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The MetaPod – XY: BREAKthrough set review w/ WanderingVenser

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to the first official blog post where I announce the fact that our “Pokémon talk” recordings shall now be called:

The Metapod Log

I’m aware that this recording is VEEERY long, but we talked about every single card and we may have spent a bit to much talking about the early bad cards just to rush through them towards the end.

BUT, still had a great and fun time reviewing this card for card, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Thanks for watching/listening!

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New Hearthstone Spoiler – Spider Egg ! ?

Hello Nurglings!

Just as I mention a Hearthstone ”spoiler”, it seems that another one just arrived on their social media pages! This time it’s a spider egg! Turn the picture over and you can see that there’s a spider hanging upside down inside of it. Sweet!



So here is my guess on the card effects:

Name and cost of some sort
Deathrattle: Summon a 4/5 spider

Name and some other fine cost
Everytime cardname is damaged, summon a 2/2 spider.

So what’s your guess for this beautful spider card? Leave a comment below with your guess!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Holiday 2013 Gift Box – Promo – Karametra’s Acolyte

Hello Nurglings!

MTG - Theros holiday gift box 2013

Here is the sexy promo for the new Holiday Gift Box of 2013.
So here is the full list of things you will recieve in this box:
• Four Theros booster packs
• Beautiful storage box that can hold more than 2,000 Magic cards
• Twenty Theros basic lands
• Six illustrated plastic dividers
• Sticker sheet for customizing the dividers
• An alternate-art Karametra’s Acolyte from the Theros set

MTG - Promo - Karametra's Acolyte

And the box itself is a GREAT, and I mean AWESOME storage box. So get yourself a few of these if you like gathering cards or to use for keeping Deck Building games + expansions.

Untiln ext time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Theros Spoiler – New Legendary Enchantment … Artifact?!

Hello Nurglings!

So another card was spoiled somehow, somewhere, do we need the backstory or do you just want to read the card effect?
Well here we go:

MTG - Theros Spoiler - Bident of Thassa

Bident of Thassa 2uu
Legendary Enchantment Artifact Rare
Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card.
1[U], [T]: Creatures your opponents control attack this turn if able.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Modern Masters – Several new mythic spoilers (with image)

Hello Nurglings!

So a picture was recently leaked with several Modern Master mythics!
I will do a post about the price of Modern Masters in a bit but for now, let’s just look at this shall we. 🙂

One image to spoil them all

Shown here in order from left to right, row by row:

Jugan, the Rising Star
Kokusho, the Evening Star
Keiga, the Tide Star
Yosei, the Morning Star
Dark Confidant
Vendilion Clique
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
Elspeth, Knight-Errant
Sword of Light and Shadow
Sword of Fire and Ice
Sarkhan Vol

Hope you enjoy that list of reprints!
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Cloudstone Curio + Dragon’s Maze Spoiler – Beck // Call

Hello Nurglings!

Long time no read!

lets discuss cloudstone curio

So do you know why the “Cloudstone Curio” has been going up in price like craaazy lately? Well you’ve probably noticed that the spoiler season for the next set ‘Dragon’s Maze’ started, and that means that a lot of discussion about cards and future decks are taking place.One of the spoiled cards made everyone go crazy over Cloudstone Curio, and that is the new split card down below!














Dragon's Maze spoiler Beck Call

So can you see the insanity? Cloudstone is no stranger to infinite combos in EDH decks, and it seems we will now see it’s use in Modern for the “first” time. So the idea of the combo is to have Cloudstone in play, cast Beck and then start looping some mana creatures. For example this little beauty right here:

Burning-Tree Emissary

Not only is she easy to cast, but she also creates the mana needed to cast the same one that you’ve returned to your hand, keep playing the two creatures over and over, and you can draw a lot of cards, until you reach a storm card to cast in your opponents face…. for a lot of damage.

So do you have any awesome decks or ideas where to use the new card Beck // Call?
If you do, post a link in the comments and maybe I will share it on here!

Until next time Nurglings, take care!
Cya soon.

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He has arrived! – Dragon’s Maze Spoiler – Ral Zarek

Hi Nurglings!

