on two cards instead. And one more thing… it dies to gut shot. Letting your opponent spend no mana to kill your guy for three mana, well let us just say I don’t want that to happen.

Had this card been a 2 / 2 or even a 1 / 2. I would probably have played it, but the way the format is now, I can’t see myself playing this card, and that SUCKS cause… I really love this artwork…

Even though the card is not “good”, I’m not going to deny its power if it actually gets to connect once or twice. After a first hit the card will become a 3/3, so at that point, things are looking A LOT better. Together with Curse of Stalked Prey it becomes a 5/5 after its first attack and will hit for ten damage next turn, so it can be powerful. But still I would say: keep it in your limited decks for now.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Falkenrath Aristocrat

Hello my Nurglings!

Vampire, vampire, a new vampire, vampire yes! Another vampire oh hell yeah! Yea I’m aware that there will be coming more vampires in a near future but this one really spoke to me. A four mana card that has haste and flying that hits your opponent right in the face! And it got awesome art as well!

Here’s the card:

The one big problem I have with the card is the fact that you need to sacrifice Humans if you want the +1/+1 effect on the card. In a vampire deck, you won’t have all that many Humans to get rid of. At least you can sacrifice tiny vampires to make Aristocrat indestructible for a turn, that’s very sweet.

Well just wanted to show the card for you all.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
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Dark Ascension – Artwork spoilers!

Hello my Nurglings!

What more can I say then: Plenty of Dark Ascension artworks. Enjoy!

Until next time, take care.
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Hello I’m back! :D

Hello my Nurglings!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted on here and you know, I blame it all on life. Even if most may say that I don’t have one, that’s not the case. Sometimes it just hits you in the face and you get a little bit of setback when it comes to things like, blogs, and keeping yourself updated, and having the energy to do things.

BUT! Here I am again. And something that really pushed me to write this is one of my latest comments. Thank you Danny for this awesome message.

Comment quote: Danny.

I got an update too! I’ve been running this deck as is, unmodded, for the past three or four tournaments I’ve been going good and it’s held it’s own again the top players in our group.

Being one of the least experienced in the group I tended to get slaughtered but I’m actually giving people a run for their money now, even against our reining champion. My friend officially hates the deck because it’s such a good competitor against their werewolf deck. Both times we’ve gone up against each other they have been some of the most intense games I’ve ever played.

Just like everyone else though I feel the midgame is a little weak. If I’m slow to get the counters going I’m done for generally. I’m considering adding Bloodline Keepers in as well whether 4-2 I’m not sure.

However I HAVE to share what happened last tournament. I got a little ol’ Strom Kirk Noble up to a 13/13! I was getting 3 1/1 counters per turn it was beautiful.
Also I can report that even against a supposedly “better” r/b vamp aggro deck this one owns. My opponent was just a weeee bit pissed that a cheaper deck beat his beefier midgame deck.

The deck he is talking about is right here for all of you to read up on:
Thanks Danny, and hello my Nurglings, I’m back for now. 😉

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad Draft & Poll of the day!

Hello my Nurglings!

I still have a Innistrad release draft that I promised you to talk about. I kind of regret promising that and that’s why this post has been soooomewhat delayed. You see, I did shit (not going to talk about the draft I did after that cause that was even more shit). So why did I do so bad? I did the one thing that I’ve told myself never to do, I forced the colors I wanted to play, I passed on good cards in U/B and forced myself in to R/W. Cause I LOVE red and white in this set when it comes to limited, does that mean that I should force it? No No no and no.

I ended up going 2 – 3 and walked home with an Army of the Damned, I got one more in my second draft as well so now I got the 2 I need for my zombie deck, not all terrible.
So next format, what do you think I should play?

R/B – Vampires
U/B – Control
G/B – Zombie
U/W/B – Solar Flare
U/W/B – Puresteel

Cast your vote cause I’m really not sure. Also to mention; I will have more to say about the deck I play, maybe even post videos about it when the time comes.

Thanks for voting!
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad on Standard – Aggro Vampires Deck

Hello my Nurglings!

So did you check out that first 4 rounds chart with this vampire deck? (If you didn’t scroll down or go here: ) I actually lied in that chart; the damage done during the fourth round would be 19, because of an awesome burn spell for 3.

So what is this deck about? It’s all about being quick and hit harder for every turn that your opponent don’t kill your creatures. They are classic vampires in the way that they get +1/+1 counters, but for once those vampires aren’t over the top in mana cost. In the past this bloodsucking ability has been given to creatures that cost way to much, but now, they are very very cheap. So let’s look at the creatures.

(Observe: These may changes depending on what will be spoiled in Innistrad within the next few days, I will post an updated list when Innistrad is completely spoiled, if needed.)

Creature: 20
4x Stormkirk Noble
4x Bloodcrazed Neonate
4x Vampire Interloper
4x Child Of Night
4x Rakish Heir

So you look at them and say, well they aren’t that dangerous are they? Well together with a few new cards, and a few older ones, the damage will add up, and that’s quick. Incinerate will help you deal with the smaller creature that come in your way early, and against a slower deck they can burn your opponent for 3 to make the vampire even more deadly. Most of the vampires also get a built in +1/+1 bonus every time they deal damage, OR +1/+1 bonus because of Rakish Heir. It all adds up quicker than you think. There are also a few other cards in the spell section that helps you with this +1/+1 counter shenanigans.
Let’s take a look.

(I know that somewhere, Mark Rosewater is proud to see a deck with plenty of counters.)

Spell: 16
4x Vampiric Fury
4x Incinrate
4x Curse Of Stalked Prey
4x Volt Charge

Volt Charge and Curse of the Stalked prey are two cards that work awesome with vampires, proliferating up the counters and adding more when doing combat damage in a player. Volt Charge can also be used as an awesome combat trick to let your vampires have one more toughness than your opponent counted with. What? You don’t know what Curse of The Stalked prey and Vampiric Fury does? Well just look below. Vampiric Fury is a card that people really don’t believe in it seems, but doing a mini overrun with a quick deck seems awesome, it’s also a great combat trick giving your vampires First Strike, something that’s very welcomed in battle against bigger creatures.

Land: 24

2x Stensia Bloodhall
4x Dragonskull Summit
4x Blackcleave Cliffs
4x Swamp
7x Mountain
3x Ghost Quarter

So lastly the mana base. Yes there is a new land in the mix, it’s there for one reason: when your main idea fails, keep doing 2 damage every turn! It’s still a clock if your early game did some damage.

So I hope you enjoyed the deck, until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!

New Innistrad card spoiled on YouTube (viral marketing for the win!)

Hello my Nurglings!

Another video from our favorite fake Russian (well I guess he can be Russian) on YouTube. The story continues and he is becoming somewhat more hairy and the book seems to be hurting him, why? Because it’s blessed by the church of Avacyn of course!

Here is the card… well an image of the card of from YouTube.

Falkenrath Marauders 3RR
Creature – Vampire Warrior
Flying, Haste
Whenever Falkenmarsh Marauders deals combat damage to a player, put two +1/+1 counters on it.

And for all you that wants to see the actual video; here ya go!

Until next time, stay viral.
Cya soon!

Let’s talk Innistrad – Zombies or vampires!? (Arts and card included)

Hello my Nurglings!

I’m sorry that I’ve been lacking in posts and updates and other fun news for you all! I’ve been a bit busy with well I guess you could call it life. Life happens and it screws my daily blogging and updating up. Anyway I’m here now and I’m about to give you some personal thoughts on Innistrad and some AWESOME artwork that’s been posted on daily mtg.

I love horror, did I mention that? I love classic zombie movies and I’ve always wanted to do some type of Zombie deck in Magic. Sadly it’s never been a very viable deck during my time with the game. Now that is about to change with the coming set (not saying it’s competitive, just saying it can be done). There will be plenty of zombies in Innistrad and I’m so tempted to play them. But at the same time, I love to play vampires, and have kept it as my “go to deck when I want to have fun” deck (mostly because I like the “feel” of playing vampires).

Wizards of the coast just keeps teasing me with artwork and cards from both sides of the spectrum. The zombie deck is finally the type of zombie deck I want to see, slow start and massive during mid/late game. Vampires just keep getting AWESOME looking cards. And another fact: Innistrad is Sorin Markov’s home world, my second favorite Planeswalker after Liliana (and she is also in Innistrad oh COME ON!).

Just look at that concept art. It’s awesome, the more I keep looking at it, the more I want this set to come out. I would love to have more information about these vampires, I want to suck in their cultures and believes and just swim around in all the flavor. Please let there be a book about Innistrad coming out soon.

I know you’re not here for my obsession about Innistrad, or maybe you are? Anyway, let’s jump to a card that was recently spoiled to us, it’s a zombie card and it’s the one card that pushed me on to make a zombie flavor deck.

That’s right this card creates 13 2/2 zombies T-H-I-R-T-E-E-N. The moment you play this card you have 26 power on the board ready to beat your opponent down. It will cost you eight mana to do so, but if they can’t handle your army of zombies before your next turn, things are looking grim for them. The status of this card is similar to that of Grave Titan, he is obviously a faster card to hit the field and hit your opponent, but isn’t it more fun to see T-H-I… 13 zombies on the field at once? I can see a black control deck using this as a win condition or even a U/B deck. I will try it out for sure.

Enough with my thoughts for one post perhaps. Let’s end it with some awesome Innistrad artwork with the focus on Vampires and Zombies.

Until next time, pick a side.
Cya soon!

19 cards from Innistrad – with pictures

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what, Magic and Wizards of the Coast just had one huge reveal yesterday on PAX about Innistrad. Soooo many cards has been spoiled and I must say it’s looking awesome so far. I am going to draft this set a lot to try and get all the cards I need. LOVING IT.

I’m going to take some time this week to talk about new Innistrad cards, where I would I like to use them and why. Why the card is awesome (at least at a first look) and so on. But for now, I’m just going to show you all the cards. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!

Innistrad – Card Artwork

Hello my Nurglings!

Daily MTG just posted an article about the next set Innistrad. Like always, this is a presentation and introduction of Innistrad and its story. So far I must say I’m very impressed with the feel and even the artwork of this set. I always used to say I loved the feel of Ravnica and Kamigawa, but I do believe this set will blow me away far beyond that. Mostly cause I love old horror movies, stories and books. This set feels like it’s created for just me (well it’s not)!

Anyway, if you want to read about it all just go here:

That is also the place where I found all these awesome images. Enjoy the feel of Innistrad!

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon.