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Nurgleprobe Podcast #8 – Carcassonne

Hello one and all!

Time for another podcast episode, this time covering the tile-laying / worker placement game Carcassonne. It’s one of those games that you can find anywhere these days usually next to Monopoly and Ticket to Ride in the toy stores and even at supermarkets. But is the game any good?

Listen and find out!

You can listen on the go on Soundcloud right here:


Listen right now, right here via YouTube:

Thans for listening, take care, cya soon!

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Update later tonight! What… yea I’m still here!

Hi Nurglings!

Well yes of course I’m still alive!

Do not worry, just becuase the updates are slow doesn’t mean that I’m not here. I will even be posting a guest article that was given to me well.. some time ago and it will be a bit of in time but I do have a promise to my guest writers if they do wan’t to post stuff. And once again, I’m sorry for vanishing the way I did there for some time.

But as you may remember I’m currently investing a lot of time in the project: Marathon Gaming! And with everything going on there it’s time to push out blog posts.
And I do not wan’t to push them!

But as it is now, I will actually use my personal blog as an outlet for a challenge that I’m currently running for myself on the MGTV stream. More info on that will be posted here tonight!
And of course, more MTG stuff later on tonight as well!

Stay tuned Nurglige.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Yu Gi Oh – Finals of YCS Toulouse Video – Jack Bruun from Sweden!

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to share a video of the finals from YCS Toulouse. Jack Bruun is in fact from Sweden, and to honor him I thought I would share this with you all. Jack is clearly one of the best players in Sweden right now, and I’m not sure, but he may even be one of the best players in Europe. I need to look into how other Yu Gi Oh players have been finishing at YCS tournaments lately, but I will keep that for a rainy day. He sadly only finished second, but… second is still a great spot!

(Interview from the coverage.)
Age: 15
Hometown: Gothenbourg, Sweden
Occupation: Pupil, 9th grade

What did you play this weekend and why?
Dino Rabbit – I consider it to be the best Deck as it can answer every other card in the Deck! It’s extremely strong whenever you can start the game!

What’s been your biggest accomplishment so far?
I made Top 32 in Brighton and also reached day 2 in Leipzig!

What card from GAOV are you most looking forward to?
I only checked out a few cards, but Cardcar – D seems like the standout card in the set, so I’ll go with that!

Will you attend the WCQ: EC in Milan?
Yes, certainly!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgle Update! Grand Prix Road Trip! (And other things)

Hello my Nurglings!

Time for another Nurgle update. Boring as usual, because it’s all about me and what’s going on so…

First thing first, the last few days I’ve been taking pictures of cards I want to sell, yea that’s right. I’m currently selling my complete Yu Gi Oh collection, except for a few cards. Most of my more expensive and useful Pokémon cards, and plenty of Magic The Gathering cards. Taking pictures of the cards is the fun part, putting them on auction sites is … not. So I’m going to start with that this week if I can possibly find the time. I will update you when the auctions are up so that you can take a look.


I played my first FNM in a very very very long time yesterday. I must say that I really enjoyed it! I’ve really been missing that feeling of playing in a tournament, even if it just a small one. The whole idea of actually wanting to win to proceed further and make the best of your game makes it so exciting. Together with my somewhat homebrewed Tempered Steel deck, I even managed to grab a second place spot (out of 19 players). Awesome!

Yea that’s right, me and a few friends are planning to go to the GP in Sweden. We live in Sweden, so not going there would be very lame wouldn’t it? It’s me, Mika (the designated driver and girlfriend) Johnny, Frazze and the second designated driver: Niklas. We just recently found out that the format is limited, and we will do our best to prepare for this format, looking at other limited tournaments before that and even doing a small limited practice together.

By the way, the GP is in Malmö Sweden. If you’re coming over here to play, say hi!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nerd Calendar – 23d – Merry Christmas from YGONGW!

Hello my Nurglings!

A short Merry Christmas (God Jul) video from Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild! ^^

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgle’s sites and nicknames! Sub, follow and friend!

Hello my Nurglings!