One of the posts on this blog that keeps getting plenty of hits, is my post called ”Who is Ral Zarek.” It talks about the design of his clothes, where he will appear and also the possibility of something Ravnica related being a part of the next block.

Cleary we Returned to Ravnica. And now Ral Zarek has arrived.




Dragon'z Maze Spoiler - Planeswalker - Ral Zarek




Yes we are all very very excited about his coming, and so far we are not disappointed! First scream of joy came with the fact that he is our first U/R Planeswalker card. Something that we have been waiting for! Finally it’s time to put that U/R control deck together right? Just because we can put this boss in it?

Erm… maybe that should not be the reason we do things… or SHOULD IT?

Moving on…

Zarek 1

He got a competitive cost with the converted mana cost of 4. So that is a check. His first ability will give him a chance to protect himself as the game continues… wait… no. Okay so here is the deal with his first ability, it’s one aggressive ability. The permanent you tap won’t stay tapped as you pass the turn to your opponent, this is clearly to enhance your chances of attacking or giving him less of a chance to answer any of your spells that are cast during combat or main phase 2.

Nothing wrong with that tho, untapping one of your permanents is not in anyway a bad ability!
It can give you one extra mana, another shot at a tap effect or even the possibility to attack and untap just to have a blocker ready. This ability will find plenty of different uses if Zarek will ever see play (and we do believe he will right?)

Okay so that is his first ability.

Zarek 2

A lightning bolt? A LIGHTNING BOLT!? Okay so I was discussing Zarek with some friends today and we we’re talking about how you could break him in EDH (just for laughs of course as almost any good card can be broken in EDH), and they talked about his second ability as a – 3. I quickly mention that it’s a – 2 ability and they stared at me.

”Wait you can do it twice?!”

Yes, yes you can do it twice.
Do we really need to discuss a sorcery Lightning bolt more than the fact that this Planeswalker can do it twice.

Zarek 3

Okay so …. we all love this. We bend the game rules with this ability… and we can do it up to 5 times. Even if you don’t get to do it 5 times, the chance to have at least 2 extra turns after this ability resolves: really high.

One awesome ultimate ability that may not be relevant with the aggressive feel of first two abilities, but if you manage to pull the trigger and get a bit lucky, you probably have a high chance of winning that game (you know, as your opponent scoops his card up in disgusting and all over your 5 extra turns).

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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This is what EDH with 3 Knowledge Pools look like…

Hello Nurglings!

Just had a picture to share. So I decided to play EDH yesterday for the first time in… forever. I thought it would be fun to go there with my Sharuum deck (not playing a competitive version). At my local hobby store they have an EDH tournament every Tuesday. This is supposed to be a somewhat casual event (never really is it feels like). Of course in my first game, after just five or six turns, one single player all of a sudden controls three Knowledge Pools. You know what that means?

Well as soon as you play spell, the player that control the pools of horror gets to pick in which order the pools resolve. Meaning: he will put every “bad” spell in one pool, while using the other two good pools for himself. We had one turn each around the table, but with little resources we could just pass the turn.

The Knowledge pool player then took infinite turns and everything was over.

So for future tournaments, I think I will be building a more competitive deck… Sadly… I guess I will put my elf deck together at the side of it so that I have two options in the future.
Well that was that, don’t ever let a Knowledge Pool… or well.. SEVERAL resolve.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Return to Ravnica – We got one and a half card spoiled!!!

Hello Nurglings.

I loooooooove when they start showing us stuff from the next set, the small hints that make you go: I can’t freakin’ wait for this set to come out!
M13 was a bit slow for everyone, even me that was very excited about my vampires.
Return to Ravnica may just be one of the most hyped MTG set releases ever.

So we got one and a half card spoiled!

(Just realized, these are s actually for the new Duel Deck, Izzet Vs Golgari)

“Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind”

“Jarad, Golgari lich lord”

While showing this card I may also mention something that Maro mentioned during ComicCon. All Guilds will be getting completley NEW mechanics. Not old Mechanics used again, but completley NEW mechanics. These mechanics will also be created to fit with the mechanic the guilds had in the first Ravnica block. Any guesses on how the mechanics will work? Send me a comment.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!