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Magic 2013 set – Looking at a few new spoiled cards.

Hello Nurglings!

It’s time for a new core set, and even it sounds weird, core sets are extremely interesting to see spoiled. For one, it’s fun to see which old cards get reprinted and all the new cards seeing print (and finally getting rid of the Titans I hope). It’s also sweet to see what old mechanic they decide to bring back to the standard format. This time Exalted is coming back and finally black is seeing some Exalted action. This is probably to tie in with the loner mechanic, not that they work well together, but rather to show that black likes to be alone and fight alone (even if Exalted virtually is a support ability).

So let us jump in to the cards shall we!

Jace’s Phantasm

Creature – Illusion
Jace’s Phantasm gets +4/+4 as long as an opponent has ten or more cards in his or her graveyard.

Okay, so let’s talk about this card. Most people scream out: Wasn’t delver enough!? I was one of those people. Jace’s Phantasm is indeed a great card, but I’m not sure you want it in the classic Delver deck. A deck with Delver and Jace’s Phantasm will work in similar ways as a classic delver deck, but you want to have some cards that set up your opponents Graveyard. You will play Thought Scour in the deck, but instead of targeting yourself as you usually do with it; you will start aiming it at your opponent. If Frites/Reanimator decks become a real thing in the next format Jace’s Phantasm will be sweet. Let them fill their grave, then put this on the field and you will be able to swing with a 5/5 Flying body while still having enough mana to use other answers in your hand.

Why blue needed more midrange/semi aggressive cards I don’t know. But I guess they wanted blue to start doing something else than just control the game. DrawGo decks are something that R&D at Wizards work hard to not happen in the Standard format.

Flames of the Firebrand

Flames of the Firebrand deals 3 damage divided as you choose among one, two, or three target creatures and/or players.
“You’re in luck. I brought enough to share.”

Who doesn’t like Chandra cards? Hm? Well actually Liliana cards are usually my favorite, but this card still seems sweet. I’m not sure how good it will be in the upcoming format, but it seems like a sweet card to have against Delver or Human decks. Three mana can is a bit expensive for what you want to accomplish against those decks, but since it can do three damage to a single target, it’s still an okay card.

Duty-Bound Dead

Creature – Skeleton Common
3B: Regenerate Duty-Bound Dead.

Sadly there is no artwork of this card yet as you can see, but I hope the artwork is awesome! So this card feels like it could actually find a spot somewhere… in a semi-bad mono black deck. It’s not the strongest 1-mana drop in the world. But it still attacks as a 1/3. If you a play another one it attacks as a 2/4. Not horrible, later on it will give support to your Vampire Nighthawks (which will see reprint in M13) and other creatures that don’t mind attacking on their own with some pump. It was just a thought, and the more I think about the more I doubt it will actually see play. It was just a fun idea.

Well that was three of many new cards to come. I will be doing post on the new blue Legendary “Talrand” but I felt that he deserved a post of his own.

So until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Innistrad complete spoiler is up!

Hello my Nurglings!

As you can read in the name of this post, the Innistrad set has been spoiled completely! I thought I would do this post to link you for the actual spoiler:

And also share my favorite cards of the set! Here we go!

Favorite artwork: (Actually there are so many awesome artworks in this set that I only picked a few of my favorites).

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon!

Innistrad Werewolves – They’re looking strong (and a new land card!)

Hello my Nurglings!

Welcome back for more Innistrad and some thoughts around it, also I’m going to show a completely new land card that was revealed… I believe today. Werewolf seems to be a very powerful beat down deck in the next format, may not be as quick as a vampire deck, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in power. Let’s take a look at a few of the cards that seems awesome in constructed.

This guy was the first creature that I thought: hey, red werewolves aren’t looking awful, actually, they are looking awesome. A creature that when it transforms is hitting your opponent for six, isn’t a bad one, it also turns all your werewolves in to Stormblood Berserkers (can only be blocked by two or more creatures). All this for only three mana, sounds awesome doesn’t it, the major problem, it has to be turned over to work properly,tThe one big weakness with werewolves. That may also be the reason that they’ve made them so powerful for a small cost.

Next card!

Wildblood Pack, want to know something fun? Two of these on the field equals 22 damage if they aren’t blocked. Yes. 22 damage. To the face. If not blocked. But remember the card we looked at above this one, all your creatures needs to be blocked by two or more creatures. The fact that it has double strike also means that it will deal 18 damage if not blocked while two of these are on the field. Did I mention the trample? Yes, this guy is looking insane, auto include in any werewolf deck. The problem, they need to transform, and they need to stay that way so that you can kill your opponent. The human forms are not that impressive. But there is one card that can laugh in your opponents face. This one – Moonmist.

