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Nurgle Standard Brew – Forbidden Empire Deck

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what, I need to post two more decks until I fill my “post 5 decks” promise. So here is the fourth for all of you to enjoy. Unlike the old list of this deck that used Tezzeret to win games together with the empire artifacts, this is all about counters spells and looking for the pieces of the combo.

Here is the list.

Creature: 3
3x Snapcaster Mage

Artifact: 9
3x Throne of Empires
3x Scepter of Empires
3x Crown of Empires

Other spells: 24
4x Dissipate
4x Mana Leak
4x Forbidden Alchemy
4x Think Twice
4x Ponder
4x Day Of Judgment

Land: 24
2x Buried Ruin
3x Drowned Catacomb
4x Isolated Chapel
4x Seachrome Coast
4x Glacial Fortress
7x Island

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgle Standard Brew – Obliterator Deck

Hello my Nurglings!

Deck three incoming. We all Phyrexian Obliterator don’t we? And we all love Prey Upon with it don’t we? Enjoy.

Creature: 13
4x Vault Skirge
4x Phyrexian Obliterator
3x Thrun The Last Troll
2x Glissa, The Traitor

Other spells: 13
4x Unburial Rites
4x Liliana of the Veil
3x Prey Upon
2x Black Sun’s Zenith

Artifact: 10
4x Lashwrite
3x Nihl Spellbomb
2x Batterskull
1x Inquisitor’s Flail

Land: 24
4x Cemetery
4x Sunpetal Grove
4x Isolated Chapel
12x Swamp

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

WW deck – Token Enchantress – Standard MTG

Hello my Nurglings!

I know you love me when I show you decks and guess what? It’s time for another one, and it’s all about one type of deck that I love; WW. Kind of? Perhaps? Maybe like WW? So why did I look at this deck to begin with for the coming format? It’s mostly because of two cards, two enchantments none the less.

Look at the two cards (Honor Of The Pure / Intangible Virtue), is this a match made in heaven or what? If you can play a deck that gets enough white token creature, you’re in the awesome! And this deck, does just that. Let’s look at the creatures first shall we.

Creature: 17
4x Mesa Enchantress
4x Geist-Honored Monk
4x Doomed Traveler
4x Leonin Arbiter
1x Sun Titan

So you’re looking at this thinking: That’s not a lot of token creators mr Nurgle. Well guess what? This is not the place for that. But you still have Doomed Traveler and Geist-Honored Monk is in the deck to help you with the token creation. Monk is a fantastic card with just one or two +1/+1 enchantments out. Two extra 3/3 flyers with your new 4/4 or 5/5 Vigilance creature, is nothing to laugh at for just the 5 mana.

Mesa Enchantress add some extra draw when you play your enchantments, that can be vital for not running out of steam.Leonin arbiter is a card that I’m just trying out with Ghost Quarter to see how that works in an actual deck. Otherwise it will be traded out for some other great white creatures (there are plenty of them in the format).

NEXT! Wait wait, before looking at the enchantments, I just want to say: don’t have much to say about them. They are self explanatory.

Enchantment: 12
4x Honor Of The Pure
4x Intangible Virtue
4x Oblivion Ring

Other Spells: 8
4x Midnight Haunting
4x Timeley Reinforcment

Here they are, the token creators, survival and combat tricks. Three mana for two possible 3/3 flyers in instant speed, sounds bad? I think not. These are eight cards that are awesome in themselves, but becomes even better the more +1/+1 enchantments you hit. If you manage to get 4 enchantments out at anytime, these cards create 5/5 creatures, with vigilance, and a few of them even fly. It’s sweet!

Oh and:

Land: 23
19x Plains
4x Ghost Quarter

Well that’s it for now.
Until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!

Poll Of The Day – Innistrad – Hit or Miss?

Hello my Nurglings!

Even if we haven’t had the chance to experiment very much with the set yet, what do you think after this weekend’s pre-release. Is it looking good, is it the doomsday that some of you feared, is it a lot better in limited than you first thought?

The questions goes for the set overall but please share experiences you’ve had with the set!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Magic Standard Deck – Green Dawn (Zombies)

Hello my Nurglings!

