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Let’s Talk Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Gravecrawler

Hello my Nurglings!

Let’s take a look at a card that many people have talked about as the new Bloodghast. I start of by saying, no, it’s not a Bloodghast, this card has a few things that makes it worse, and one thing that in a way makes it better.

Let’s just show the card before I continue:

The main reason people say this card is the new Bloodghast is the fact that you can bring it back from the grave and it’s a 2/1 that can’t block. But there are two complete different conditions in how you bring them back. Bloodghast had a landfall trigger, and this card needs a zombie on the field to CAST it from the grave. Gravecrawler also lacks the built in haste ability.

So you need a zombie on the field, this creates a situation where you need to build a zombie deck to make it truly viable. Luckily, we have pleeeenty of zombies and zombie generating cards in the format. This may also be one of the cards to push zombies into the standard meta.

So what other cards can you use Gravecrawler with, the first one that I can think about, is the zombie: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born. With him on the field, you can pay one black mana to untap him and make him grow even larger. If you play Grimgrin, you’re going to play Gravecrawler. Another card that I just want to mention for the fun of it is: Zombie Infestation, discard two of these babies and summon them from the grave.

So this was a quick look at one of the soon to come Dark Ascension cards, enjoy!

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!