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Blood Bowl Daily #5 – Dwarf VS. Khemri (VOTE for next team!)


Time for the last Dwarf game in my Blood Bowl Daily, and in thie episode you also get the chance to vote for the next team that I will play next week! WOOP!

Enjoy everyone.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

Return to Ravnica – Five spoiled cards!

Hello Nurglings!

So five new cards from the Duel Deck: Izzet Vs Golgari!

So this is the card that I’m most excited about! Delver may lose a few cards, but U/R delver may just become a thing now. The Izzet Charm is so versatile, it can cycle your hand, counter a spell that messes with your game plan (except for creatures), and kill small creatures! Three different and very good effects for two mana. But this is just the first of (maybe) 10 charms, let’s hope all guilds get something awesome like this!

So I read the card, I read Scavenge and I thought, it’s … an okay common I guess. And then I saw the magical word that changes everything. Haste. Can this card be good enough?

Johnny! Look at this, it’s a blue Goblin! A GOBLIN JOHNNY!

So overload seems to be the new Izzet Mechanic… Not sure what I feel about it. The effect we see here feels a bit meh, BUT, it’s an ability that could easily have a few broken cards.

Hope you liked em.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

The PreRelease of M12 and my story

To be honest, my story is not a very exciting one, my friend Johnny that sat in front of me probably had a more interesting story to tell seeing as his pool of cards was actually… well, how should I say it… useful. But hey it’s mostly about the player and I probably did plenty of errors in deck building like always, I really do prefer a draft over sealed deck. For the ones of you that don’t know what the hell I’m talking about right now. Today was the prerelease of Magic 2012, the new core set in Magic The Gathering card game, a sealed deck basically means that you get a few packs with random cards and build a deck with them… but you all know that don’t you?

So Johnny to my front sat there with a huge smile on his face when he opened up his first great card which was a Grave Titan, at the same time I opened Rootbound Crag, not exactly the same awesomeness there. Soon after he screams out in joy again when he opens up a Primeval titan… yup two titans in the same pool. Guess what I opened at the same time? Sunpetal Grove. Hell yea I was on a roll!

I know I sound like an angry old man but really, I was happy for Johnny, at least it was a friend that opened up those Titans, it was cool. You don’t always get a good pool, and you have to except that with a random element, so I tried to do the best of what I had. And even I ended up opening a mythic card so it wasn’t all bad. Sadly the card proved to be hard to keep on the field, damn you doom blade! The card I’m talking about is Primordial Hydra, let me tell you. It gets big, it gets big fast. The only problem with the matches that I got it on the field was the fact that it was handled every time. Most often I even tried to hunt out some removal with my other “big” monsters to let Hydra do its thing. When rushed, it was just easily spotted of, when not rushed, they usually had an advantage over me because of my horrible mid game.

But what I really wanted to tell you about today is about a certain hero. A creature with a plan to dominate the game, to look my opponent in the eyes and say: I’m coming for you big man and you can’t do anything about it! During every game it did at least 3 to 4 damage in my opponent and because of it, my Bloodthirst creatures could feel safe to have their way, always hitting the field with more power. This little guy, during one round, won me the game basically by himself, forcing in a whopping 12 damage. The card? Goblin Fireslinger

Seeing as my pool was kind of shit and the tournament in itself didn’t go very well (2 wins, 3 losses and dropped before the last round) the Goblin story is really the best thing I have to offer. Well I had a good time and I enjoyed the night, yea the tournament started at midnight by the way so it was an all-nighter for me, the tournaments that started this morning should probably be reaching the final rounds when I’m typing this so good luck to everyone at the prerelease!

Cya next time.

Magic 2012 – Let’s talk about the Tribes

Hello M12! I’m glad to see you made it here safe and with some sweet reprints and new cards! It’s always exciting to see what’s coming out in a new set, and like the player I am, I can never decide on what I want to play, it’s horrible to be that kind of person in a collectable card game, trust me. With so many new sweet toys and cards that leave the format, it’s kind of hard for me to see where I want to go.

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of mono black decks, mostly because that’s what I’ve been playing from the start. But with my favorite black tribe, vampires, leaving the game (and at the same time getting new cards *sad face*) I’m taking a step back from one of my two favorite colors, the other being green. It was a fun format that let me play around a lot with that because of Verdant Catacombs, the green/black fetch.

With play testing lately I’ve also realized that tribe decks are the ones that I enjoy playing the most. Be it vampires, elves or even white weenie which is my current favorite one even though I love green and black. Fun decks are also close to my heart, the ones of you that know me out there in the real world, knows that I love cards like Scythe Tiger and Sorin Markov, not the greatest cards in the format, well except for Schyte Tiger, it’s the best card ever!

Here he is again bragging of his great success!

Now that you know where I come from when looking through the new cards, let ‘s start with what I’ve just talked about; the tribes! There are currently five tribes in M12, White Weenie (Yes I’m counting that), Elves, Goblins, Zombies and Illusions. Illusions being a completely “new” blue tribe, they’re finally taking a step away from the Merfolk and giving us something new to play with. Illusions are also keeping their, if you’re targeted you die ability which probably will be their downfall in the end, but that’s where the lord comes in. Giving all illusions +1/+1 and Hexproof (or troll shroud if you prefer). With the new illusion clone for two mana (Phantasmal Image), and having protection thanks to counter spells, this tribe may be worth looking in to.

Two other cards should also be mentioned when talking about the tribes of M12 and the first one is the completely new card Adoptive Automaton, which is an artifact creature that lets’ you choose a creature type, he becomes that type and gives all other creatures of that type +1/+1. It’s quite a good add to any of the tribes that are lacking that extra power, except for WW which can’t use him that well.

The second oddly placed tribe leader, is a new vampire, to be honest, I’m somewhat excited about him and what this means for the next block, but I also feel zombies will be the main focus when it comes to black tribes, seeing as they got plenty of support cards in M12. Hell at least we can enjoy our vampires a bit longer even if the new ones aren’t as great as the Zendikar ones! He’s a vampire 3/3 flyer with Bloodthirst 3. While he’s on the field, vampire you cast get Bloodthirst 3 as well, ah nifty trick if you ask me, the positive thing with this type of lord is the fact that he won’t need to stay on the field to have supported the other vampires. The negative part being that you need to get some damage in to make him viable. But casting a 4/4 or a 5/4 vampire with lifelink for two mana seems quite awesome if you ask me.

Before I end this I also want to mention one tribe that just kind of popped up in M12, and even though I don’t believe it will be played all that much, it’s still kind of enjoyable to see.


So that’s that for the different Tribes of M12. Do you have a favorite?