Okay okay, first of, I said I would not do THE zombie deck for the blog. That was the deck using the Rooftop Storm and Gravedigger combo. Now, let’s instead talk of another kind of zombie deck. The – Green Dawn (as in: dawn of the dead). It’s all about the zombie horde!

It started with the mentioning of the “new doubling season” card – Parallel Lives. It doubles the amount of tokens you would put on the field. If you would put two tokens on the field, you put out four instead and so on. While discussing cards from Innistrad I soon after mentioned that I would love to play Army of the Damned in Standard. Soon after Johnny said, “So army of the Damned with that card would give you 26 zombies?” It kind of sky rocketed from there, talk about different token cards becoming more and more insane and the amount of Zombies would be HUMONGOUS!

Did I mention that I love old zombie movies? And the idea of making more than my local store would have tokens for makes me smile, a lot!

So here it goes the zombie horde! (I mean the creatures).

Creatures: 16
4x Diregraf Ghoul
4x Walking Corpse
4x Cemetery Reaper
4x Unbreathing Horde

So as you can see the whole idea is just to keep a steady field of creatures in the early game, a lucky enough start may even end up being to much for your opponent to handle. Unbreathing horde is also one card that is awesome once you get your token machine going. It can be huuuuuge and damage is no problem for it to handle.

So what do you need to make one awesome slowly growing Zombie army? You thought the creatures would be the backbone of the horde? Oh no, the enchantments will do that for you.

Spells: 20
4x Endless Ranks Of The Dead
4x Moan of the Unhallowed
4x Parallel Lives
3x Dismember
3x Altar’s Reap
2x Army of the Damned

Endless Ranks of the Dead together with Parallel Lives = awesomeness. Why? Let’s just say there will be a lot of zombies and “quickly”. Just imagine one Endless Ranks and two Parallel Lives, and two zombies on the field. Next turn you get 4 zombies. Yes 4. Ranks want to create one, Lives want to create 2, and the last Lives wants to make it 4. Next turn you get… let’s go through it together.

Endless Ranks of the Undead : I want to give you 3 zombies!
Parallel Lives: I want to make that 6 zombies!
Parallel Lives 2: I want to make that 12 zombies!
Yup… two turns, and 18 zombies on the field (Next turn it’s 48 zombies btw).

I can’t wait to try this deck out, even if just for fun (that’s an awful lot of rares just to have fun I know).

Oh and the lands:

Land: 24
17x Swamp
4x Woodland Cemetery
3x Forest

Until next time, stay alive.
Cya soon!

Innistrad – Night & Day mechanic – New cards – Thoughts

Hello my Nurglings!

once again I’m way way waaaaaay to excited to be writing about this before I get the whole thing sorted in my head, but this is a blog and I don’t mind being somewhat disoriented in what I’m writing. It’s for fun after all, oh to the big news!

Mark Rosewater, the lead Designer of Innistrad posted a picture on his twitter some time ago. Where he is telling us that someone out on the web figured out exactly what they’re doing with the next set (Innistrad) but nobody believed him.

Here is the picture:

And with this I will in a second present to you… you already went ahead scrolled down and looked at it didn’t you? Aw my Nurglings, you’re such skippers. Love yah! Here it is, some cards from Innistrad, let me talk about them in a second, I know you will want to look at the card properly first.

Okay so… what is being discussed right now? The biggest problem people are having is this: how does that werewolf card work? Why doesn’t it have a casting cost? What’s the day and night mechanic? Do I have the answers, no, do I have some thoughts about it? Definitely. So one question at a time.

What does it say on the werewolf card?
Even if nobody knows for certain, this is just a hint of what it MIGHT say.
All “creature type” you control get +1/+1.
During your end step, put a “creature type” 2/2 on the battlefield.

What’s that sun and moon thing in the left corner?
This is a completely new mechanic (duh?) that has to do with Night and Day. How this will actually work or what decides when it’s sunup or sundown we don’t know yet.

