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Nurgleprobe Podcast #2 – Tanto Cuore

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Short Review – 100% Orange Juice

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If you did not already figure it out, the name IS a word play on: 100% RNG. Which of course means: 100% Random Generator. And you will definatly feel that as you play. This little boardgame /cardgame is about rolling dice, moving around a board, fight the other players, collect stars and play cards from your hand with different effects. And of course you can gain levels and buy new cards within the game in booster packs. All to create a tiny but … a surprisingly fun game.

But this is one of those games that you should definatly play with your friends. All the randomnes of the different situations that occur throughout a round of play will definatly bring a smile to your faces. And as your tiny chibi-like characters run across the board you will want to continue hunting down those other players and points and cards and scores and… so on.

Even tho the game is random and alot of players will state that it is ALL random, you do actually have a few desicsions that still makes the game somewhat strategic. You can often decide to walk in a certain direction on the board, you build a deck of cards that goes in to the pool of cards that players can draw from, you decide on which goal you want to go for during the game and you decide which cards to play and when to play them. So there are desicions to be made! A lot mor than you would originally think anyway…

If you already love tiny random games with cute art and very positive music. Go ahead and get this game! If you don’t… well you’re probably not reading this anyway!


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Tanto Cuore – Deck Building Game – Review!

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s finally time for me to talk about a game that I really enjoy playing, and have been doing so a lot lately while being out with my buddies. The game: Tanto Cuore! From the awesome company Arclight Games. A company that I hope soon start releasing more games in English, I love the style and theme of most their games. Tanto Cuore is focused around Maids, as the master of your house you need to hire maids your household to… well… work for you.

So anyway!

Tanto Cuore is a deck building game that reminds you plenty of Dominion and Thunder Stone in the way you play it. You start with a deck of ten cards, and every turn you play maids with different effects. In the centre of the table there are several randomly selected card pools to buy cards from, this area is known as The Town. To buy card you need to use “love cards” or maids that generate love. That’s right the currency in the game is love! The more love you have the more expensive cards you can buy with better effects and worth more victory points. The cards you buy are put in your graveyard. At the end of your turn you discard your hand and draw 5 new cards, every time your deck runs out of cards you shuffle your discard pile in to a new deck and start over. The game ends when two piles of cards run out in The Town.

There are also cards known as Private Maids, you can only have one Private Maid at a time and they in front of you during the game, and they give you different type of effects like drawing an extra card on your turn or letting you buy one extra card.

Tanto Cuore is a game for up to 4 people, and I strongly recommend that you try to play with four people when you can. The game becomes more balanced this way and the strongest cards will be more evened out between players. The stronger/better cards in Tanto Cuore currently feel almost a bit too strong. They let you cycle through your deck easily and that quickly becomes boring when every player is able to do it. This becomes more evident when you play less than 4 people thou. Since this is just the basic set, I’m expecting the cards to balance out more as the expansions get released.

Another problem with the game right now is that it is a bit fast; my playgroup has agreed that three piles need to run out from the town instead of two. This way it becomes a bit more interesting, but should only be applied when you’re four players (otherwise the first player to loop his deck will win much too easy).

The theme of the game is amazing, and every player will start by looking at the cute artworks and giggle at the style of the game, but it quickly becomes serious when people are trying to grab good combination of cards and gather Victory Points.

At the end of the game you calculate Victory Points from the cards in your deck, discard pile and in play. The person with the most Victory Points win!

Tanto Cuore is an amazingly fun game, people that play Dominion and Thunder Stone usually brush it off as “less fun” but without even trying it out. I believe this is mostly because of the theme, some players will love the Manga Maid theme, and some players won’t. There is no secret that I love it! But I also love deck building games as a genre of board games, it’s interesting and so many combinations can be done from it.
So if you’re a player that loves to play deck building games like I do, I strongly recommend Tanto Cuore. A game that most probably will get better when expansions start coming out. One is planned for this holiday and I sure hope it comes out soon! (Read more about it here:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Sword Girls Online – Rules and Information!

Hello my Nurglings!

Remember that game I mentioned the other day, the online CCG with Manga Girls and swords? If you liked the style of that game and found it interesting you may have ended up with their Facebook and Twitter as well. If you haven’t liked it and followed it; let me show you what they linked to us all yesterday.

Sweet guides to the rules and other in game related features like Dungeons and Bosses and of course the game rules! To take a part of all the wonderful information head over here to take a look:

I also hope you signed up for the Beta that start December 7th so we all can end up playing together!

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon!