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Boardgames with Nurgleprobe #9 – Video Game High School / VGHS

Hello everyone!

Time for another podcast review, this time covering a game based on a webseries that I enjoy veeery much! Can the game match it? Listen and find out!

Or listen right now through the YouTube clip covering the same podcast:

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Nurgleprobe Podcast #8 – Carcassonne

Hello one and all!

Time for another podcast episode, this time covering the tile-laying / worker placement game Carcassonne. It’s one of those games that you can find anywhere these days usually next to Monopoly and Ticket to Ride in the toy stores and even at supermarkets. But is the game any good?

Listen and find out!

You can listen on the go on Soundcloud right here:


Listen right now, right here via YouTube:

Thans for listening, take care, cya soon!

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Nurgleprobe Podcast #2 – Tanto Cuore

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Nurgleprobe Podcast #1 – The Resistance

Hello Nurglings!

Enjoy this very first podcast I recorded about the game “The Resistance.”

I do also mention a Instagram video during this podcast, and you can find it here:

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Conquest: Let’s take a quick look on Chaos in “”Gift of Ethereals””

So FFG just showed us the three Chaos card coming out with the War Pack – ”Gift of Ethereals” and if you didn’t already know I’m a huuuuuge Nurgle fan (my nick is Nurgleprobe and Nurgle among friends so… yea), and I love the fact that we will be getting more for our puss-and-plague-infected-kind. Let’s begin!

Conquest - nurgling bomb
I have some hate love for this card, cause it’s one that gives your opponent options and you never want the option to be in your opponents hands. Of course you can play this whenever you just need that 1 extra damage to kill something or hunt away weaker units. But… we’re not seeing a TON of weaker units at the moment. The marines are sturdy enough to probably take that one damage and stay and do a good fight. And to pay 3 resources for an effect that may work your way is not always that great. I would rather stick around with a card that makes sure there is damage happening or something that makes sure that the enemy is routing.

Oh and it wont… hurt your Nurgle units. So that’s a thing.

Maybe this may end up being good in late games when there can be bigger masses of units at the planets. I’m also not sure if I like this more or less than Warpstorm at the moment. Sure it hurts you as well but 2 damage to everything that they can’t run away from… I like.

Conquest - rotten plaguebearers
Why do I love this card, cause he can do his effect at many different opportunities. He is one of the few cards that can virtually fight at a planet without having a warlord there. Which means that he is great for being around planets where you just want those resources. Killing of weaker enemies that are trying to do same.

Not sure how bananas this will be in the long run, but having a card that can do his damage even before ranged units… I would not laugh at that before I get a chance to try it.

Oh and also, they can damage Ku’gath for you, so if you know for sure that you will have the first action and want to make sure that Ku’gath has a damage to move around, you can also do that. And the reason for this? It’s 1 damage more or less anyway? The difference: Ku’gaths moving of damage can not be shielded. So… yea. That’s a thing.

Conquest - throne of vainglory
I love putting out tokens, and I sure love making small annoying units hat has to be taken care of. BUT, I do not enjoy the fact that it’s something that MAY trigger. And something that may remove a card you very well may need for your next action. You can combo this with a few other effects in the game that want cards in the graveyard. But overall I think this card is kind of a miss if you don’t try and build around it. And well… maybe that will be a good thing.

And if you’re gonna try, remember that those tokens that you put out make deamons cheaper, which means you could build around that and make sure that you have 2 extra resources every turn. Tho, remember that you can also lose by not having any cards left in your deck!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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Short Review – Sequence

short review headSequence Short HeadSequence picture

I’m horrible at rhythm games, I’ve never had the speed and skills to get through the harder difficulties and at the easier levels it feels like it’s to simple and child’s play. So I was kinda meh about the whole idea behind Sequence. But as soon as I got in there I must say that I really REALLY enjoyed rhythm gaming mixed with RPG elements, fighting, spells, mana and so on. Giving my successes and failures a deeper meaning.

It surprisingly fun to pull of a combo in Sequence and you’re rewarded with fun characters, good dialogue (not the best voice acting maybe but still fun dialogue). And for the first time I want to get further and deeper through the game… and it’s a rhythm game! The hardcore rhythm gamers will probably enjoy this, and the casual ones will like this, and the non rhythm gamers will still enjoy it for feeling more like a puzzle game.

Give this game a chance!


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Netrunner News – SanSan Cycle – Chrome City – A few new cards!

Hello everyone.

Here we are to look at a few new cards from the third pack in the SanSan cycle, let’s see if they look any good.

