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The MetaPod – XY: BREAKthrough set review w/ WanderingVenser

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to the first official blog post where I announce the fact that our “Pokémon talk” recordings shall now be called:

The Metapod Log

I’m aware that this recording is VEEERY long, but we talked about every single card and we may have spent a bit to much talking about the early bad cards just to rush through them towards the end.

BUT, still had a great and fun time reviewing this card for card, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Thanks for watching/listening!

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Battlefleet Gothic coming to PC

It’s finally happening!
Empire: Total War was never a big hit out there in the world, but I’ve always wanted it becuase of the awesome sea battles. Ever since I started playing video games I’ve always been facinated with armadas or big ships fighting it out. I’m not sure where this facination comes from but I just love to see a crew work together to fight against another crew. Positioning, team work, speed and heading always being key to victory.

When I was younger of course I found myself facinated with the game: Battlefleet Gothic. It took the armadas up to space and it looked marvelous. As I was also a huge fan of miniature games back then of course this game spoke to me. But I never got a chance to try it, it was hard to find miniatures and boxes for it, nobody really played it, it was just something that I hade a chance to read about in magazines.

But here it is, my chance to finally fight space battles in the Warhammer 40k universe. From what I’ve gathered from the very lacking information you will be able to play Imperial, Orc, Chaos and Eldar fleets and your crew will level up inbetween missions and/or engagmenets.

The game will be created by Tindalos Interactive. Let’s hope this game WONT be canceled…




Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – August FNM Promo

Hello Nurglings!

Not much to say, just here to show you the FNM promo for August. 🙂

MTG - August FNM Promo - Dimir Charm

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Heroes of Newerth – Legionnaire got this!

Hello my Nurglings!

I share this for all of you that love Heroes of Newerth, or hate. Anyway, enjoy!

(Btw, game here: )

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Broken Sword 2.5 – Return Of The Templars – Review


This is just a quick review on a FREE game that’s out there on the interwebz. Everyone may not remember the old Broken Sword games, but they are a series of point and click adventure/puzzle games (in style with Monkey Island) where you take the role as George. This is not supposed to be a huge review where I go through every aspect of the game, it’s more of a fan review of the old classic point and click games which I love. Broken Sword 2 is very close to my heart being one of my favorites when it comes to this type of games.

As I said earlier this is a completely fan made production, but from the feeling of the game and the look of the game, it feels more like a well created version for a handheld. Why do I suggest it for a handheld, well mostly for the small puzzles. What I’ve felt is that you never really get stuck in this game and of course for the most part this is a good thing. I believe it’s also a good thing if you want to be able to please a bigger crowd, but the people looking for this game and playing it, are surely mostly fans of the genre and game. With that I feel as though they could have challenged us a bit more.

The story of the game is mostly well written and the dialog really feels like Broken Sword, the only problem I’m having with the dialog is the fact that they haven’t found the most amazing voice actors, of course they’re doing a good job but the feeling in their voice is sometimes a bit unfitting. There’s also some difference in sound editing that surprised me at times, but nothing to serious.

The most important part of this game is the fact that it’s fun and it brings some good old memories of a genre that seems forgotten. Even though simple at times, you will struggle your way through the game, to the very end and let the story unfold.
I had a blast, thanks you!

Once again, this game is FREE! Give it a try. ^^

The last months were quite a blow of fate to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his beloved grandfather died of a cancerous growth. But that was not everything. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil. The consigner is–Nicole Collard, Paris, France. His presentiment shall turn into cruel certainty: Nico is dead! “First my grandpa and now Nico?”, George thinks and takes the first plane to Paris.

On his arrival: Rain, storm, like an appropriate divine answer to George’s situation. In Nico’s apartment the next shock: Nico is alive. Totally bewildered he tells her about the telegram but Nico seems not to be surprised. On the contrary, she asks George to leave the apartment. She does not seem to take delight in the unexpected reunion.

Still sorting his thoughts in the Cafe della Chandelle Verte–where everything began–George hears an alarming story about Nico from Andre Lobineau making the unpleasant thought germinate in him that the Neo-Templars could still exist…

DOTA 2 and what is known (Big news tomorrow?)

First of, let’s just say: nothing. Nothing is really known about DotA 2 at this point, the official website only gives us a few artworks and a small Q&A. Where we really want to look is around the net, discussions, rumors and information that was found out by sneaky DotA fans. There is a small hope of something being revealed tomorrow though, keep reading to find out!
Let us start shall we; well first of we have the artworks from the official site of course. After that we have a few points that come out in the Q&A:

– You will be able to reconnect to games, and join games that are missing players (from rage quitting and so on I’m guessing).
– People in different regions will have an easier time playing with each other.
– “Older” computer and LAN cafes will have an easy time using this game hardware-wise.
– There will be an AI that can take over for players that leaves.
– There will be bots, and with that the capability to practice.
– There will be a replay video feature.
– You will be able to be a spectator on games that are ongoing. There will be a delay on the game to avoid cheating.
– Several shoutcast features within the game.


