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Nurgle Update – It’s over 100.000!

Hello Nurglings!

Oh how I love you Nurglings, every single one of you guys! The ones of you that just come here to see something specific, the ones of you that clicked an image I’ve made for this blog, the ones of you that actually returns to read the bloc, the ones of you that comment, my friends, my lady, every single one!

Today I passed the magic number of 100.000 unique readers, and that’s all thanks to you guys. I will try and do my best to reach 200k, and I will let you know the day that I do. With content that may vary from time to time depending on my mood and what I’m currently doing in life.

But I will try and stay Nurgle ❤

Thanks Nurglings!

Hello Nurglings!

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s been awhile now, and it’s mostly because of the holidays, nothing happens and everything happens at the same time. Many sites that usually release plenty of news takes a hold and one is busy with family and shopping.

I hope you all had a great Christmas out there no matter where you live in the world and that you received some sweet gifts, and if you did not get any gifts. I hope you had a calm and sweet time for some soul searching.

All I wanted to say really is that the blog is back in business now for a few days until a short break around new years. So, cya soon Nurglings.

Until next time, take care!