Why is there no casting cost on Howlpack Alpha?
I believe this has to do with the card next to him: Mayor of Avabruck. I don’t believe that Howlpack Alpha can be “casted” in its original sense; instead, with the help of the Night & Day mechanic, you will be able to switch out the Mayor for a werewolf during night time. There are several different ways to do this, it may remind of the Champion mechanic, remove the mayor until the werewolf disappears and he comes back in to play. Plenty of fun if you ask me! There may be something else, flipping the card over is something that’s been discussed (having another artwork on the back), but since drafting is so big in magic, I doubt they will do it like that, unless drafting with Innistrad will be out of the picture. Just flipping it in a morph like way is a possibility too.

What is that dot on the type line on the werewolf?
As we talked about, the werewolf don’t have a casting cost, in the past card like this needed the text: “Spell X name is blue.” By putting this colored dot on the type line they eliminated the need for that text. (Speculation)

Why are there two strength / toughness values on the mayor?
This probably has something to do with him turning in to a werewolf, the scary part is that it’s an arrow like shape next to it, are they really double sided art card? Or is it just to make those extra numbers more visible?

Why do you think the cards are related?
Same artist, same window in the background, the human is a werewolf in its type line. Next to the previewed human werewolf card is a werewolf without casting cost. The extra strength toughness value equals that of the Howlpack Alpha. One card is day, one card is night. I don’t think it’s by chance.

Until next time.
Stay tuned for more Innistrad!
Cya soon!

Duel Decks: Ajani Vs Bolas – Deck Lists

Helly my Nurglings!

So you go to bed one night thinking, I wonder if there will be any fun news for magic tomorrow, they update frequently and it’s a game that spoils the players with plenty of updates, tournaments and online versions of the game. I just love the fact that there is never a dull day for magic fans. So without further ado here comes the list for the duel decks: Ajani Vs. Bolas.


Creature (22)
1 Woolly Thoctar
1 Firemane Angel
1 Fleetfoot Panther
1 Loxodon Hierarch
1 Marisi’s Twinclaws
1 Spitemare
1 Qasali Pridemage
1 Kird Ape
1 Canyon Wildcat
2 Ajani’s Pride Mate
1 Loam Lion
1 Nacatl Hunt-Pride
1 Wild Nacatl
1 Jade Mage
1 Ageless Entity
2 Sylvan Ranger
1 Essence Warden
1 Pride of Lions
1 Briarhorn
1 Grazing Gladehart

Enchantment (5)
1 Searing Meditation
1 Ajani’s Mantra
2 Recumbent Bliss
1 Griffin Guide

Sorcery (2)
1 Titanic Ultimatum
1 Lead the Stampede

Instant (4)
1 Naya Charm
1 Lightning Helix
2 Sylvan Bounty

Planeswalker (1)
1 Ajani Vengeant

Artifact (1)
1 Behemoth Sledge

Land (25)
2 Evolving Wilds
1 Kazandu Refuge
1 Graypelt Refuge
2 Jungle Shrine
8 Forest
6 Plains
3 Mountain
1 Vitu-Ghazi, the City-Tree
1 Sapseep Forest


Creature (16)
1 Fire-Field Ogre
1 Moroii
1 Jhessian Zombies
1 Dimir Cutpurse
1 Igneous Pouncer
1 Blazing Specter
2 Hellfire Mongrel
1 Slavering Nulls
1 Ogre Savant
1 Nightscape Familiar
1 Shriekmaw
1 Morgue Toad
1 Steamcore Weird
1 Brackwater Elemental
1 Surveilling Sprite

Enchantment (1)

1 Elder Mastery

Sorcery (6)
1 Rise / / Fall
1 Pain / / Suffering
1 Cruel Ultimatum
1 Slave of Bolas
1 Profane Command
1 Deep Analysis

Instant (7)
1 Spite / / Malice
1 Recoil
1 Countersquall
1 Grixis Charm
1 Undermine
1 Agonizing Demise
1 Vapor Snag

Planeswalker (1)
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Artifact (3)
1 Icy Manipulator
2 Obelisk of Grixis

Land (26)
9 Swamp
5 Mountain
7 Island
2 Terramorphic Expanse
2 Crumbling Necropolis
1 Rupture Spire

Well let’s take a look at what we get for our money. Let’s mention the obvious at first: we get the two Planeswalkers: Ajani Vengeant and Nicol Bolas with new artwork (they look sweet if you ask me). They aren’t really awesome mythics out in the real world, but for any EDH or casual players it’s awesome to get them. Well I guess Bolas has a good secondary market value but still.