So I attack with this and this werewolf in human form, my opponent thinks: meh in human form they don’t do that much. Moonmist. BAM. Damage. Moonmist is the card that creates weird situations for your opponent, when you start attacking with the human forms even though he got several strong blockers on his side that can kill them, he as to think: is Moonmist coming out? It’s not lethal and I dont want to lose my creatures, and if I don’t block will he just keep it? It’s a trick that you need to keep aware of constantly, unless four of them been played already.

I know you’ve all been waiting for the new land card. Without further ado here you go!

Yes. I like. I like it a lot! Even when you’re not in werewolf form your humans can start doing damage with a buff and trample. It’s not optimal but it also means you can do something on your turn without casting a spell. Which is great for the werewolf deck.

Until next time, beware of the mist.
Cya soon!

Oblivion Ring back in Magic 2012 / M12 (and more…)

No this time I’m not joking, it’s not a new version of the card or anything like that, it’s just back and visiting for a new standard format. Enjoy everyone, but you won’t be happy with just that will you? So just below there are a few new cards revealed for the set M12, enjoy that too!

Several new M12 / Magic 2012 cards!

I’m so sorry everyone, or at least to the few of you that are NOT interested in Magic The Gathering or card games for that matter. But a new set is coming out very soon and it’s one of those important things for a huge card game like Magic.

Right now there are cards revealed everyday and everyone just don’t have time to look for everything spoiled, even though there are a few forums out there that stay very updated when it comes to these kind of things. But for you not wanting to go through several different threads; here ya go!

I’m not going to be all over the cards revealed on the actual Magic The Gathering website, that you will have to check out yourself!

Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012 – Review (Xbox 360)

Magic the Gathering, one of the biggest trading card games in the world is now released as a easy to use and fun game (again) for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. So yes, this is not a downloadable pack for the earlier version, this is a complete reworked Duels Of The Planeswalkers.

If you’ve played the first Duels Of The Planeswalkers you will have an easy time adjusting to the new style of the game, the way you play cards, use abilities and even how you make a quick pause in the game is all the same. If you’re a completely new player, this game gives you a lot of help on the way. Before the game starts, it asks you if you’ve played Magic before, this change how hard the AI plays against you, a welcomed feature for any new player out there. There is also a tutorial stage at the start of the campaign mode, and the game will keep giving you small tips as long as you decide not to stop them from popping up.

For all of you single player people, there is a campaign mode with three different campaigns. There is the normal campaign where you fight your way through several of the different Planeswalkers and decks in the game. By defeating the different opponents you unlock new decks, cards and the next step in the campaign. There is also a multiplayer campaign where you and several other work together to defeat a joint enemy. This mode is called Archenemy, and it gives your opponent powerful scheme cards that activate at the start of his every turn, making the tide of battle change rapidly. There is also the Revenge campaign where you face the Planeswalkers again for a second time, I’m not sure what the difference, but I’m guessing they’ve armed their decks with better cards the second time.

One weak spot of this game, which is odd when the controls needed to play a card game on a console is very limited. It is how you move around your “marker” to select cards and activate their effects. It keeps moving around in a very odd way, jumping around the cards in a very random manner, which is confusing and at times, time consuming. This is mostly notable in the multiplayer format of the game, when the cards start adding up and you want to look around. It’s not a huge issue, but sure enough an issue nonetheless.

There are quite a few changed when it comes to overall design and content so I’m just going to make a quick checklist of these.

– New Decks and Cards (Not earlier seen even in the Trading Card Game)
– The whole deck is now adjustable, you can remove/add any card from the deck instead of just the few extra ones you win.
– New game mode – Archenemy (3 vs 1)
– New design

I must say, I loved the rework of this game, they fixed one of the biggest complaints about the first game: not being able to edit your deck properly and the overall design got a fresh new look. If you’re a big fan of the Magic The Gathering Card Game, you will probably love to this. There are a few points I wish I didn’t have to mention though, one is that the design is now less friendly to new players, in the past we had all steps of a player turn lined up in the middle of the screen, this is now visualized as dots next to your avatar picture instead, not a big deal if you know how a turn works, but it was probably useful in the past for new players.

The weird controls flicking your marker around to weird locations, I’m guessing this is a console issue and should not be a problem for PC players. My last real problem with the game… is the fact that we still can’t build our own decks, come on? Why!? Don’t make it so obvious that you want us to move over to Magic the Gathering Online, we want to use what we have and what we have is missing a vital part of what a card game is.

On the plus side they’ve actually added story parts to this game, no not cut scenes, no not voices telling us what’s going on, but awesome artworks that tells us something about each Planeswalker. The further you get in the campaign, more information will be told in these text boxes, be aware though that the picture is at times the same but the text changes, so read up before pressing ready!

I just want to mention a quick little story about a woman that started playing the first Duels Of Planeswalker and ended up playing the actual card game. She ended up winning a trip to Japan.
Can you do what it takes to recreate her story?

Read more about it here: