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Boardgames with Nurgleprobe #10 – TOP 5 Games for new players (PODCAST)

Time for another TOP 5 list. This time I’m talking about 5 games that I think you should use to introduce new players to the hobby. So they’re not for groups made completley out of new players, but for a mix.

Hope you enjoy the list, and I will see you next week with another review!


Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Short Review – Shadowrun Returns

short review headshadowrun returns headshadowrun returns tiny image

Shadowrun Returns is a RPG game with a turnbased fighting system set in a dystopian cyber-punk world. I’ve always loved the universe and setting for the Shadowrun games, mixing a setting where hackers and shamans, modern firearms and magic powers excist together.

I was a huge fan of the old SNES game set in the Shadowrun universe and was a bit worried about the fact that they had removed the real-time fighting, something I feel like they could have approved on today. But as soon as I got in there and tried it out, it reminded me a lot of the fighting from the new Xcom game and I was emediatly sold on it.

The story in the game has a great flow but you should all be aware that there are no recorded voices, everything is text based and for all of you out there that skips through text, you do not want to do that here. The story is told through dialog and written story segments and it has a GOOD flow that keeps you going through the game in a steady pace. And just like the old Shadowrun game and Fallout games you make dialog choises that may change how things playout for you. It’s a great system that keeps you involved throughout the story.

The game as a whole can feel a bit flat and one-directional at times but it really pulls you through it. You will play this to the end, and I was actually thinking: WHAT it’s over!? Already!? But then I relaized I had actually spent 17 hours playing this game, so… not bad, not bad at all.


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Marathon Gaming Let’s Play – Shadowrun Returns

Hello Nurglings!

Just wanted to let you all know about my playthrough of this wonderful new Shadowrun game. ❤
And before you watch, I'm sorry about the mic sound, will be sure to turn my fan of and have it a bit further away from mouth next time.

Hope you enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Nurgleprobe’s – MMORPG Max Level Challenge (JOIN IN THE FUN!)

Hello Nurglings!
& hello Marathon Gaming fans!

Welcome to my MMORGP Max Level Challenge!
Because I know that many of you don’t really like reading, here is a video explaining it … somewhat:

And here we go in text form! So, the challenge as it is now is to complete 8 different MMORGP’s and by completing I mean reaching the max level with each of these games. Observe that I’m planning something different for The Secret World since it doesn’t really have a max level.

So the games are shown down below!

Challenge progress

These games are not set in stone as it now, the games that I do not start may be replaced by something else if the VIEWERS want it. For me the games are currently written down and promised and I wont change them by my own will from now on. I have promised these games and I will stuck with them, and I wont change them just by one follwer/subscriber or viewer telling me to do so.

So how will this work?

Everything will be recorded on the Marathon Gaming live stream ( and will be uploaded as parts on to YouTube. Everything will be uploaded to a playlist on YouTube by clicking the video up above you can find your way to our YouTube and that playlist.

Maplestory is the game with the higest level cap, and people seem to believe that I wont be able to reach max (I will tho, eventually…) but because of this, Maplestory will also be played outside of the stream. BUT everything will still be recorded and uploaded to YouTube just like the live recorded material. I may even stream it through my own challen on (

The blog will be updated about every second day of the challenge with levels, videos, progress highligths and whatever else I can come up with. I’m really dedicated and excited to start this challenge! 🙂

Of course! If you have one of the games and want to join me, just hit me with a friend request! Will most probably start a guild/group in most of the games and everyone is welcome to join them to support my way to complete the MAX LEVEL CHALLENGE.

I’m doing this for fun, mostly to make something fun out of the stream that we’re currently running on (MarathonGamingTV) and I’m excited to do something special like this. I also wanted to have a goal with my gaming and not get stuck and think: What should I do now?

Just spread the word and join in the fun when I’m online gaming. 🙂 Check the YouTube videos and hit all the subscribe and like buttons to let people know about it! I will be forever gratefull.

So that was it everyone, if you have any questions, please leave a comment here or send them to: with the subject line: Nurgle’s Challenge.

Thanks everyone!
Cya soon!

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A message to all Guest Writers

Hello Nurglings!
And hello guest writers!

I just wanted to send out a reminder on something that… you know, may be important. Naoki recently asked me about how he should contact me about new posts/articles. So I thought I would tell everyone through the blog!

When you post an article/post that you want to share on here, please send me a mail OR leave a comment in the “Guest Writer – Information & Contact” page above with a link to what you want to share.

A few reasons I want it to be done this way is:
I do believe it’s easier for you to send a link then it is for me to stay updated with all blogs, all the time. Sometimes it may take awhile between posts as well, and I don’t want to miss them.
And only you know if it is content you want to share.

So now you know! Stay awesome everyone.

If you want to become a guest writer as well, leave a comment with your mail, or send me a mail (check the contact page above).

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Video message to all the interested writers!

Hello Nurglings!
And… hello writers!

So I’ve gotten a few answers to the post yesterday, I haven’t sent out any emails to you guys yet but I thought I would start with sharing this little info/hello video from me to you. 🙂

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Looking for writers! Let’s start a community/network!

Hello Nurglings!

A long time ago, I asked if there was anyone out there that would like to write for this blog. At the time I didn’t get that many readers and the ones that did come on here often probably weren’t bloggers themselves. But now the number of readers has been going up steadily (yay!). So I thought I would give this another chance. This time with a little more proper request.

What am I looking for?
– Anyone is welcome to leave a message here and tell me you’re interested! It doesn’t matter what gender, how old, or where you’re from. Just enjoy writing!

– You love games and gaming

– You love writing about games and gaming!

– If you already have a blog where you write regularly that is great!

– I’d love to see people that interested in any of the following; Card Gaming in general, YuGiOh, Miniature Gaming, nerdy things, “life of a gamer” issues/thoughts and ideas.

Something that’s important for you to know is that I’m not looking to steal time from your blog writing, if you have something that you’re posting on your blog that is interesting for gaming nerds I will simply share it on my blog as well. Sure I’d love to see you write something specific that would fit on here but it’s not a requirement.

What do I as a guest writer get out of this?
– Info/PR for you and your own blog! I will make a page specially for anyone that wants to share their writing on here. There you can write a small presentation on you with a link to your own blog! (Presentation is of course optional).

– Be a part of a bigger community. If this goes well, and we get a few bloggers together, there is no end to what this could become. Next step may be a website, YouTube and Twitter account under a collaboration name.

– This is a thing that’s supposed to be FUN! Always remember that.

What is this project?
– The whole idea with this project is to create a small community with writers/gamers and hobbyist that LOVE to share their thoughts on different subjects in gaming.

– This blog will be a spring board to share our articles and thoughts to work our way up in the blogging world.

– Together we can do great things!

– Most importantly, this project is supposed to be FUN. Not a goldmine, not a publicity stunt for anyone, but a fun project with an evolving community and goal.

So what are you waiting for? Already have something that you feel would be worth sharing? Leave me a message!
And if you have any questions? Leave me a message!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Ignorant gaming communities and… why do you want to be a part of them?

Hello Nurglings!

I thought I would do a follow-up on a post/article I wrote about a week ago. It was about ignorant or rather closed gaming groups/communities that are hard to get into, and how you could join them. This time I’m going to talk about a similar subject from the other side of things.

Why do you want to be a part of it?
Is it really the thing for you?

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t play the games you love, I think you should always play the games you love! But sometimes, you just need to find the kind of people that have the same type of attitude towards the game as you. This can be extremely difficult, and I often notice that most card gamers, try their best to become a part of the more “elitist” kind of gaming groups.

I am like that as well; I really want to be at my best when playing games. I love to win tournaments, and beating players that always consider themselves “better” is a joy indescribable. But outside of the tournaments I always tend to have a different view on the game then most others. I enjoy fun decks, weird builds, and cards that are… unconventional at times. Playing my R/U/W Tempered Steel deck for example (it wasn’t horrible actually). This kind of thinking isn’t something that is very popular amongst tournament players.

Before I continue, I want us to look at something. The three different psychographic profiles of Magic The Gathering.

“A psychographic profile separates players into categories based on their psychological make-up. What motivates that player to play? What kind of cards do they like? What kind of things encourages that player to keep on playing?” – Mark Rosewater

The following quotes are all from Rosewater and this article: . I will take a short quote from each of the personalities.

Timmy: “Timmy is what we in R&D call the “power gamer.” Timmy likes to win big. He doesn’t want to eke out a last minute victory. Timmy wants to smash his opponents. He likes his cards to be impressive, and he enjoys playing big creatures and big spells.

