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Hello everyone!

I’m just about to post a new Yu gi oh nerds gone wild video on here. I know that most of you don’t understand those videos and I’m sorry. Really, I kinda am. Anyway I just wanted to give you a tiny update on everything and nothing.

The last few days have been ups and downs all over, and I guess I haven’t really added that much new fun content on here, a few videos but nothing really fun. I will try my best to do something interesting for the blog soon I promise. Like the card game reviews I recently talked about.

I’m glad you guys are still here with me though, even when it’s moving slow. Tomorrow there’s a “Big Standard” tournament at my local gaming shop, which basically is a Magic standard tournament with big prices. I don’t really have that much money to spend right now so, I’m taking a step back from that one (yes there’s an entry fee). I would have loved to enter with some random kick ass deck like I always do though.
For all of you that’s been waiting for my shop to open, I’m working hard on that to actually happen, the planning is underway and I’m even having some discussions with a web designer. I’ve been looking for distributors as well to find some fun items for the shop, and I’ve been doing well, lots of nice card sleeves and deck boxes are hitting the store shelves on opening day.

When that happens… I will be back to tell you!

Until next time, stay safe.

Cya soon!