There are also some interesting comments from Gabe Newell (President of Valve) on how he wants the paying structure for games to look. Don’t see this as the paying structure of DotA 2, it’s just an interesting read to see IF they will use it. Let’s just say it pays off to be a nice player that helps out within the community, and being rude, angry and mean to other players won’t help your situation.

“An example is – and this is something as an industry we should be doing better – is charging customers based on how much fun they are to play with. Some people, when they join a server, a ton of people will run with them. Other people, when they join a server, will cause others to leave. We should have a way of capturing that. We should have a way of rewarding the people who are good for our community.

So, in practice, a really likable person in our community should get Dota 2 for free, because of past behaviour in Team Fortress 2. Now, a real jerk that annoys everyone, they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.”


Something that’s out there and circulating right now, is this very interesting site: Right now there is actually a release date on their Facebook page stating the following release date: 21.06.2011, which is tomorrow depending on when you read this. There are a few rumors around about the site, guessing on what this site may include once it opens up with more information. TobiWanKenobi was one of the first people to mention this site, and with that I’m guessing this may be DotA 2s version of honcast. Though this feels like it will include a lot more then replays of games and so on.

There are currently test servers and a private beta testing for DotA 2, when an official beta if any will be out for this game is uncertain, but be sure to take a look at the progress of GamesCom 2011 that takes place between august 17th and 21st. Valve is attending and hopefully there should be some news on DotA 2 at that point. Which should be fitting as it’s announced that the game should be released within this year. If you want to stay updated with the latest developments of DotA 2 take a look at where they will give you the latest news on where the game is going.

If any information will be revealed tomorrow, be sure not to miss out!

Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012 – Review (Xbox 360)

Magic the Gathering, one of the biggest trading card games in the world is now released as a easy to use and fun game (again) for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. So yes, this is not a downloadable pack for the earlier version, this is a complete reworked Duels Of The Planeswalkers.

If you’ve played the first Duels Of The Planeswalkers you will have an easy time adjusting to the new style of the game, the way you play cards, use abilities and even how you make a quick pause in the game is all the same. If you’re a completely new player, this game gives you a lot of help on the way. Before the game starts, it asks you if you’ve played Magic before, this change how hard the AI plays against you, a welcomed feature for any new player out there. There is also a tutorial stage at the start of the campaign mode, and the game will keep giving you small tips as long as you decide not to stop them from popping up.

For all of you single player people, there is a campaign mode with three different campaigns. There is the normal campaign where you fight your way through several of the different Planeswalkers and decks in the game. By defeating the different opponents you unlock new decks, cards and the next step in the campaign. There is also a multiplayer campaign where you and several other work together to defeat a joint enemy. This mode is called Archenemy, and it gives your opponent powerful scheme cards that activate at the start of his every turn, making the tide of battle change rapidly. There is also the Revenge campaign where you face the Planeswalkers again for a second time, I’m not sure what the difference, but I’m guessing they’ve armed their decks with better cards the second time.

One weak spot of this game, which is odd when the controls needed to play a card game on a console is very limited. It is how you move around your “marker” to select cards and activate their effects. It keeps moving around in a very odd way, jumping around the cards in a very random manner, which is confusing and at times, time consuming. This is mostly notable in the multiplayer format of the game, when the cards start adding up and you want to look around. It’s not a huge issue, but sure enough an issue nonetheless.

There are quite a few changed when it comes to overall design and content so I’m just going to make a quick checklist of these.

– New Decks and Cards (Not earlier seen even in the Trading Card Game)
– The whole deck is now adjustable, you can remove/add any card from the deck instead of just the few extra ones you win.
– New game mode – Archenemy (3 vs 1)
– New design

I must say, I loved the rework of this game, they fixed one of the biggest complaints about the first game: not being able to edit your deck properly and the overall design got a fresh new look. If you’re a big fan of the Magic The Gathering Card Game, you will probably love to this. There are a few points I wish I didn’t have to mention though, one is that the design is now less friendly to new players, in the past we had all steps of a player turn lined up in the middle of the screen, this is now visualized as dots next to your avatar picture instead, not a big deal if you know how a turn works, but it was probably useful in the past for new players.

The weird controls flicking your marker around to weird locations, I’m guessing this is a console issue and should not be a problem for PC players. My last real problem with the game… is the fact that we still can’t build our own decks, come on? Why!? Don’t make it so obvious that you want us to move over to Magic the Gathering Online, we want to use what we have and what we have is missing a vital part of what a card game is.

On the plus side they’ve actually added story parts to this game, no not cut scenes, no not voices telling us what’s going on, but awesome artworks that tells us something about each Planeswalker. The further you get in the campaign, more information will be told in these text boxes, be aware though that the picture is at times the same but the text changes, so read up before pressing ready!

I just want to mention a quick little story about a woman that started playing the first Duels Of Planeswalker and ended up playing the actual card game. She ended up winning a trip to Japan.
Can you do what it takes to recreate her story?

Read more about it here:

Resident Evil 1 – Still makes me twitch

You know what I realized today, that Resident Evil 1 is still awesome. I’ve just been on an eight hour bus ride, and of course I had to bring with me my trusted DS-Light (yea laugh all you want) and with that Resident Evil Deadly Silence. RE DS is a conversion of the old classic PlayStation game, and even back then the part with the dogs was terrifying. It’s been many years since I played this game properly, and today I realized, it still scares the shit out of me…

I twisted my body about 2 or 3 times for not remembering where the zombie were in the game, and I loved it! Really brings back the memories from many years ago when the Resident Evil game series started. And by the way, I was on an eight hour bus ride to visit my girlfriend, so the blogging may be a bit slower or at least be less in-depth. Will be hard to find the time, but stay tuned!

Heroes of Newerth – Review

It’s time to do this once again! Last time I wrote a review on Heroes Of Newerth was during the beta of the game. Back then I had hardly played any DotA and I wasn’t a big fan of how it played and worked. I was soon to be blown away by a game much like it. For some of you that know of both these games, you will see that HoN is a clone of DotA, in game style and even down to several of the heroes. Even if they have been rebalanced and changed to fit the meta game within HoN.

So, HoN is a multiplayer game where you and 4 others go up against 5 other players. Imagine tower defense, now imagine this in a RTS kind of looking game, where you see everything from above. Imagine three different roads to the enemy base. These roads need to be pushed down past enemy towers to eventually destroy the base. While you and the other players control a unique hero to help your team, taking different roles as support, tank, ganker, carry and so on. Killing enemy heroes and destroying their buildings will give you and your team gold and XP, this is used to advance your skills and buy items for your hero.

The graphics are great, they work well for this type of game and even if that means that the graphics aren’t great, it works. Each hero has a unique look and feel to them. Graphics isn’t really the important thing of the game, it works, it fits it, certain things look better and certain things look worse. Most people will look at this game and compare to DotA, and because of that, this game wins the graphic race. Not a big surprise seeing how old DotA and Warcraft 3 actually are.

The controls are simple, you click where you want your hero to move, and you use Q, W, E and R to use your 4 different abilities. You don’t need much experience for the basics of the controls, try them out once and you should be set to play the game. The difference between a good and a great player in HoN, is how you control your hero. How you use your skills in the game, how you cooperate with the other players and communication with other players and so on. What you really need to set your mind into is the short keys, or hot keys. How to use your items quickly without the hassle of moving around with the mouse in important situations like team fights.

One thing that you should know before running in to this game is; the community isn’t nice. This game thrives on team work, the better you and your team works together the bigger chance you have of winning. This makes HoN (and any game like it) a horrible place for new players, while learning the basics, you will be facing a lot of “bullshit” from people in the game. There’s always a lot of hate pointed at players doing bad, and I hope that most new players can look past that. As soon as you get into it a bit more, there’s a great game to find behind the wall of “NOOB!”.

HoN isn’t DotA, but for any player out there that plays one or the other, they will be able to try the other game and understanding it quickly. As it is now, HoN gets a new hero every two weeks, mostly they also fix and change different items and setting within the game to balance it out. One important thing to notice is that this is NOT a game that requires you to spend money on it after the first 30$ like many other games like it. There are several cosmetic and sound options that can be bought, but these are also available with the in game money you earn for playing. All heroes and items are available at all times, so it never turns the balance if someone spent more money on the game then you did.

Heroes of Newerth is the kind of game that you may not be sure if you like at first, and when you sit back and look at the time you will realize that you spent 2-3 hours playing it. It’s an addicting game and it constantly changes thanks to the huge pool of heroes. There are currently 80 heroes in the game, and you only use 10 heroes each game, and a different mix every time. Yea… there will be a different feel every game.

HoN is a addicting game with a fun type of game play. The community is harsh towards new players that don’t know the game as well as them, but as soon as the noob barrier is passed the game will be a lot more rewarding. Team work games have always been major part of what I enjoy what in comes to online games, and HoN really puts that to test. Can you work together to defeat the enemy team? You will always feel great when a plan works just as you imagined it, or when you escape death with only a little health.

New players may find it slow and even at times hard if you haven’t played a game like it before. But the more you learn and the better you get, you will understand that every moment in the game is important if you want it to run in your favor.

+ Constantly evolving with new heroes and updates
+ Addictive game play
+ Team Work

– The community
– Hard to get into for a completely new player
– Balance in the game can switch quickly to the worse with so many new heroes and updates