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Nurgleprobe’s – MMORPG Max Level Challenge (JOIN IN THE FUN!)

Hello Nurglings!
& hello Marathon Gaming fans!

Welcome to my MMORGP Max Level Challenge!
Because I know that many of you don’t really like reading, here is a video explaining it … somewhat:

And here we go in text form! So, the challenge as it is now is to complete 8 different MMORGP’s and by completing I mean reaching the max level with each of these games. Observe that I’m planning something different for The Secret World since it doesn’t really have a max level.

So the games are shown down below!

Challenge progress

These games are not set in stone as it now, the games that I do not start may be replaced by something else if the VIEWERS want it. For me the games are currently written down and promised and I wont change them by my own will from now on. I have promised these games and I will stuck with them, and I wont change them just by one follwer/subscriber or viewer telling me to do so.

So how will this work?

Everything will be recorded on the Marathon Gaming live stream ( and will be uploaded as parts on to YouTube. Everything will be uploaded to a playlist on YouTube by clicking the video up above you can find your way to our YouTube and that playlist.

Maplestory is the game with the higest level cap, and people seem to believe that I wont be able to reach max (I will tho, eventually…) but because of this, Maplestory will also be played outside of the stream. BUT everything will still be recorded and uploaded to YouTube just like the live recorded material. I may even stream it through my own challen on (

The blog will be updated about every second day of the challenge with levels, videos, progress highligths and whatever else I can come up with. I’m really dedicated and excited to start this challenge! 🙂

Of course! If you have one of the games and want to join me, just hit me with a friend request! Will most probably start a guild/group in most of the games and everyone is welcome to join them to support my way to complete the MAX LEVEL CHALLENGE.

I’m doing this for fun, mostly to make something fun out of the stream that we’re currently running on (MarathonGamingTV) and I’m excited to do something special like this. I also wanted to have a goal with my gaming and not get stuck and think: What should I do now?

Just spread the word and join in the fun when I’m online gaming. 🙂 Check the YouTube videos and hit all the subscribe and like buttons to let people know about it! I will be forever gratefull.

So that was it everyone, if you have any questions, please leave a comment here or send them to: with the subject line: Nurgle’s Challenge.

Thanks everyone!
Cya soon!

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Why should you play it? Cause it’s FREE! (Free Games)

Hello everyone, the gaming news has been awfully slow lately, great games are coming our way but other than that there isn’t really much that I find very interesting, you all know this is a personal blog so every new thing about gaming in the world won’t be poster here, sorry.

As soon as I get the time, I will also keep my promise about making a few cast / review / game play videos. It will come soon. Back on topic!

There’s a lot of games out there that’s been going free, free to try, free to a certain level and so on lately. Here’s a small list for all of you that’s waiting for the more interesting game releases later this year.

Get on steam, download and play, all free! If you haven’t heard about Team Fortress 2 it’s a FPS multiplayer game created by Valve. I was never a big fan of it myself, always preferred games with more a tactic feel to it. When this went free though, of course I tried it and I do enjoy it now for what it is. It’s a fun game to sit down with for a moment when you just don’t want to over think things. It’s fast, it got humor and it’s enjoyable… and free!

WORLD OF WARCRAFT (to level 20)
I know it’s not a big thing, the previous free WoW trial, was for 10 days and let you to level 10. According to most people that play WoW (that I know), often say that the fun starts at later levels. So this may just be a chance for you to try out the game and see what you think of it.

Compared to World Of Warcraft, Age of Conan is giving you a great access to its content. There’s still a premium version available to unlock everything, like any game out there, they still want to be able to make some money on it even though it’s free. If you didn’t realize when I compared it to WoW, this is also a MMORPG, so check it out!

There are plenty more free games out there, and I’m currently planning a few reviews, and for that reason they are not listed here, they will be given their own spot later on.

Guild Wars 2 – Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Cinematic

Oh, I already wish that I could sit down and enjoy the world of Guild Wars 2, and thanks to a comment here on the blog that linked me to another blog, I just want to play it even more. The alias of the person zakgrin told me to check out his blog about Guild Wars 2, and I did, the first video I found there just put me in a huge GW 2 mode again. Come on! Work faster! Or… no, take the time you need to make it awesome! But… maybe faster?

Have a look. Also take a look at the blog that will be filled with the latest Guild Wars 2 goodies: