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Avacyn Restored – No more Flashback or Transform

Hello my Nurglings!

Thanks to Mark Rosewater we already knew that the Double Face Cards would not be coming back in Avacyn restored. This is probably because the good guys will be making a comeback in the last set to fight back the darkness. OR as in any good horror movie, the horror has changed completely for the finale and we just don’t know what we will be facing. Exciting I know.

The other mechanic not coming back: Flashback (also spoiled to us by Rosewater). So to all of us Burning Vengeance lovers, it seems we won’t be getting anymore of that flashback. But to be honest we have plenty that we can use as it is. Sad though to see such a sweet mechanic disappear in the last set. But I guess, if the werewolves will be stopped from transforming, other mages must lose their graveyard abilities.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
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Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Immerwolf / Everwolf – Werewolf lord!

Hello my Nurglings!

Who would expect that one of the best creature cards for a Werewolf deck would not be a werewolf itself, but rather a Wolf? Well a new card was spoiled late night yesterday (for me anyways) that made other tribe lords jealous. Why? For one, it got three good effects instead of the usual two, and two, it is not a RARE! It’s an uncommon multicolor card that fits the Werewolf’s puuuurfectly.

Here it is:

OH I’m sorry it’s in German, here ya go:

(or Everwolf) 1GR
Creature – Wolf
Other Wolf- and Werewolf creatures you control get +1/+1.
Werewolves you control that aren’t Humans can’t transform.

So what does this mean for you, well, as long as this guy is on the field he helps all your werewolf dudes to stay on the dark side. And that is just amazing, one of the biggest problems for a Werewolf deck right now, is that you have to make sure when and why you cast your spells. This also ENABLES you to play more than one spell each round and in combat where you want to use your tricks.

Red and Green are usually two colors that want to do more than just one thing every round, and this card helps a lot when wanting to do MORE. You can cast more creatures, you can buff and protect your dudes. Amazing. I know this is JUST a creature, and that makes him vulnerable to a lot in the format, if he disappears from the field you may have an unwanted result. But you will stay play him at 4 in a dedicated Werewolf deck.

By the way, not only does he help you from Transforming, he also buffs your other Werewolf creatures. Like another tiny lord that may just be to tiny right now for the format? Hint hint.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
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To clarify the Double Faced / Day Night / Transform cards

Hello my Nurglings!

I know that there’s plenty of you out there concerned about the different rulings for Double Faced Cards (from now on DFC). I will be gathering a few rule questions and answers here for you all to read up on, if something is confusing, well just leave a comment so I can clarify it. A big thanks to Mark Rosewater who answered a few of these on his twitter: @maro254 Let’s start with those ones.

General information.

1. Premium DFC are premium on both sides.
2. Every Innistrad booster has a DFC (they replace a common with a DFC of any rarity).
3. Three out of four Innistrad boosters has a checklist card instead of a land card.
4. DFC cannot be turned facedown, they don’t have a facedown.
5. If you copy a DFC, you only copy the face-up side (day side).
6. If you play with opaque sleeves, you can play DFC’s in your deck. If not, you use the checklist card.
7. DFC are always “sun side up” in zones other than on the battlefield.
8. Cards, equipments, enchantments, counters, effects, damage all stay on the DFC as they transform. It’s still the same card.
9. During draft, you may “hide” your DFC pick under the land/checklist card.

Anything he/I forgot to mention? If you come up with a question, leave it here and I will add whatever information I can find to the list.To be honest, there are plenty of questions when it comes to drafting/limited in Innistrad, we will just have to wait for some more information about that.

Until next time, stay safe.
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