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MTG – Return To Ravnica Spoiler – Grim Roustabout

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Yes so we got a new black card from Grim Roustabout, that PLUS the new Rakdos mechanic!

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Magic TV Top 8 of the Week: Best Mechanics

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Time for a video. 🙂

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Avacyn Restored – Thunderous Wrath & Miracle – A somewhat closer look

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I recently asked in a pool what card or mechanic you wanted me to talk about from the recent Avacyn Restored spoiler. As I write this, the votes are, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3. So I decided that I would decide for you this time! Then I will revisit the pool tomorrow or later today and talk about something else.

So let us start off with: Thunderous Wrath & The Miracle mechanic.

Okay so first things first when you look at this card: What the hell is up with the top of the card? Do you flip Miracle cards? Is there something else not mentioned on the card? No don’t worry, this design is simply there to make it easier for players to remember the fact: This is a Miracle card, you may want to cast it. Because once the card goes in to your hand, it’s too late.

“We wanted to make sure that we did everything we could to help players realize they’ve drawn a miracle card.” – Mark Rosewater

So what is the Miracle mechanic? Well it is worded as follows:
“You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it’s the first you drew this turn.”

There have been plenty of questions about Miracle, for example: What happens if you play a card that draws multiple cards like Brainstorm? Do you have to draw one first to see if it has the Miracle trigger? Do you draw all three and let them all trigger? Or does Miracle only count when you draw it with a “Draw a card” like effect?

Sadly, I don’t have the answers to these questions… yet. The Mechanic will be discussed this Monday on Magic The Gatherings official website, I will come back to these questions than, If the answers are there… Another important note: Black will not get Miracle cards.

Now let’s take a look at this card and what it does for us in constructed. Thunderous Wrath is a card that I think will be fitting for two different decks in the near future (taking into account that we are returning to Racniva next block). Aggressive red decks, Boros and U/R (Izzet) control decks.

The red decks that focus more on quick wins and plenty of big damage outlets will probably love this card, one mana to kill a big creature or do 5 direct damage isn’t bad. Thunderous Wrath and Brimstone Volley are two very real cards, and things can go faaaast.

Talking about Brimstone Volley and Thunderous Wrath, both are cards that could be used in U/ R decks, blue will help you a lot when trying to make Thunderous Wrath as effective as possible. Cards like Ponder helps you plan the next few turns of Miracle cards. Be very careful though when activating several cards like Think Twice. If you end up drawing this card as your second or third card, you’re stuck with a 5 damage spell for six mana. Well thankfully it’s at instant speed which means you can still be somewhat tricky with it. But it does not kill Titans, or Wurmcoil Engine, or Geist of Saint Traft, or… you get the idea.

But I’m guessing that this will be more focused on actually killing your opponent than killing of creatures. It’s just a sweeter deal when you actually can choose to kill creatures when you have too. Finally my U/R deck may actually be a thing! I will share it as soon as we have a few more cards spoiled from Avacyn Restored.

This was just a very quick look at Thunderous Wrath and Miracle, even if I could only give you the questions and no answers. But soon the answers will be here, I promise!

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Avacyn Restored – No more Flashback or Transform

Hello my Nurglings!

Thanks to Mark Rosewater we already knew that the Double Face Cards would not be coming back in Avacyn restored. This is probably because the good guys will be making a comeback in the last set to fight back the darkness. OR as in any good horror movie, the horror has changed completely for the finale and we just don’t know what we will be facing. Exciting I know.

The other mechanic not coming back: Flashback (also spoiled to us by Rosewater). So to all of us Burning Vengeance lovers, it seems we won’t be getting anymore of that flashback. But to be honest we have plenty that we can use as it is. Sad though to see such a sweet mechanic disappear in the last set. But I guess, if the werewolves will be stopped from transforming, other mages must lose their graveyard abilities.

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Let’s talk Dark Ascension – Strangleroot Geist & New Mechanic: Undying

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s finally time to take a look at new Magic The Gathering cards from Dark Ascension, before this I posted a few of the Double Faced Cards (DFC) of the set, and already I’m excited to see what Dark Ascension will bring to all horror fans out there. More dreadful zombies, new mechanics, more noble vampires and of course Planeswalkers!

Today I will talk about one of the cards that probably will see a lot of discussions until some new value cards are posted (meaning probably tomorrow). A new green card, cheap mana cost, haste and also the new mechanic: Undying. Let’s take a look at the card!

Oh my oh my oh my, did I mention one of my favorite colors were green? Yes I did, I do all the time, sorry about that. This card is insanely fun! My red mage friend that loves small and fast creatures will look at this and say: This is not… a red… card?

Green has been getting a lot of strong cards lately, probably cause it’s been underused in standard (as a main color). To see green with plenty of new and small aggressive creatures feels a bit odd. Sure Elves fits into the small and aggressive category but this is no elf. I’m betting that we will see this card within several decks in the future, even if the decks are just experimental ones. Aggro green here we come!

The new ability is what makes this card shine, Undying. If the creature Dies without a +1/+1 counter on it, return it to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it. So it’s a 2/1 that comes back as a 3/2 when it dies, and with haste! The easiest card to compare it too is Reckless Waif / Merciless Predator or Chandra’s Phoenix. And if I had to vote for one of them it’s Strangleroot Geist.

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Innistrad – Night & Day mechanic – New cards – Thoughts

Hello my Nurglings!

once again I’m way way waaaaaay to excited to be writing about this before I get the whole thing sorted in my head, but this is a blog and I don’t mind being somewhat disoriented in what I’m writing. It’s for fun after all, oh to the big news!

Mark Rosewater, the lead Designer of Innistrad posted a picture on his twitter some time ago. Where he is telling us that someone out on the web figured out exactly what they’re doing with the next set (Innistrad) but nobody believed him.

Here is the picture:

And with this I will in a second present to you… you already went ahead scrolled down and looked at it didn’t you? Aw my Nurglings, you’re such skippers. Love yah! Here it is, some cards from Innistrad, let me talk about them in a second, I know you will want to look at the card properly first.

Okay so… what is being discussed right now? The biggest problem people are having is this: how does that werewolf card work? Why doesn’t it have a casting cost? What’s the day and night mechanic? Do I have the answers, no, do I have some thoughts about it? Definitely. So one question at a time.

What does it say on the werewolf card?
Even if nobody knows for certain, this is just a hint of what it MIGHT say.
All “creature type” you control get +1/+1.
During your end step, put a “creature type” 2/2 on the battlefield.

What’s that sun and moon thing in the left corner?
This is a completely new mechanic (duh?) that has to do with Night and Day. How this will actually work or what decides when it’s sunup or sundown we don’t know yet.

Why is there no casting cost on Howlpack Alpha?
I believe this has to do with the card next to him: Mayor of Avabruck. I don’t believe that Howlpack Alpha can be “casted” in its original sense; instead, with the help of the Night & Day mechanic, you will be able to switch out the Mayor for a werewolf during night time. There are several different ways to do this, it may remind of the Champion mechanic, remove the mayor until the werewolf disappears and he comes back in to play. Plenty of fun if you ask me! There may be something else, flipping the card over is something that’s been discussed (having another artwork on the back), but since drafting is so big in magic, I doubt they will do it like that, unless drafting with Innistrad will be out of the picture. Just flipping it in a morph like way is a possibility too.

What is that dot on the type line on the werewolf?
As we talked about, the werewolf don’t have a casting cost, in the past card like this needed the text: “Spell X name is blue.” By putting this colored dot on the type line they eliminated the need for that text. (Speculation)

Why are there two strength / toughness values on the mayor?
This probably has something to do with him turning in to a werewolf, the scary part is that it’s an arrow like shape next to it, are they really double sided art card? Or is it just to make those extra numbers more visible?

Why do you think the cards are related?
Same artist, same window in the background, the human is a werewolf in its type line. Next to the previewed human werewolf card is a werewolf without casting cost. The extra strength toughness value equals that of the Howlpack Alpha. One card is day, one card is night. I don’t think it’s by chance.

Until next time.
Stay tuned for more Innistrad!
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