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MTG – Why Finkel should have blocked. Read it here!

(To see the game I’m talking about: )

Hello my Nurglings!

To all of you that don’t know what this is about: Recently Brian Kibler won PT Dark Ascension. In the semis there was a moment when Jon Finkel could have blocked a 2/2 wolf and didn’t, he went down to 8 life. And shortly after he was dead to triple Galvanic Blast (he had one negate to stop one of the blasts, and would have gone to 2 if he actually did block). But it doesn’t end there, one of things Finkel mentioned was that he tried to play around Inferno Titan.

This post is all about why he should have blocked the 2/2 wolf, and how he would have WON if it was in fact a red titan hitting the field right after.

I also want to note that I don’t blame Finkel for a “bad play” it just anoyes me when everyone is saying that he did the right play, when he actually would have won if he blocked. The excuse: Red Titan fear won’t work.

So I’m going right to the sweet spot here, because the math seems to be right and after a closer look at the duel and the game state there is only one good conclusion: Finkel should have blocked with a single spirit.


Kibler Field:
Life: 4
9 Total mana up – 2x Forest, 1x Mountain, 2x Inkmoth Nexus, 2x Rootbound Crag, 1x Copperline Gorge, 1x Sphere of the sun (3 counters)
1 Creature – a 2/2 wolf token
Grave: Nothing of use at this time for Kibler, but Finkel knows that the one and only Autumns Veil has been played.

Kibler Hand:
1x Sphere Of The Sun, 3x Galvanic Blast, 1x Combust (Finkel knows: 1x Galvanic / 1x Combust)

Finkels Field:
Life: 10.
Tapped: 1x Snapcaster Mage, 5x 1/1Flying Spirit Token
Untapped: 2x 1/1 Flying Spirit Token, 3x Island, 1x Swamp,

Finkels Hand:
1x Snapcaster Mage, 1x Negate, 1x Dungeon Geist, 1x Drogskol Captain,

Finkels Grave: Lingering Soul, Mana Leak, Snapcaster Mage, Ponder, Glitaxian Probe

Wow that takes more time to read than the actual explanation.

So, Kibler hits with the 2/2 wolf.

Finkel blocks with one single spirit and stays at 10 life.

Now comes the play Finkel feared; Kibler plays Inferno Titan.

At this time, Finkel would probably answer with Snapcaster Mage into Mana leak just to make him spend the last mana.

After spending the first 6 mana on Titan, Kibler could still pay for the mana leak, but it would leave him with no mana up. So Kibler resolves the Red Titan to kill three creatures, one Snapcaster Mage and 2 spirits. This so that he can block the new Snapcaster mage on the field.

This would leave Finkel with 4 Spirits and a Snapcaster Nage, Kibler would have no mana up. Hit with the spirits for win.

So with the same scenario above but Kibler decides not to pay for the Mana Leak: This would only leave him with 3 mana, and even killing of three spirits with galvanic blast wouldn’t save Kibler from the attack.

So – Busted. There’s been several different situations that has been calculated and looked at: For different combination of cards in Kiblers hand, and blocking, would have done the difference most of the time.

So take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!