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New Hearthstone Spoiler – Spider Egg ! ?

Hello Nurglings!

Just as I mention a Hearthstone ”spoiler”, it seems that another one just arrived on their social media pages! This time it’s a spider egg! Turn the picture over and you can see that there’s a spider hanging upside down inside of it. Sweet!



So here is my guess on the card effects:

Name and cost of some sort
Deathrattle: Summon a 4/5 spider

Name and some other fine cost
Everytime cardname is damaged, summon a 2/2 spider.

So what’s your guess for this beautful spider card? Leave a comment below with your guess!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig


Four Packs – One EDH Deck

Well as some of you know I’m currenlty visiting my girlfriend, a market has been set up in the middle of this small town for the last couple of days and of course I had to look for some nerdy stuff. So what did I find? A few Magic The Gathering boosters, a Pokémon starter to get it online to play with it + the cards I can use in my actual deck as well of course. Today I will write about the four boosters I bought and my idea behind it. Open the packs, look through the cards, and base a EDH on one or more (preferably more) on what that card does.
So let’s go through the packs shall we?
Two Time Spiral and two Ravnica! When it comes to the commons and uncommons I will just type down the ones that I thought were interesting for deck ideas.

Time Spiral:

Ancestral Vision
Opal Guardian
Triskelavus (Foil)

Avalanche Riders
Jasmine Boreal

Fool’s Demise
Mystical Teachings
Rift Bolt


Eye Of The Storm
Hour Of Reckoning

Psychic Drain
Carven Caryaitd
Congregation at Dawn

So the few thoughts I’m having for my next EDH deck on here:

Eye Of The Storm – Party deck, everyone get some action from the cards I play? Draw extra, do things, mana gain and so on? Perhaps?

Avalanche Riders – Mono red, destroy everyone’s lands deck. People will hate it, but that’s all it will do? Perhaps? Even being able to recycle and re-do some of it? Haha, people always complain about power cards and decks, and then play it themselves, maybe this will be just for the lol when playing against them?

Rift Bolt – All out damage red deck, nothing but burn cards and red mana, how about that for a deck? Of course my old pal Lightning Bolt would join in.

So what you think?
Eye Of The StorM Deck – Party
Avalanche Deck – Destroy lands and nothing ells
Bolt Deck – The mono red burn out deck

Turbo Pack 3 (Yu Gi Oh)


Turbo Pack 3 contains 21 cards for tournament players to enjoy at their local card shops. This special prize pack is not a for-sale item, and is available only to Duelists for participation in officially sanctioned events. Turbo Pack 3 gives Duelists their first chance ever to get foil versions of popular cards like Rescue Cat and Rekindling, plus the first foil Morphtronic monster ever: Morphtronic Celfon. It also reprints many popular cards so that new players can get their hands on them and improve their Decks, including Magical Android and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer.

The Turbo Pack 3 set contains 21 cards:
1 Ultimate Rare
1 Ultra Rare
4 Super Rares
6 Rares
9 Commons

Hurdidur! Lite mini spoiler för nästa Turbo Pack. ^_^ Härligt härligt. Inte mycket jag vill ha dock hitils, förutom en foilad Rescue Cat. O___O EN FOILAD RESCUE CAT! ❤
Se bara va söt den är. ❤

Så så här ser spoilern ut hitils: (Om Vi gissar rariteten då vill säga)

Ultimate Rare

Ultra Rare
TU03-EN?? Rescue Cat

Super Rare:
TU03-EN?? Rekindeling
TU03-EN?? Morphtronic Celfon

TU03-EN?? Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
TU03-EN?? Magical Android