Okay so I just want to being by saying: I truly never think taking brain damage is worth it, not for any kind of effect (well unless you win the game but this wont win the game on the spot). Even tho you lose 1card in hand size, you gain 3. So basicly… you gain 2 when it’s all said and done. I’m in general not a big fan of a card that gives you a bigger handsize, it doesn’t give you an advantage in it’s own right and sure it can build up for other kinds of combos, but I’m not really sure there is any kind of combo in the game that needs this card that’s worth it. We even have a resource card in the game at the moment that gives us the same effect (but is not being played anywhere important as far as I know) and that is Public Sympathy. A nay for me.

If we just ignore the damage part of this card which I think you actually should… more or less. This is a card that makes plenty of the standard Ice Breakers alot better (Yog.0 for example that can’t naturally be buffed). But that also of course depends on the ice your facing and if you’re often one strength of from being able to interact with the ice. Getting that one extra strength to brake through somewhat stronger ice can be a game changer at times. This card even saves you money the longer you have it on the field and the bigger need you have to buff your cards.

You want to put this card in your deck just to make a few other cards better. No, not wasting card space, resources or time on that.


I’ve put all these cards up at the same time and the in same text cause I just love to see them as a unit. Each card in itself has a pretty good effect and they mix and match incredibly well to create a strong game plan.

The new identity may not look like much, but in a way it automaticly puts 1 brain damage on the runner at the beinning of the game. Which is awesome and also very strong against Andromeda if she can’t get plenty of cards out on the first turn (yea the chances of that happening is low… but still).

Then we have the Agenda that ALSO acts like a brain damage, working great in combination with the identity and the new card Ryon Knight which just seems… incredibly good. Mixing it with some ice that forces your opponents to spend clicks is now great. As a Runner you will have to think about what will happen if Ryon is at a certain location. Thinking about if they have to stop after spending a few clicks and at the same time if you’ve put in resources to make a run… you will want to complete it. Right?

In general I just love the gameplan of lowering your opponents hand with cards that are not in themself horrible. I can definatly see myself trying out a HB deck once this pack is out.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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MTG – Modern Deck – Waste Not Control [With a not yet printed card: Waste Not]

Hello Nurglings!

Some time ago we were introduced to a completely new and not yet released card that we (as in the Magic community) was able to ”help out” in the design with! We were able to vote constantly on what we wanted the card to be, what kind of effect it should have, the color, the artwork and so on. The result was a card named: Waste Not. And right now, right here I will show you one of the most awesome cards interactions with it.

First let’s look at the card itself.

MTG - You make the card - Waste Not

So yea, the cards seems fine. At a very low cost you get some value when your opponent it discarding something, but if you don’t have anything to do with the mana or… you know the 2/2 zombie isn’t really doing much for you or… well, drawing cards seems really good.

Let me tell you this, there is a card that in combination with Waste Not creates a situation where you’re opponent wont have any cards left. Yes, it’s true.


MTG - Match made in heaven

So you pay one single mana to sacrifice one of your creatures, you look at your opponents hand and you can make him discard ANY card. ANY card. Which means that as long as your opponent have a good mix in his hand you can empty it… “easily”. It needs some set up but hell I love combos that needs set up.

And here is the deck to set it up!

MTG Deck - Waste Not Control

Creatures: 12
4x Bloodghast
4x Deathrite Shaman
4x Geralf’s Messenger

Other Spells: 23
4x Waste Not
4x Lingering Souls
3x Mind Slash
3x Thoughtsieze
3x Path To Exile
2x Maelstrom Pulse
2x Liliana of the Veil
1x Sorin Lord of Inistrad
1x Abrupt Decay

Lands: 25
4x Swamp
4x Verdant Catacombs
4x Marshflats
2x Misty Rainforest
2x Godless Shrine
2x Overgrown Tomb
2x Temple Garden
2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
1x Plains
1x Springjack Pasture
1x Murmuring Bosk

Sacrifice some Lingering Souls tokens, or Bloodghasts, or Geralf’s Messenger and we have a machine ready to give you plenty of value with Waste Not on the field. The best thing, with several of this sweet enchantment on the field… you get several triggers. *Drool *

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Mojangs new game: Scrolls – Open beta!


Hello Nurglings!

So it’s finally time for some non-MTG-related news again, how about that? Awesome I know! So you may have heard of this game known as Minecraft (created by a well known man called Notch). You may also known that the company that stands behind the game is known as Mojang. Well Mojang is working on a completely new title called: Scrolls.

If you heard about the game from before, it may be that you heard about their fight over the name with Bethesda. Creators of the game: Elder SCROLLS V: Skyrim. Yup they wanted to be exclusive with the scrolls part of the name and took Mojang to court. You can read more about that here: (It’s old and settled tho!)


scrolls ingame pic

Scrolls is a game that’s been in a closed beta for a long time, but NOW on June 3d the game is going in to open beta! Which means that everyone can get a piece of the action. I will be looking in to the game as soon as a download button appears and you’re welcome back to read a review and even watch me live stream the game (if allowed) after the 3d.

The game itself is a mix of a collectable card (scrolls) game where you collect, buy and trade scrolls with other players. These scrolls are then used to create decks that you use to fight your opponent. The design of the playing-field reminds you a lot of the old Heroes of Might & Magic games, where you use unit position and magic to beat your opponent. The details on how the game is played and such will be up as soon as I try the game out.

Open beta trailer:

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Article by Trevor Gulley – [Magic Mondays] RtR Mechanics Spoilers

Its here folks! Return to Ravnica Spoilers started dropping on Saturday and now the mad dash of card reveals has begun. The updating list is on the Wizards site and I’d love to talk about all of them, but I just want to focus on the new guild mechanics in this week’s column.

For those not in the know, RtR will feature five of Ravnica’s ten guilds. (For those even less in the know, don’t worry, it’s okay. All you need to know is that Ravnica plays using all ten two-color combinations, each represented by a guild.) The guilds featured will be Azorius, Golgari, Izzet, Rakdos, and Selesnya. With that, lets talk mechanics.

The Senate’s return brings with it the mechanic of Detain. Fitting for a host of bureaucratic might. However, compared to Forecast, Detain has a totally different feel. It’s not so much a threat of action now as much as it is a halting of it. I like the flavor, but I’m not sure what effect it’ll have on game tempo. I mean yeah, it’ll feel great playing it, but playing against it will definitely have an un-fun factor to it.

That said, I’m not sure where it’ll go aside from limited and block constructed. The staples of the current competitive scene that will remain don’t rely on extra creatures, so unless there are instants and sorceries that will also have detain, I don’t see this fitting in with anything built. That said, the mechanic is fairly strong and I could see constructed working around it, especially if there’s an enchantment for “When a creature ETBs, detain.”



The Swarm’s return brings with it a mechanic that’s appeared before, though in smaller form, on the infamous Scavenging Ooze. Scavenge puts a number of +1/+1 counters on a target creature, making Golgari a strong late game competitor. It also works marvels when paired with Dredge, and I wish they were printing both mechanics and not just the new one.

That said, I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action. I just wish other passive abilities were also granted. Like with this spoiler card, I wish Scavenging it also granted Deathtouch.





The League’s new machanic, Overload, converts any single target spell with the keyword into a board hitting spell blast when more mana is pumped into the spell. Flavor wise, its very them. Gameplay wise, it allows early spells to be late spells. Between these two points, I don’t really see a downside to it beyond the absurd mana costs. It’s certainly more accessible than Replicate was and its got some real applications.

I’m looking forward to seeing what some of the permanents are like and seeing how they make the flavor spread around.




The cult of Rakdos had an odd mechanic in Hellbent, and Unleashed is equally interesting. Throwing away defense for more offense works very well flavor-wise, but I’m not sure how strong the mechanic is, especially when compared to Selesnya’s ability to make lots of creatures with Populate. However, a couple of cards spoiled out of Golgari, along with staples like Doubling Season, it might see some very focused constructed play in modern. If there are lots of state altering enchantments based around +1/+1 counters I can see the guild doing well in limited, but otherwise I don’t see much application to the current Standard scene.

Then again, there could always be another Rakdos Pit Dragon and all of it is worth one bad-ass card.


The Conclave’s new mechanic is Populate. Populate is simple and straight forward. Make a copy of a creature token you have in play. From a flavor standpoint, it really fits with the guild’s concept of a growing army that wins by overwhelming numbers and it’s a lot more balanced then Convoke was.

Coming out of Innstrad and M13, tokens are a pretty big way of doing things right now and Green/White is the king of token generation. With the ability to make copies of tokens, I can see some white splash becoming a real boon for Red/Black vampire decks or there being some fun interactions with Seance, Cackling Counterpart, and other make a token copy of a creature cards in the Standard pool right now.

I will say that it’ll make limited play particularly fun and I’d like to see it get play in Modern.

All in all, I really like the mechanics and they all work really well for limited. I can not wait for the 29th and these next few weeks are going to be super exciting. Catch ya’ll next week!

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