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Boardgames with Nurgleprobe #9 – Video Game High School / VGHS

Hello everyone!

Time for another podcast review, this time covering a game based on a webseries that I enjoy veeery much! Can the game match it? Listen and find out!

Or listen right now through the YouTube clip covering the same podcast:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Nurgleprobes nerdy goals for 2015!

Story time coffeeTo start of, I suck at promising myself things that I will do and then actually stick it with. Somethings I can manage easily throughout a certain amount of time but I usualy end up braking a patern and then it’s hard to get back in to it again. This really goes for any kind of promise or life decision.

Buuuuut I like making them! So instead of a: you must do this kind of thinking. I will instead do a list of things that I wish to have done during 2015 or at least attempted. No matter how much of this I do or finish I will still feel good if I just get a single thing done. So, here we go.

During 2015 I want to do the following! (In no specific order…)

1. Do an actually first draft/alpha version on one of my boardgame ideas.
2. Start doing boardgame review videos! (Alone or with a group).
3. Play in a Store Championship for a FFG game (Netrunner, Conquest etc.)
4. Get a new computer! (Can you really set this as a goal?)
5. Maaaaybe start doing a bit of streaming (again)(Like really… AGAIN)
6. Start a kickstarter, for any kind of project that has been in my head for years
7. Apply to a certain schoooool (top secret, very good, wow)
8. Get at least 10 new board games from my BG-wishlist (probably easiest on the list … )
9. Try and beat my previous best blog year (300.000 hits)

And those are the ones that I can come up with right now. Probably will put more on this list as time goes by, but for now this will do!

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!

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Update later tonight! What… yea I’m still here!

Hi Nurglings!

Well yes of course I’m still alive!

Do not worry, just becuase the updates are slow doesn’t mean that I’m not here. I will even be posting a guest article that was given to me well.. some time ago and it will be a bit of in time but I do have a promise to my guest writers if they do wan’t to post stuff. And once again, I’m sorry for vanishing the way I did there for some time.

But as you may remember I’m currently investing a lot of time in the project: Marathon Gaming! And with everything going on there it’s time to push out blog posts.
And I do not wan’t to push them!

But as it is now, I will actually use my personal blog as an outlet for a challenge that I’m currently running for myself on the MGTV stream. More info on that will be posted here tonight!
And of course, more MTG stuff later on tonight as well!

Stay tuned Nurglige.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Looking for writers! Let’s start a community/network!

Hello Nurglings!

A long time ago, I asked if there was anyone out there that would like to write for this blog. At the time I didn’t get that many readers and the ones that did come on here often probably weren’t bloggers themselves. But now the number of readers has been going up steadily (yay!). So I thought I would give this another chance. This time with a little more proper request.

What am I looking for?
– Anyone is welcome to leave a message here and tell me you’re interested! It doesn’t matter what gender, how old, or where you’re from. Just enjoy writing!

– You love games and gaming

– You love writing about games and gaming!

– If you already have a blog where you write regularly that is great!

– I’d love to see people that interested in any of the following; Card Gaming in general, YuGiOh, Miniature Gaming, nerdy things, “life of a gamer” issues/thoughts and ideas.

Something that’s important for you to know is that I’m not looking to steal time from your blog writing, if you have something that you’re posting on your blog that is interesting for gaming nerds I will simply share it on my blog as well. Sure I’d love to see you write something specific that would fit on here but it’s not a requirement.

What do I as a guest writer get out of this?
– Info/PR for you and your own blog! I will make a page specially for anyone that wants to share their writing on here. There you can write a small presentation on you with a link to your own blog! (Presentation is of course optional).

– Be a part of a bigger community. If this goes well, and we get a few bloggers together, there is no end to what this could become. Next step may be a website, YouTube and Twitter account under a collaboration name.

– This is a thing that’s supposed to be FUN! Always remember that.

What is this project?
– The whole idea with this project is to create a small community with writers/gamers and hobbyist that LOVE to share their thoughts on different subjects in gaming.

– This blog will be a spring board to share our articles and thoughts to work our way up in the blogging world.

– Together we can do great things!

– Most importantly, this project is supposed to be FUN. Not a goldmine, not a publicity stunt for anyone, but a fun project with an evolving community and goal.

So what are you waiting for? Already have something that you feel would be worth sharing? Leave me a message!
And if you have any questions? Leave me a message!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgles 4 years of nerd love!

Well atleast my love is nerd love! 😀

4 Years today! ❤

Until next time, hug someone!
Cya soon.

Nerd Calendar – Merry Christmas! – Christmas Card from Nurgleprobe

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s the last day of my nerd calendar and I saved the best for last.
My Christmas Card to all of you!

Until next time, take care.
Merry Christmas!

Nerd Calendar – 23d – Merry Christmas from YGONGW!

Hello my Nurglings!

A short Merry Christmas (God Jul) video from Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild! ^^

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


Hello my Nurglings!

One of the most awesome YouTubers have just put up one awesome christmas video. Enjoy.


Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nerd Calendar – 21th – Soft Christmas Gifts for the nerd/geek!

Hello my Nurglings!

Time for another Christmas Gift special. This one is a bit late I know, Christmas is soon upon us but even if you don’t buy any of these as Christmas gifts, you could always buy them later for a birthday or just a sweet special gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

And the special is: Soft Gifts!

Yes I know, most nerds out there want to get hard gifts (laugh it off… there we go), like games, games and more games, and other stuff they can use for their games. No that is not completely true but for some people I bet it is. So what can you get for this anti-soft-gift person? Well, I got a list.

1. Pikachu Hoodie
For who: Her or Him.
Price: ~ 70$
Why: Well every nerd (no not every but most nerds) love Pokémon. I would say it’s safer to give it to a girl, because it’s so darn cute!

2. Turtles Pilot Hat
For who: Him.
Price: ~ 15$
Why: Cause guys love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Make sure they watched/read it when they were kids though.

3. Plushies, plushies and more plushies!
For who: Anyone!
Price: ~ 5$ – 50$ (Depending on size and rarity and what not).
Why: We all had something to hold on too when we were kids, was it a blanket or a teddy. Now when we’re grown up, it’s not as cool to have a teddy in your bed. But when you make it a plushie from one of your favorite themed games or movies, it’s awesome!

4. I love my Geek T-shirt.
For who: Her… but from her?
Price: ~17$
Why: Well this is a sweet gift but should almost be bought in pairs. Or by you to show that you love your boyfriend / girlfriend even if he/she is a geek. It’s a cute thing to wear and I’d believe your partner would love to see you in it if he/she truly is a “geek”.

5. Geek Love T-Shirt
For who: The geeky couple
Price: ~ 22$
Why: This is awesome! Stand further than 5 meters from each other and the life bar is half-lit, stand closer to together and it fills up to full health! Wow this is just amazingly cute, awesome and sweet at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed a few of the gifts. And if you want to know where to find them, here is a few sites where you can find these products:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nerd Calendar – 20th – Christmas meets Battlefield 3

Hello my Nurglings!

“What do you do when your house is covered in over seven thousand computer controlled Christmas lights? You synchronize them to the Battlefield 3 theme song. Duh.”

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!