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Gaming annoyance – “I’ll boost you!”

Hello my Nurglings!

”Hey, I’ll boost you.”
“Wait wait wait, I just survived a small nuke, took several bullets to the face, jumped down a cliff and healed in a matter of seconds, and I need your help to get over this wall that’s maybe one foot taller than me?”
“… Yes?”
“Okay boost me.”

Come on game creators all over the world, we’re tired of walls blocking our path. Especially the ones that makes one of your buddies walk up to it and say: I’ll boost you. For me it’s one big: oh come on really? – moment. I know you guys don’t want us to run to far forward, and we need to complete the objective in the spot, but that “boost wall” is starting to get to me.

Let us be cool like this and just go on with the game please? :

Until next time… wait that wasn’t about card games?
Take care.

Cya soon!