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MTG – Standard Deck – Izzet Spellcaster

Hello Nurglings!

I didn’t post a deck yesterday and I feel…. not terrible, not bad, but…. well here is a new deck!

MTG - Standard Deck - Izzet spellcaster

Creature: 11
3x Ætherling
4x Goblin Electromancer
4x Spellheart Chimera

Other spells: 25
4x Magma Jet
4x Steam Augury
4x Lightning Strike
4x Izzet Charm
3x Turn // Burn
3x Mizzium Mortars
3x Ral Zarek

Lands: 24
4x Izzet Guildgate
4x Steam Vents
8x Mountain
8x Island

MTG - Izzet Cards

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – FNM Promo for October!

Hello Nurglings!

Here is the FNM promo for October. Which is also the month in which I will celebrate my birthday! Very important information.

FNM Promo - Ghor-Clan Rampager

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – M14 Intro Packs – Deck Lists!

Hello Nurglings!

Deck lists for all the M14 ”starter decks” are out! Let’s check it out!

MTG - M14 - Intro Pack - White

Lands: 25
9x Forest
16x Plains

Creatures: 18
1x Ajani’s Chosen
1x Auramancer
2x Banisher Priest
2x Capashen Knight
1x Charging Griffin
2x Dawnstrike Paladin
3x Pillarfield Ox
2x Serra Angel
2x Soulmender
2x Voracious Wurm

Other spells: 17
1x Angelic Accord
2x Brave the Elements
1x Congregate
1x Divine Favor
1x Elixir of Immortality
2x Fortify
1x Hunt the Weak
1x Indestructibility
3x Pacifism
1x Staff of the Sun Magus
3x Trollhide

MTG - M14 - Intro Pack - Blue

Lands: 25
16 Island
9 Plains

Creatures: 20
2 Air Servant
1 Archaeomancer
1 Clone
3 Coral Merfolk
1 Jace’s Mindseeker
2 Master of Diversion
1 Messenger Drake
2 Scroll Thief
2 Seacoast Drake
2 Stonehorn Chanter
2 Warden of Evos Isle
1 Water Servant

Other spells: 15
3 Claustrophobia
1 Divination
2 Frost Breath
1 Glimpse the Future
2 Illusionary Armor
1 Rod of Ruin
3 Show of Valor
1 Solemn Offering
1 Staff of the Mind Magus

MTG - M14 - Intro Pack - Black

Lands: 25
8x Mountain

Creatures: 22
2x Academy Raider
2x Blood Bairn
1x Bogbrew Witch
2x Child of Night
1x Deathgaze Cockatrice
3x Festering Newt
2x Gnawing Zombie
1x Liliana’s Reaver
1x Minotaur Abomination
2x Sengir Vampire
2x Tenacious Dead
2x Undead Minotaur
1x Vampire Warlord

Other spells: 13
1x Act of Treason
1x Barrage of Expendables
1x Bubbling Cauldron
2x Corrupt
1x Smelt
1x Staff of the Death Magus
3x Thunder Strike
3x Wring Flesh

MTG - M14 - Intro Pack - Red

Lands: 26
10x Island
16x Mountain

Creatures: 18
1x Chandra’s Phoenix
2x Dragon Hatchling
2x Fleshpulper Giant
3x Goblin Shortcutter
2x Nephalia Seakite
2x Phantom Warrior
3x Regathan Firecat
1x Shivan Dragon
2x Trained Condor

Other spells: 16
1x Chandra’s Outrage
2x Disperse
1x Essence Scatter
2x Flames of the Firebrand
3x Lava Axe
1x Negate
2x Opportunity
2x Shiv’s Embrace
1x Staff of the Flame Magus
1x Volcanic Geyser

MTG - M14 - Intro Pack - Green

Lands: 26
9x Swamp

Creatures: 22
2x Accursed Spirit
1x Advocate of the Beast
2x Briarpack Alpha
2x Brindle Boar
1x Corpse Hauler
2x Deadly Recluse
1x Elvish Mystic
1x Garruk’s Horde
2x Giant Spider
2x Kalonian Tusker
2x Rootwalla
2x Rumbling Baloth
2x Woodborn Behemoth

Other spells: 12
2x Doom Blade
1x Enlarge
1x Fog
2x Giant Growth
1x Into the WIlds
1x Mind Rot
1x Plummet
1x Staff of the Wild Magus
2x Vial of Poison

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – M14 – Top 10 cards! – Top 5 of the list

Hello Nurglings!

It’s time once again to look at some M14 cards! Today we’re moving on to my top five cards from the set. I guess today we should just jump right on to it.

For the bottom five cards, you can check them out here:

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 51
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 52
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 53
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 54
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 55
5. The Hate Cycle
I’m sorry to say… but this means we actually have a top 10 top 5 top thing… The reason they all share this spot is because it’s so very dependent on the format to come. Which decks will be popular decides which of these creatures will actually be worth having in your deck and/or sideboard.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 4
4. Kalonian Hydra
Okay so for once a big green mythic creature is actually looking pretty good! For one it’s not as expensive as the big green usually are, and this one can actually win with just two attacks. Not only will this see play in limited and you will be very happy when you get to play it there. You will also see this card in standard for sure. Thragtusk is now laving the game and giving trading out for his more aggressive friend. Oh and remember, if you give this thing haste. WHAMBAM

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 3
3. Liliana’s Reaver
Okay so I will tell you the truth right now, even tho this is my personal top 10 list. This card is actually my one favorite card in the set. This guy just reeks of value, one single hit from this creature is worth so much. Four less life for your opponent. One less card for your opponent. One extra creature for you. So much happens when this card hits, and I truly believe that this card will have a huge place in standard. I call this: the-mini-grave-titan. Even if your opponent decides to block this guy, he got Deathtouch and will clear that creature right out! I’m just happy they did not reprint White Knight in this set…

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 2
2. Archangel of Thune
The first time I read on this card, and probably for plenty of you out there. You read it as a cute little trick, when you gain life it grows. Then you realize that: oh everything grows! I’m not even sure how much that will matter when it all comes around, but I bet it will at times (just like any ability really). So I’m not all excited about this card, but I’m sure it will see some play. It’s a big flying lifelink angel after all.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 1
1. Strionic Resonator
Yea this is on here, yea it’s on the first spot. Why? Well it’s artifact and ability that we haven’t seen before (or am I wrong?). And I just see this card doing plenty of broken things. I’m even looking at my favorite card from the set: Liliana’s Reaver, get that trigger twice for each attack and that is one bad ass value machine. And that’s just one of MANY tricks out there. Start looking at cards and their triggered abilities and I bet you can find some awesome things to double-trigger. (Thank goodness Thragtusk is gone right?)

Okay, that was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed the list and as always…
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!
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MTG - Trading post not in the list

MTG – M14 – Top 10 cards! – Bottom 5

Hello Nurglings!

(If you’re only interested in the TOP 5 it’s right here: ]

It’s time to make one of the hardest top 10 lists in a long time. Cause people seem to be complaining ALOT about M14 at the moment. Saying that the power level is over all low, BUT, I’d say that there are plenty of playable cards in this set. People always seem to be expecting a power creep and want to see better, bigger, more useful, awesome spells. That’s not what Standard is about people. It’s about creating a new type of environment with new types of cards and letting new decks emerge.

And I’m telling you there are plenty of playable cards, if we were to make a “These cards are playable list” I do believe people would be happy to notice that there’s plenty of that around.
But nope…

So this is my top 10 cards from M14! I rate from the heart and not from my brain and I most often look at cards for a standard playability, not eternal formats and so on (even tho that may happen with some cards just because I’m to excited… okay?). So let’s move on the bottom 5 of this list. The top 5 will be posted later!

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 10
10. Dark Prophecy
Some may argue that this card should not even be on this list, and I… agree! The true reason this card is here is because I want to see it. I want to see players use this card, try and build around it, do their Mono Block Control decks and try and win FNM’s. It’s the kind of plan that will work great when it does work and make you cry when it doesn’t. And hell… maybe I want my goat tokens to draw me cards when I block with them or sacrifice them to Trading Post.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 9
9. Ring of Three Wishes
Okay you’re laughing but I believe this card will do a lot. I’m going to say it once again but I’m looking at you Trading Post and you will be resetting this card for me. The thing that makes this card awesome, is the fact that is a instant search effect. Yes you have to cast it once, but once it’s out, the searching is awesome. In the late game you can even search for proper instants to respond to your opponents cards.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 8
8. Shadowborn Demon
I love black cards, okay? Okay. But really if Mono Black becomes a thing in the next format or if black will be played plenty at all. I do believe that this card will find a place. It’s a strong body for a relatively low cost AND it actually kills something (hopefully) when it enters the battlefield. But just as most demons that are released that seem powerful, they always end up not being the powerhouse they seem to be. So we will just have to wait and see.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 7
7. Ogre Battledriver
So this card can work for you in two different ways. One, it gives all your small creatures and token creatures a chance to be very aggressive and awesome. Secondly, it also gives ALL creatures haste, which means that you can use important tap abilities the moment you play them. I see this card winning games all over the place in the future, and I will rage every time it happens and be mad about “fast-creature heavy-decks”. I’m not liking the aggressive decks in the format right now and I sure will not like the ones to come. BUT to all of you that will use him for combos and interesting interactions: I salute you!

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 6
6. Grim Return
This had two different spots on my list, either it’s down here on the sixth spot or I wanted it as number one. But it’s a hard card to valuate when you’re not really sure what will be played. It’s not only good if you’re playing creatures that can use it to great effect, it’s also great when you’re facing a opponent with plenty of “ETB” – triggers. It will be interesting to see where this card will fit in.

So these are my bottom 5 cards! Next we will check out the top 5. Excited? Oooh just you wait. 🙂
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG Deck – Modern – Undead Barrage (in honor of Sam Black)

MTG Deck - Undead Barrage

Hello Nurglings!

It’s about time! FINALLY there is a Modern deck out there that I can use Bloodghast in! So I’m a huge fan of a Legacy Deck created by Sam Black, the list is below he used when going top-8 in Grand Prix Atlanta.

Sam Black’s Zombie Bombardment

Lands: 20
3x Badlands
3x Bloodstained Mire
2x Marsh Flats
3x Polluted Delta
3x Scrubland
2x Swamp
1x Undiscovered Paradise
3x Verdant Catacombs

Creatures: 18
3x Blood Artist
4x Bloodghast
4x Carrion Feeder
4x Gravecrawler
3x Tidehollow Sculler

Other Spells: 22
2x Bitterblossom
4x Cabal Therapy
4x Faithless Looting
3x Goblin Bombardment
4x Lingering Souls
4x Thoughtseize
1x Tragic Slip

Okay we’re missing a few key cards from the list in Modern, first of all: Carrion Feeder. It’s a very important zombie that we sadly can’t get in to our Modern deck, but there are a few interesting options that you can use instead. The one I’ve decided to use for this list is : Geralf’s Messenger. It’s a bit costly for a deck that want to keep it cheap, but I think that it will work out, will just have to try and see. I’ve also added a 4th copy of Tidehollow Sculler for that extra zombie card, which we need for Gravecrawler.

Another thing that makes Carrion Feeder a great card is the fact that it grows larger as you ping your opponent with Blood Artist, AND it can also make your Tidehollow Sculler to hand removal. Sacrifice the Sculler in response to it’s trigger and the card is gone forever.

The second card we’re missing from this list is Goblin Bombardment. But guess what? With the M14 release we get a card that is not even half as good, but it gives us a card that functions very similar to it: Barrage of Expendables. Which you can see here below:

MTG - in with the barrage

Okay so you just want the list of cards right? Well here you go:

Nurgle’s Undead Barrage

Lands: 22
4x Marsh Flats
4x Verdant Catacombs
2x Arid Mesa
4x Blood Crypt
4x Godless Shrine
3x Blackcleave Cliffs
1x Mutavault

Creatures: 19
4x Bloodghast
4x Gravecrawler
4x Blood Artist
4x Tidehollow Sculler
3x Geralf’s Messenger

Other spells: 19
4x Barrage of Expendables
4x Faithless Looting
4x Lingering Souls
4x Thoughtseize
2x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
1x Inquisition of Kozilek

Yes I also added 2 Sorins to the deck, these are in the deck instead of Bitterblossom… cause it’s banned! I just want to see if they can work alright in the deck. So guys, I hope you enjoy the list and will give it a try if you have the cards available, and let me know how it works alright? Awesome!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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M14 – New Planeswalker spoiler – Chandra, Pyromaster

Hello Nurglings!

So it’s time once again to celebrate the awesome red Planeswalker Chandra! Just like every other time she’s been released with a new version, she shines! She wins games in every format, she kicks ass in standard and is on the brink of getting banned and now… now…. wait… no that’s Jace. So here is the new Chandra. Enjoy.

M14 - Spoiler - Chandra, Pyrmoaster

Okay so she can finally deal damage to both players and creatures in a … good… way. Okay she just pings for 1 damage, but at least she also have a ”no more block for you” effect. Her 0 effect is actually fine if you look at it as a +1 card effect. You gain a extra card to play for the turn and if you play a aggressive deck that’s not horrible. Okay so let’s just talk about this ultimate for a second, is it good or isn’t it? I’m not sure yet. Of course copying a spell 3 times is great if you hit the right spell. Take 3 extra turns, burn your opponent (or his creatures) for 9 and so on.

In the end, I’m just not sure this was the Chandra we wanted. But I’m not sure… really.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Modern Masters – New art pieces!

Hello Nurglings!

So the complete list for Modern Masters is finally out! Plenty of sweeeeet cards is in the set, and several of the sweeeet cards are missing from the set… sadly. But we’re not here to talk about that right now, I’m here to show you: the new artworks!

So with this set they wanted to give some old cards some new ink, and I must say some of the new art is awesome and will surely be sought after out on the secondary market.

Here is a complete list of the cards with new art:

Modern Masters - New Art - Arcbound Ravager

Modern Masters - New Art - Blinkmoth Nexus

Modern Masters - New Art - Bridge from Below

Modern Masters - New Art - City of Brass

Modern Masters - New Art - Countryside Crusher

Modern Masters - New Art - Dark Confidant

Modern Masters - New Art - Death Denied

Modern Masters - New Art - Empty the Warrens

Modern Masters - New Art - Engineered Explosives

Modern Masters - New Art - Grapeshot (This piece OH EM GE ❤ )

Modern Masters - New Art - Ivory Giant

Modern Masters - New Art - Manamorphose

Modern Masters - New Art - Myr Enforcer

Modern Masters - New Art - Perilous Research

Modern Masters - New Art - Reach of Branches

Modern Masters - New Art - Rift Bolt

Modern Masters - New Art - Sword of Fire and Ice

Modern Masters - New Art - Sword of Light and Shadow

Modern Masters - New Art - Tarmogoyf

Modern Masters - New Art - Thallid Germinator

Modern Masters - New Art - Thallid

Modern Masters - New Art - Tooth and Nail

Modern Masters - New Art - Tribal Flames

Modern Masters - New Art - Trygon Predator

Modern Masters - New Art - Vedalken Shackles

Modern Masters - New Art - Veteran Armorer

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!
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Return to Ravnica – 200 Return to Ravnica cards – spoilers just for you!

Hello Nurglings!

Okay, so someone out there got their hands on PLENTY of Return to Ravnica cards, and he shared images of them with the world (very nice of him). Right now, in this post, I will just make one HUUUUUUGE list of cards, nothing fun or special. Later on, I will be looking at what the different Guilds can do for you at the pre-release, and of-course do my top 5 cards (with a twist this time around).

But now, the cards!

(Observe, that several of these had been revealed earlier).
Cards were originally posted here:

Phew, until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

MTG Decks – Mono Color Time!

MTG Decks – Mono Color Time!

Hello Nurglings!

I’ve been sitting here with a few friends on Skype discussing a mono blue deck for standard after rotation. Me personally I will be trying a mono black deck which seems to be sweeeeeeet once M13 is release (plenty of good black cards are coming back to us).

At the same time I was writing a mono green list just for the fun of it. And hell, I thought, why not share these mono creations with you guys. I know I’ve been lacking activity on here, I’ve simply been in a …. Not blogging mood.

So! Mono decks coming up!

Until next time Nurlings, take care.
Cya soon!