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Nurgle’s Warmachine Pirates – Painted and ready for a few more games!

Hello Nurglings!

I’m a person that needs to try out any card game out there, and almost any miniature game out there. If I haven’t, I sure wish that I had the time and/or money to try it and play it. A goal would be to have a functional deck in every card game at any time and a small force for any miniature game at any time.

(Btw. I’m also working on my Tau again for Warhammer 40k! )

Sooo I just finished painting my miniatures for a game called Warmachine, of course I had to play the coolest army around… Pirates! 😀

Until next time Nurglings, I will hopefully have finished my Malifaux crew and finished the rest of my Tau units.
Cya soon!


Malifaux Showgirls – WIP – Colette Du Bois

Hello my Nurglings!

So i got my Malifaux models a few days ago, and noooow I’m on it! Painting and modelling and enjoying the world. Also found several Malifaux players in my area, or well they found me. While working on the models people walked up to me and said: “Oh! I have some Malifaux models too!”

So I will be testing the game sooooon. 🙂

Here she is the main girl of my Showgirls: Colette Du Bois. Better pics will be done… in time.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Space Marine Dreadnought

Soo just painted my first dreadnought for my new space marine army. Ursäkta, skall ju skriva på svenska och grejjer! Har iaf målat den första och kommer från startpaketet. Men är ändå helt nöjd, dock hade jag inte så bra ljuskällor för att få till en ordentlig bild men det får duga. 😛