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MTG – Modern Deck – Pure Steel

Hello Nurglings!

Another deck for your enjoyment! The one thing I do want to say about this deck, you may not run alot of creatures. But you run ALOT of creatures.

Let me summerize, the following:

4x Puresteel Paladin
4x Trinket Mage
4x Mortarpod
4x Inkmoth Nexus
4x Celestial Colonade
3x Flayer Husk
1x Trading Post
1x Sprinjack Pasture

They’re all kinda creatures! And here is the complete list.

MTG - Modern Deck - Pure Steel

Creatures: 8
4x Puresteel Paladin
4x Trinket Mage

Artifacts: 17
4x Mortarpod
3x Flayer Husk
3x Paradise Mantle
2x Basilisk Collar
1x Sword of Body and Mind
1x Sword of War and Peace
1x Sword of Feast and Famine
1x Mox Opal
1x Trading Post

Other spells: 13
4x Dispatch
3x Thirst for Knowledge
3x Steelshaper’s Gift
3x Remand

Lands: 22
4x Inkmoth Nexus
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Celestial Colonnade
4x Hallowed Fountain
2x Arid Mesa
1x Springjack Pasture
1x Academy Ruins
1x Plains
1x Island

MTG - Them equipments

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

Nurgle Standard Brew – New Puresteel Deck

Hello my Nurglings and welcome to this wonderful day of deck brewing!

Yesterday I made a promise that I did not keep, and that was to post 5 or more standard decklists of some weird ideas of mine. And here is the first list I finished, is it great? No. Is it to create an idea that people can look at and change all they want or laugh at? Yes.

So the first list!

Creature: 14
4x Puresteel Paladin
4x Onyx Mage
4x Geist of Saint Traft
2x Sun Titan

Other spells: 8
4x Dispatch
4x Dissipate

Artifact: 14
1x Sylvok Lifestaff
1x Accorder’s Shield
2x Sword of Feast and Famine
2x Sword of War and Peace
4x Flayer Husk
4x Mortar Pod

Land: 24
4x Isolated Chapel
4x Seachrome Coast
4x Drowned Catacombs
4x Glacial Fotress
3x Island
3x Plains
2x Swamp

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad Draft & Poll of the day!

Hello my Nurglings!

I still have a Innistrad release draft that I promised you to talk about. I kind of regret promising that and that’s why this post has been soooomewhat delayed. You see, I did shit (not going to talk about the draft I did after that cause that was even more shit). So why did I do so bad? I did the one thing that I’ve told myself never to do, I forced the colors I wanted to play, I passed on good cards in U/B and forced myself in to R/W. Cause I LOVE red and white in this set when it comes to limited, does that mean that I should force it? No No no and no.

I ended up going 2 – 3 and walked home with an Army of the Damned, I got one more in my second draft as well so now I got the 2 I need for my zombie deck, not all terrible.
So next format, what do you think I should play?

R/B – Vampires
U/B – Control
G/B – Zombie
U/W/B – Solar Flare
U/W/B – Puresteel

Cast your vote cause I’m really not sure. Also to mention; I will have more to say about the deck I play, maybe even post videos about it when the time comes.

Thanks for voting!
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!