One of the misconceptions is that Timmy has to be young. While its true that younger players are more apt to fall into this category, players of any age can be a Timmy. What sets Timmy apart from the other two profiles is that Timmy is motivated by fun. He plays Magic because it’s enjoyable. Timmy is very social. An important part of the game is sitting around with his friends.”

Johnny: “Johnny is the creative gamer to whom Magic is a form of self-expression. Johnny likes to win, but he wants to win with style. It’s very important to Johnny that he win on his own terms. As such, it’s important to Johnny that he’s using his own deck. Playing Magic is an opportunity for Johnny to show off his creativity.

Johnny likes a challenge. Johnny enjoys winning with cards that no one else wants to use. He likes making decks that win in innovative ways. What sets Johnny apart from the other profiles is that Johnny enjoys deckbuilding as much as (or more than) he enjoys playing. Johnny loves the cool interactions of the cards. He loves combo decks. Johnny is happiest when he’s exploring uncharted territory.”

Spike: “Spike is the competitive player. Spike plays to win. Spike enjoys winning. To accomplish this, Spike will play whatever the best deck is. Spike will copy decks off the Internet. Spike will borrow other players’ decks. To Spike, the thrill of Magic is the adrenalin rush of competition. Spike enjoys the stimulation of outplaying the opponent and the glory of victory.

Spike cares more about the quantity of wins than the quality. For example, Spike plays ten games and wins nine of them. If Spike feels he should have won the tenth, he walks away unhappy.”

In my experience, there are usually plenty of Spikes around; they get themselves noticed because they express their joy of winning, and their hate for losing. These are not the most fun players… to just play with. Even testing decks can be annoying when it’s more about winning with the decks than actually understanding the decks. As you may understand, I’m more of a Johnny myself. I love to build decks and try weird things out. (Scythe Tiger all the way! *Cough*)

Something that I didn’t talk about in my first article about gaming communities, is the importance of finding a place where you fit in. Sure you want to be a part of that hard core gaming group, they seem to win a lot, do the right things, and why wouldn’t I want to be a part of that kind of success? But are they having more fun than you and your friends at the kitchen table?

Are they having as much fun as you when you bring that weird new deck?
Most importantly, are you sure you want to be one of them?

If you feel like one of those players, you should try it out. I’ve been trying it out myself, but always tend to realize that it’s not my thing. I smile when I win, I think about the times that I lose, and I enjoy playing the games!

Enjoy yourself! It doesn’t matter if it’s by winning, building decks or just being social.
It’s important that you find the people that you want to play with and hang out with. Without those people, you will never enjoy gaming like you should.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Dajana Dimovska: From Student to Indie Game Producer

Hello my Nurglings.

Just thougt I would share a very inspiring story from a hard working woman named Dajana. From studies, to a game collective, to starting a company.


Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Alexander – Mission Statement – 12 Days to finish – #Goal #Life #Help – RT = <3

I have 12 days to complete this goal.

The Field – Media / Gaming Industry / or closely related.

Yea I’m crazy; at times I’m even insane. But I really need to get myself out there. I’m not a person that feels good when being inactive. Lately I’ve been trying to activate myself again. I’ve been working on a proper new CV, a website to follow it up. I’ve been sending letters to companies all over the place, asking for the chance of an internship, every single application written specifically for that company and in a very stylish manor.

Why I want to work in the field mentioned?

I have a dream! No I’m not trying to joke this away, I really have a dream, a dream that I never allowed myself to pursue in the past. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been told since my early media education that it’s a hard field to get a foothold in. You need to work hard, and there will always be someone out there more qualified than you.

Lately I’ve realized. All those people out there that are more qualified than me; they are not me.
So now I’m doing it. I will find my way out there no matter what path I need to take.

Why in 12 days?

For me it’s important to set a deadline. This way I work harder and I gain some focus in what I do. Some people may see it as an unnecessary stress; I see it as a goal.

Why I share this with you?

Cause you can all help! Everyone that actually read this (and I doubt all of you did), can pass this forward. Link it, tweet it, post it, like it, forward it, everything is welcomed and I thank you for it, from the bottom of my heart. This may seem like an insane world to be a part of in 12 days, but maybe, just maybe, the right person will read this.

Thank you everyone, for reading.

– Alexander Eliasson
aka: Nurgleprobe