Okay so what else? Let’s make a short list here.
What do I like from the Ajani list.

Wolly Thoctar – Modern likes it even if it is easy to get your hands on it.
Loxodon Hierarch – Great card? No. Do I like it? Yes.
Qasali Pridemage – Good card ZOO lovers.
Kird Ape – Not really used as much these days but still a sweet edition.
Wild Nacatl – You can bet your 50 cents that!… oh wait you can just buy this for 50cent. Awesome card none the less.

Other spells:
Searing Meditation – Wait wait wait wait, side this against rubin zoo? Sure get that punishing fire and I punish you for the same cost of that punishing fire. Haha. 3 mana for you, 2 for me. I guess Pridemage deals with it easily, but hey, may be worth it.
Lightning Helix – Love it.

Well that wasn’t a lot. Should I mention Titanic Ultimatum? But I don’t like that that card, shush Nurglings. Love you all. Okay so over to the Bolas deck, let’s see what we find.

Dimir Cutpurse – Really like the guy, not a great card but I may just put it in an EDH deck for fun.
Blazing Specter – Just read what I wrote about Dimir Cutpurse.

Other Spells:
Undermine / Counterquall – Just love the feel of these counter spells.

Erm well, you get Bolas right? 😀 Remember that these are the cards I’m excited about, not what’s good or great or expensive. But for me these decks aren’t worth it, the Alara cards that are good in the list I already plenty of. Kind of sad.

Oh also, the new artworks:

Until next time, take care Nurgle fans.
Cya soon!

September FNM card – Teetering Peaks

Helly my Nurglings!

Currently I have so much to update on here that I will be stuck in front of the computer for awhile. But I bet it will be worth it like always! A short while ago Tectonic Edge was rumored to be the next FNM card, sadly that rumor was just a typo in the document talking about the next FNM card (cultivate).
This time though, we know what the new card will be, and I’m not sure if it will be played all that much after rotation.

The next FNM card is Teetering Peaks. Not a bad card, it got a place in standard decks like goblins and red deck wins and so on. But the timing (as a lot of people is complaining about) is kind of rude. It’s rotating soon and its use in modern is uncertain, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Oh well here’s a pick! (will update with a better pick as soon as it’s out there)

Until next time, well that’s just minutes away…
Cya soon!

Magic Nerds Gone Wild – SE 1 EP 1

The Modern format is coming this way! #MTG

Hello my Nurglings!

I have some sweet news for you all MTG lovers, and that is: Modern is coming this way! Wait what? What did I just say? You know the new format for Magic? Modern? lets give you a small quote of what the format gives you to play: “This nonrotating format consists of every booster release from Eighth Edition (for core sets) and Mirrodin (for expansion sets) forward.” – Tom LaPille

If you want to read the whole article about it you’re welcome to head over here:

They have even planned to try the format out at Pro Tour Philadelphia, and I can’t wait to see what players will bring to the table there. I just love the fact that they are (in a way) creating a new eternal format for… should I say newer players? Just like myself. I’ve always wanted to take a step in to legacy and try it out, but the costs always seem to push me back. I have a few cards and I could probably get away a bit cheaper by playing a mono deck or something not so fancy. But when you want to play Legacy, you want to play a proper deck as well. Otherwise I would just keep it to the kitchen table.

So I thank Wizards Of The Coast for bringing a format that I can experiment with (which is not extended), I’m going to make a deck or two here on the blog for this new format, and I’ll be happy for all and any input.

By the way, this format has a ban list like any other format with a large card pool. Take a look!

Ancestral Vision
Ancient Den
Chrome Mox
Dark Depths
Dread Return
Glimpse of Nature
Golgari Grave-Troll
Great Furnace
Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Mental Misstep
Seat of the Synod
Sensei’s Divining Top
Stoneforge Mystic
Sword of the Meek
Tree of Tales
Umezawa’s Jitte
Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle
Vault of Whispers

Until next time, look modern.
Cya soon!