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Yu Gi Oh Duel – Mogli (Lightsworn) Vs. Jocke (Machina Gadget)

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Yu Gi Oh Auctions – Last Minute Bids!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to tell you all right now that my auctions are soon coming to a close! There’s between one and five hours left on the auctions so I’d just thought I show you what’s up there on Tradera right now. Since we’re reaching the last few hours of the auctions, this is a great time to place bids so you don’t have to go into some type of bid war with other users.

Hope you find something you want!

Grand Master Of The Six Samurai – Secret Rare – 350kr

Hand Of The Six Samurai – Secret Rare – 50kr

Splendid Venus – Secret Rare – 15kr

Charge Of The Light Brigade – Secret Rare – 100kr

Foolish Burial – Super Rare – 170kr

Dark Soul – Ultimate Rare – 250kr

Beckoning Light – Super Rare – 100kr

To check out more auctions go here:

Thanks for taking a look and supporting Nurgle’s Place!

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Guess what? National Qualifier (Core) – Wow TCG 2011

Just got this little info poster here on the blog from Vasa Gaming here in Gothenburg. They will be holding 4 National Qualifiers for the World Of Warcraft TCG. The first one takes place July 30th.
The format is Core Constructed and everyone is welcome, if you pay the fee of 75kr of course.

Check out their website ( or their facebook (!/VasaGaming) for more information on them and tournaments. ^^

Here is some general info (in Swedish)

National Qualifier (Core) Wow – TCG 2011

Mer info
Lördagen den 30:e Juli.
1:a kvalet (Kommer vara 4st kval i Gbg sammanlagt)
Start tid: 13:00
Registrering : 12:00 och 13:00
Kostnad : 75kr

Booster stege, 1st booster till alla som deltar samt promo kort så länge lagret räcker.
Under hela dagen från öppning kan man drafta om ett Guldkantat kort antingen “Cunning” eller “Time”. (1 worldbreaker, 1 war of the elements och 1 twilight of the dragons)

Draft kostar : 130kr

Första gången vi har ett stort kval på Vasa Gaming, Och vi önskar er alla som spelar Wow – Tcg Hjärtligt välkomna till en heldag i GBG.
(Viss del av informationen kommer ändras fick inte tillräckligt men dagen och tiden är spikad.)

Mvh Dennis

My return to The Spoils! Welcome to The Spoils!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to see you all back here now that I have an announcement to make. Well actually most of you already know that I’ve been talking about The Spoils lately and that I want to support this game and its growth. And like the honest man I am, this first post on The Spoils is about my very “return” to the game, even though I have been staying somewhat updated at the official forums and was just sitting down with the vast rule document and judge guidelines (you need to read up on those once in awhile), I feel ready to return.

I recently applied myself to volunteer as an article writer or “columnist” for the The Spoils website. The very first thing I was asked to write about, or hinted that I could write about, was my local meta game. At this time I think Bizze is better suited for that task, seeing as they have more constructed tournaments in his area. Where I live we’re crazy about limited formats, sealed and drafts is the way we love to go, it’s also a great way to get new players in to the mix. They sit down, see the cards, build a deck and get a small collection to start of their The Spoils careers.

So, no, this is not an article I’m doing for The Spoils site, this is all for you my Nurgle fans. I don’t think a personal note about me coming back would be very interesting for them so instead, I welcome you all to the spoils!

Well thank you Nurgle, but what is this marvelous “The Spoils” that you talk about?

The spoils is one heck of a card game, it got humor, great game play, sweet community and lately some awesome tournament support. Arcane Tinmen is really doing their best to give something to their players, and I must say their doing a great job and deserve a huge player base. Just like many other card games, they have weekly tournaments known as Afternoon Saturday Spoils (ASS for short). Where you have to chance to get some sweet promos, meet up with people, try your new decks and just have a great time.

If you’re familiar with different competitive card games, you will probably recognize the style of the The Spoils quickly, it’s taken the best from several different systems and put it together to the best possible experience. If you ever played Magic The Gathering for example, you know that at times you will draw a lot of mana and flood your hand, or vice versa. In the spoils you instead use a resource system where any and every card in your hand can be used set facedown a recourse on the field. There is more to it of course, but for an example that will do for now.

As you know I’m currently located in Gothenburg Sweden (or now you know), and for all of you that are Swedish and hit this blog, if you’re interested in the spoils hit me with an email (contact information at the top of the blog) or just a comment to let me know that you are out there. The rescue missions for the game may have been a great success but it’s now time to help the game grow in my local area. Wish me the best of luck everyone!

By the way, if to write an article on The Spoils, where should I start? What should I write about? I’m really taking a long deep look for inspiration and I probably need to get in to the constructed game again to really feel what I can and want to write. Well until next time, stay safe, look up the spoils and have fun!

Cya soon!

Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 6 – Vägen till Wizard Games

Hello everyone, I’m sorry, this is not in English but I hope you can deal with it for now. ^^

Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 5 – EM Kval


Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 4 – LENARDO


Speldag på UPP! i Göteborg!

Spelevent på Upp!

Foto: Baerbel Schmidt


UPP! är en plats för ungdomar i göteborg mellan 16-25 år. Där de kan få hjälp
och stöd med jobb, studier och entreprenörskap. Har självt gått kurs på plats,
det är riktigt trevliga människor. Nu skall det alltså hållas en speldag i sammarbete
mellan Sverok, UPP! och Wizard Games.

När: 2 Juni
Tid: 10.00 – 24.00
Var: UPP! i Göteborg.
Hur/Kostnad: Gratis! 🙂


Det kommer att hållas turneringar i ett flertal olika spel så som, Magic The Gathering,
YU GI OH, Warmachine m.m. Alla dessa kommer inte att vara gratis, men priser och liknande
kommer finnas för samtliga. Det skall dockas påpekas att det även KOMMER att hållas gratis turneringar.

Det kommer att finnas ett spel café på upp, där du kan sätta dig med bekanta eller nya vänner
och spela lite spel. Kommer även finnas platser med rollspel/brädspel där man direkt kan hoppa
in med hjälp av en spelledare som lär dig reglerna på plats.

Så sant som det var sagt så kommer det även finnas profiler från konfliktspelsvärlden som
berättar om sina efarenheter och hur de kom dit. Detta blandat med workshops där du kan få måla
figurer, sätta ihop lekar för olika kortspel m.m.

Har ni varit så duktig att ni anmält er påå kommer det bjudas på mat!


För att anmäla sig, bli medlem på
och sök upp eventet: Speldag på UPP!

För mer information kan du även kontakta

Viktor / 031-368 05 06

Hej alla spelare där ute, jag vet att ni alla inte är Göteborgare osv. Men hoppas ändå att det här når ut till några göteborgare eller människor från närliggande kommuner som är intresserade av just spel. Att det hela är gratis att gå på gör det bara mer sköjsigt. ^^ Om någon hör Spotify reklamen så kan ni väl spara länken på den och skicka den till mig så jag får höra den och skriva med här? Tack.


Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild – SE 4 EP 3 – Filip Special


Världens största creeper?

Vad sa ni nu då? 😀
Tackar Coffeh för att jag fick sno bilden utan att fråga. 😉