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Short Review – Talisman Digital Edition

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Do you love boardgames? Do you own boardgames? Do you play them with your friends (hopefully!)? Than this game CAN definatly be for you. But it also depends on how much nostalgia you feel for Talisman. Us boardgamers in general probably wont like this game, it takes a lot of time (can take up to 3 hours), your actions are ALMOST completley random thanks to dicerolling. And you also lose the feeling of moving components around on a board which is a huge part of the enjoyment for this game.

If you’re a not a boardgamer I would recomend that you stay away from this game. It probably wont meet up with any (if any) of your expectations. This game can be fun with a few friends but you will probably end up only playing a single game of it before moving on to some other game or you know… any other REAL boardgame.

Talisman in general is sadly not a great boardgame nomatter how much nostalgia you feel for it.
It’s basicly a more nerdy version of Monopoly which is the worst… boardgame… ever. Instead of getting this get the game for your pads so that you can play it on long trips on a buss, train, car (unless you’re driving) and plane. But make sure you have some people to play with even then.

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