You know that you can find me on seeeveral different places on the net right, like Twitter and YouTube? I thought I would share some of the sites and even games that I’m playing, so that anyone interested can subscribe, follow or whatever it’s called on the different sites.

Here’s a sweet little list.

Nurgle’s Blog:
Did you know that takes you to this blog? No? Well now you do! It’s easier to remember and takes you right back here.

Nurgle’s YouTube:
You already knew this I bet, cause I link a lot of videos from my very own YouTube channel, but if you didn’t know. You’re welcome! This way you can see any highlights from my live streams and different game videos from several of the online card games out there.

Nurgle’s Stream (
Yup, I recently tried out some streaming. My computer isn’t exactly topnotch so it won’t be the newest games and so on, and at times there may be some lag. But if you enjoy card games and some other less popular games, stick to my streams. Btw, if you want to be updated WHEN I stream…

Nurgle’s Twitter:!/Nurgleprobe
Everything that’s posted on the blog gets posted on my Twitter. So if you follow my twitter you can easily see when something that may interest you pops up. It also automatically posts when I start my Live Streams which is very sweet and makes it easy for you to know when my stream starts.

Nurgle’s Deviant:
I’m not that active here anymore but you’re welcome to check out my photos (check the gallery to see the better pictures).

In game names:
Heroes Of Newerth: Nurgle
Steam: purelust
Magic the Gathering Online: Nurgleprobe_
Yu Gi Oh Online: Nurgelprobe
Sword Girls Online: Nurgleprob
(More coming in a bit).

Well until next time, I will cya on the sites!
Take care, cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Turnering – Linköping (4-6 Augusti)

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry about this post here, it will be in Swedish, and that’s because it’s about a tournament taking place here in Sweden, if you’re in Sweden right now, just leave a comment and I can give you some translated information.

So to my non Swedish readers – Cya Soon!

Så nu over till er andra! Det skall hållas en 3 dagars Yu Gi Oh turnering i Linköping! Som jag förstått så skall turneringen ha lite annorlunda uppbyggnad. Men låt oss hoppa direkt in i informationen!
Information finns även på Facebook:

Tid den 4 augusti kl. 14:00 – den 6 augusti kl. 17:00
Plats Teknikringen 3, Linköping (~1km från Närcon)


Turneringen kommer hållas i 3 dagar i streck men det är helt och hållet upp till dig hur du vill spendera dem 72 timmarna 🙂
Alla deltagare kommer tilldelas marker som man sedan använder sig av för att satsa som i bl.a. poker eller det kanske mer kända Yugioh-turneringarna från mangan.

En anmälningsavgift kommer att finnas på 150kr för dem som endast deltar i turneringen och man kan även köpa sovplats ifall man har långt hem.
När du har anmält dig till turneringen så kommer du få ett meddelande med information om vart du ska betala in pengarna.
Pris går till första plats och KANSKE andra samt tredje plats beroende på hur många det är som deltar, jag gör allt i min makt för att det ska bli 1-3 pris däremot. Det som jag kan garantera däremot är att varje deltagare kommer få 1 japansk Generation Force-booster när dem hämtar sin första marker (att samla kort hör även det till!).

Under turneringens gång så utmanar du vem du vill, när du vill och vart du vill! Du får alltså spela mot samma kille hela tiden, vid midnatt i High Chaparral om du känner för det. Det enda du MÅSTE göra är att hämta ut dina marker samt lämna tillbaka dem klockan 17.00 på lördagen den 6 augusti.
När turneringen är över så kommer jag radera all personinformation om er (mejl sparar jag i fall det blir flera framtida evenemang om ni inte har något emot det).

Anmälan sker senast söndag den 24e juli till

Anmälning sker via min mejl där du skriver:
*För- och Efternamn
*Personnummer (ÅÅMMDD-XXXX)

PS. Det är dem första 100 deltagarna som anmäler sig får en plats.
Ambitiöst? Ja, men nån måste vara det, eller hur? 😀 Max 100 deltagare mina damer och herrar.


Ghost64 kommer och säljer kort den 5-6 augusti.

Guess what? National Qualifier (Core) – Wow TCG 2011

Just got this little info poster here on the blog from Vasa Gaming here in Gothenburg. They will be holding 4 National Qualifiers for the World Of Warcraft TCG. The first one takes place July 30th.
The format is Core Constructed and everyone is welcome, if you pay the fee of 75kr of course.

Check out their website ( or their facebook (!/VasaGaming) for more information on them and tournaments. ^^

Here is some general info (in Swedish)

National Qualifier (Core) Wow – TCG 2011

Mer info
Lördagen den 30:e Juli.
1:a kvalet (Kommer vara 4st kval i Gbg sammanlagt)
Start tid: 13:00
Registrering : 12:00 och 13:00
Kostnad : 75kr

Booster stege, 1st booster till alla som deltar samt promo kort så länge lagret räcker.
Under hela dagen från öppning kan man drafta om ett Guldkantat kort antingen “Cunning” eller “Time”. (1 worldbreaker, 1 war of the elements och 1 twilight of the dragons)

Draft kostar : 130kr

Första gången vi har ett stort kval på Vasa Gaming, Och vi önskar er alla som spelar Wow – Tcg Hjärtligt välkomna till en heldag i GBG.
(Viss del av informationen kommer ändras fick inte tillräckligt men dagen och tiden är spikad.)

Mvh Dennis

My return to The Spoils! Welcome to The Spoils!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to see you all back here now that I have an announcement to make. Well actually most of you already know that I’ve been talking about The Spoils lately and that I want to support this game and its growth. And like the honest man I am, this first post on The Spoils is about my very “return” to the game, even though I have been staying somewhat updated at the official forums and was just sitting down with the vast rule document and judge guidelines (you need to read up on those once in awhile), I feel ready to return.

I recently applied myself to volunteer as an article writer or “columnist” for the The Spoils website. The very first thing I was asked to write about, or hinted that I could write about, was my local meta game. At this time I think Bizze is better suited for that task, seeing as they have more constructed tournaments in his area. Where I live we’re crazy about limited formats, sealed and drafts is the way we love to go, it’s also a great way to get new players in to the mix. They sit down, see the cards, build a deck and get a small collection to start of their The Spoils careers.

So, no, this is not an article I’m doing for The Spoils site, this is all for you my Nurgle fans. I don’t think a personal note about me coming back would be very interesting for them so instead, I welcome you all to the spoils!

Well thank you Nurgle, but what is this marvelous “The Spoils” that you talk about?

The spoils is one heck of a card game, it got humor, great game play, sweet community and lately some awesome tournament support. Arcane Tinmen is really doing their best to give something to their players, and I must say their doing a great job and deserve a huge player base. Just like many other card games, they have weekly tournaments known as Afternoon Saturday Spoils (ASS for short). Where you have to chance to get some sweet promos, meet up with people, try your new decks and just have a great time.

If you’re familiar with different competitive card games, you will probably recognize the style of the The Spoils quickly, it’s taken the best from several different systems and put it together to the best possible experience. If you ever played Magic The Gathering for example, you know that at times you will draw a lot of mana and flood your hand, or vice versa. In the spoils you instead use a resource system where any and every card in your hand can be used set facedown a recourse on the field. There is more to it of course, but for an example that will do for now.

As you know I’m currently located in Gothenburg Sweden (or now you know), and for all of you that are Swedish and hit this blog, if you’re interested in the spoils hit me with an email (contact information at the top of the blog) or just a comment to let me know that you are out there. The rescue missions for the game may have been a great success but it’s now time to help the game grow in my local area. Wish me the best of luck everyone!

By the way, if to write an article on The Spoils, where should I start? What should I write about? I’m really taking a long deep look for inspiration and I probably need to get in to the constructed game again to really feel what I can and want to write. Well until next time, stay safe, look up the spoils and have fun!

Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 6 – Vägen till Wizard Games

Hello everyone, I’m sorry, this is not in English but I hope you can deal with it for now. ^^