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Nurgleprobe Podcast #3 – Dead of Winter


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Short Review – Long Live the Queen

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Let me just start by saying that this is a suprisingly fun game. If somebody told me I would spend over 15 hours playing this game I would not believe it. This is a visual novel which means that you basicly play through a story making descisions along the way changing up the story everytime you play it through (which can take between 10-40 minutes). Depending on the path you take you will lead to different endings and a lot of them being… your death.

Throughout the game you will level up different traits, depending on what you choose to focus on different part of the stories will be easier for you to complete and changes your possible paths. If you fail a test it’s not the end of the world unless… you die. And even if death comes a lot and often and forces you to restart it’s acutally not frustrating, instead it works as a motivator to play differently next time.

With every restart you want to know what happens if you level different traits, completing a trait test you didn’t complete the last time. For example, if I become a animal trainer will my pet dog become a great strong guard dog? Or will I be able to tame animals throughout the story? You want to know!

I do understand this game is not for everyone, if you’re not a fan of slow/reading heavy games you probably dont want to get this. But if you get a chance to try it, DO SO. Suprisingly fun and of course you want to collect every possible DEATH achievement…


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Article by Reithena – Persona 4: Arena: A Deeper Look

I still very much love this game after playing it both with people and a bit more through the story line. The controls are tight and responsive and animation really cool. There is occasionally a little too much talking…where you will have a conversation with someone and then the character has an internal monologue about what just happened. I just kinda sit there and am like, I just heard that, I don’t need to hear it again. But the storyline, at the same time, is really cool since it ties both Persona 3 and Persona 4 more together, beyond what they had done in Persona 4 already.

Playing PvP is really fun, particularly when you have two people who don’t quite know what they are doing. The button mashing that ensues results in some really neat combos along with some missed opportunities. But you see something and then you become determined to master it. Then it never wants to work against the computer! Is that not always the way, though? It was also a little bit more of a social fighting game then I normally see. When you go and play people want to talk about their favorite characters. Not in the way you hear during Street Fighter or Tekken…but in a much deeper way. In most cases, these are characters that you have played hours upon hours of story line with and have a deep vested interest in their lives and personalities. You speak of them more like old friends then characters. And you don’t get into fights over which character has the better move set, but over who has the deeper story and how they interacted with that other persons favorite character. It creates a much different social dynamic that I enjoy to no end.

Now into the single player story mode. I’m not sure what the point of the bookmarks are. I stopped the game one night, went to go pick Yukiko’s story back up…and had to start from scratch. Despite having bookmark 6. I went back to the title screen and looked for what I was missing. Didn’t see anything. Looked in the guide. Nothing. Checked the internet and there are very few discussion on the bookmark method at all. Am I the only person who just doesn’t have the time to sit there and marathon through these thing? Anyone have any tips or is it really a rather useless feature that just allows me to fast forward(not skip) some of the talking?

I did complete Main Character’s story mode, which then unlocked two new characters for me to use. Not sure why I got two characters I did not encounter at all throughout the story, but sure. The biggest disappoint was the lack of a final boss. I’m not sure if I have to clear all the characters to get to that final boss. You see this epic cut scene with Labrys and Shadow Labrys and the character prepares to fight, but then nothing, you just go back to character select. I’ll be following up on this in future posts probably.
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Labrys is pretty cool looking…although it maybe my love for blue haired girls talking.

Other than that, it is an awesome game. I played with the extra pictures that were included and the sound effects and while nothing new from a fighting game, it is still nice to see the characters in such great detail. If you are a fan of fighting games like BlazBlue or Guilty Gear pick this up. If you love Atlus, pick this up. If you love complex stories with questions abound, pick this up. If you just want to see your favorite characters in a new light, pick this up as well.

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MTG Rage Comic – Surgical Extraction!

Hello Nurglings!

I just had to create this after what happened at todays tournament…

Yea, he did it in response to that Unburial Rites though. But still. It sucked, how often have you cast a card with:
Pay 2 life, exile a card from your opponents graveyard and he Exile 3 cards from his hand. Oh. Not often?

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

The PreRelease of M12 and my story

To be honest, my story is not a very exciting one, my friend Johnny that sat in front of me probably had a more interesting story to tell seeing as his pool of cards was actually… well, how should I say it… useful. But hey it’s mostly about the player and I probably did plenty of errors in deck building like always, I really do prefer a draft over sealed deck. For the ones of you that don’t know what the hell I’m talking about right now. Today was the prerelease of Magic 2012, the new core set in Magic The Gathering card game, a sealed deck basically means that you get a few packs with random cards and build a deck with them… but you all know that don’t you?

So Johnny to my front sat there with a huge smile on his face when he opened up his first great card which was a Grave Titan, at the same time I opened Rootbound Crag, not exactly the same awesomeness there. Soon after he screams out in joy again when he opens up a Primeval titan… yup two titans in the same pool. Guess what I opened at the same time? Sunpetal Grove. Hell yea I was on a roll!

I know I sound like an angry old man but really, I was happy for Johnny, at least it was a friend that opened up those Titans, it was cool. You don’t always get a good pool, and you have to except that with a random element, so I tried to do the best of what I had. And even I ended up opening a mythic card so it wasn’t all bad. Sadly the card proved to be hard to keep on the field, damn you doom blade! The card I’m talking about is Primordial Hydra, let me tell you. It gets big, it gets big fast. The only problem with the matches that I got it on the field was the fact that it was handled every time. Most often I even tried to hunt out some removal with my other “big” monsters to let Hydra do its thing. When rushed, it was just easily spotted of, when not rushed, they usually had an advantage over me because of my horrible mid game.

But what I really wanted to tell you about today is about a certain hero. A creature with a plan to dominate the game, to look my opponent in the eyes and say: I’m coming for you big man and you can’t do anything about it! During every game it did at least 3 to 4 damage in my opponent and because of it, my Bloodthirst creatures could feel safe to have their way, always hitting the field with more power. This little guy, during one round, won me the game basically by himself, forcing in a whopping 12 damage. The card? Goblin Fireslinger

Seeing as my pool was kind of shit and the tournament in itself didn’t go very well (2 wins, 3 losses and dropped before the last round) the Goblin story is really the best thing I have to offer. Well I had a good time and I enjoyed the night, yea the tournament started at midnight by the way so it was an all-nighter for me, the tournaments that started this morning should probably be reaching the final rounds when I’m typing this so good luck to everyone at the prerelease!

Cya next time.

Vidoes On BlazBlue: Continum Shift II

Just wanted to share these as soon as I saw them. It’s kinda interesting though, the quality of the videos aren’t that great, so maybe this is some PS VITA vidoes?

Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012 – Review (Xbox 360)

Magic the Gathering, one of the biggest trading card games in the world is now released as a easy to use and fun game (again) for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. So yes, this is not a downloadable pack for the earlier version, this is a complete reworked Duels Of The Planeswalkers.

If you’ve played the first Duels Of The Planeswalkers you will have an easy time adjusting to the new style of the game, the way you play cards, use abilities and even how you make a quick pause in the game is all the same. If you’re a completely new player, this game gives you a lot of help on the way. Before the game starts, it asks you if you’ve played Magic before, this change how hard the AI plays against you, a welcomed feature for any new player out there. There is also a tutorial stage at the start of the campaign mode, and the game will keep giving you small tips as long as you decide not to stop them from popping up.

For all of you single player people, there is a campaign mode with three different campaigns. There is the normal campaign where you fight your way through several of the different Planeswalkers and decks in the game. By defeating the different opponents you unlock new decks, cards and the next step in the campaign. There is also a multiplayer campaign where you and several other work together to defeat a joint enemy. This mode is called Archenemy, and it gives your opponent powerful scheme cards that activate at the start of his every turn, making the tide of battle change rapidly. There is also the Revenge campaign where you face the Planeswalkers again for a second time, I’m not sure what the difference, but I’m guessing they’ve armed their decks with better cards the second time.

One weak spot of this game, which is odd when the controls needed to play a card game on a console is very limited. It is how you move around your “marker” to select cards and activate their effects. It keeps moving around in a very odd way, jumping around the cards in a very random manner, which is confusing and at times, time consuming. This is mostly notable in the multiplayer format of the game, when the cards start adding up and you want to look around. It’s not a huge issue, but sure enough an issue nonetheless.

There are quite a few changed when it comes to overall design and content so I’m just going to make a quick checklist of these.

– New Decks and Cards (Not earlier seen even in the Trading Card Game)
– The whole deck is now adjustable, you can remove/add any card from the deck instead of just the few extra ones you win.
– New game mode – Archenemy (3 vs 1)
– New design

I must say, I loved the rework of this game, they fixed one of the biggest complaints about the first game: not being able to edit your deck properly and the overall design got a fresh new look. If you’re a big fan of the Magic The Gathering Card Game, you will probably love to this. There are a few points I wish I didn’t have to mention though, one is that the design is now less friendly to new players, in the past we had all steps of a player turn lined up in the middle of the screen, this is now visualized as dots next to your avatar picture instead, not a big deal if you know how a turn works, but it was probably useful in the past for new players.

The weird controls flicking your marker around to weird locations, I’m guessing this is a console issue and should not be a problem for PC players. My last real problem with the game… is the fact that we still can’t build our own decks, come on? Why!? Don’t make it so obvious that you want us to move over to Magic the Gathering Online, we want to use what we have and what we have is missing a vital part of what a card game is.

On the plus side they’ve actually added story parts to this game, no not cut scenes, no not voices telling us what’s going on, but awesome artworks that tells us something about each Planeswalker. The further you get in the campaign, more information will be told in these text boxes, be aware though that the picture is at times the same but the text changes, so read up before pressing ready!

I just want to mention a quick little story about a woman that started playing the first Duels Of Planeswalker and ended up playing the actual card game. She ended up winning a trip to Japan.
Can you do what it takes to recreate her story?

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