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Nurgleprobe Podcast #7 – Top 5 Collectible Card Games

Hello everyone!

It’s time for my very first pod that is not a review and focused on one game alone. It’s time for my very first top 5 list, and just like my other episodes, it’s my first attempt at a listing and I will be sure to learn from it and do it even better in the future. Any comments are welcome!

You can listen to the podcast right here and/or on the go:

Or listen right now through the YouTube clip covering the same podcast:

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon.

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Short Boardgame sketches on – “Last Will” & “City of Thieves”

Hello everyone!

Time for 2 more board game sketches, there will be a new one of these every two weeks so enjoy!

I’ve also done a podcast on Last Will that you can listen to here:

Thanks for reading, watching and listening!

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Netrunner – Top 5 cards – Order and Chaos

Okay so I want to start of by saying that plenty of cards in the set have a place somewhere, and some cards work great in different types of combos. In this list there are cards that I can immediately see a good place for without having to show you 2-3 other cards to explain the value.

Other than that it will be very interesting to see how the cards from Order and Chaos will be used. So before I go in to the 5 cards that I like, I should really mention 3 other cards that may have caught your eye.

Netrunner - Eater
Netrunner - Government Takeover
Netrunner - Traffic Accident


Yes, it’s a great card, being able to take care of any ice out there at the cost of you not being able to access cards, of course this wont matter if you play with different replacement effects that let’s you do other things or trigger other effects. Great card that will be played, but not one that I’m THAT excited about.

Government Takeover
This card is getting plenty of buss because one, it’s a huge score card, 2 it has a greaaaat effect if you manage to actually do so. But still meh under my radar.

Traffic Accident
I mean, 2 damage for 0 money, yes pulease! Needs 2 tags to do it tho, but in the right deck. Holy moly can you gather a good hand of burn cards.

Now to the cards I do care about!

Netrunner - I've Had Worse
5 I’ve had worse
About time we got a second good draw card, mixing this with Diesel feels… well… great. But it’s not the only great thing about this card. In the matchups where you probably will take some damage, this may draw you cards for free. Which will not only be great but also cancel out a card or effect from the corp. Love it.

Netrunner - Uninstall
4 Uninstall
Hey. Yay. Wombo Combos. Resets. Triggers. Counters. Craaazy!

Netrunner - High Risk Investment
3 High-Risk Investment
Well holy-moly money in the bank. If you manage to score just one of these against a runner that likes to keep his money high. It will be awesome for you as the corp. You can even save it to make it a rough choice for the runner, should they use Account Siphon? And when they do, they have to have a sweet plan to waste as much resources as possible that very turn. Or you know, just score if after they stole plenty of money or have a huge stash of cash and mimic it.

Netrunner - Housekeeping
2 Housekeeping
So as soon as your opponent decides to do something, you do 1 ”damage” to him. Wow. Really? That’s just great, and if the runner does not play any currents, this will be a overall game changing card.

Netrunner - Spooned
Netrunner - Forked
Netrunner - Knifed

1 Spooned / Forked / Knifed
The main reason I think these will see play is because a corp player can only have so much ice, and can only afford so much ice. Kill of the some of the most important ones and you will screw with their plans a plenty.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Conquest War Pack – The Scourge – All cards!

Okay so I’m just uploading this becuase I myself wanted a spot where I could see all cards from the set. I will do the same for the set that was just released last week and the very first set released some time ago. Woop. ;D

So here are all the cards from the War Pack – The Scourge

Conquest - The Scourge - Set 1
Conquest - The Scourge - Set 2
Conquest - The Scourge - Set 3

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Netrunner News – SanSan Cycle – Chrome City – A few new cards!

Hello everyone.

Here we are to look at a few new cards from the third pack in the SanSan cycle, let’s see if they look any good.

Okay so I just want to being by saying: I truly never think taking brain damage is worth it, not for any kind of effect (well unless you win the game but this wont win the game on the spot). Even tho you lose 1card in hand size, you gain 3. So basicly… you gain 2 when it’s all said and done. I’m in general not a big fan of a card that gives you a bigger handsize, it doesn’t give you an advantage in it’s own right and sure it can build up for other kinds of combos, but I’m not really sure there is any kind of combo in the game that needs this card that’s worth it. We even have a resource card in the game at the moment that gives us the same effect (but is not being played anywhere important as far as I know) and that is Public Sympathy. A nay for me.

If we just ignore the damage part of this card which I think you actually should… more or less. This is a card that makes plenty of the standard Ice Breakers alot better (Yog.0 for example that can’t naturally be buffed). But that also of course depends on the ice your facing and if you’re often one strength of from being able to interact with the ice. Getting that one extra strength to brake through somewhat stronger ice can be a game changer at times. This card even saves you money the longer you have it on the field and the bigger need you have to buff your cards.

You want to put this card in your deck just to make a few other cards better. No, not wasting card space, resources or time on that.


I’ve put all these cards up at the same time and the in same text cause I just love to see them as a unit. Each card in itself has a pretty good effect and they mix and match incredibly well to create a strong game plan.

The new identity may not look like much, but in a way it automaticly puts 1 brain damage on the runner at the beinning of the game. Which is awesome and also very strong against Andromeda if she can’t get plenty of cards out on the first turn (yea the chances of that happening is low… but still).

Then we have the Agenda that ALSO acts like a brain damage, working great in combination with the identity and the new card Ryon Knight which just seems… incredibly good. Mixing it with some ice that forces your opponents to spend clicks is now great. As a Runner you will have to think about what will happen if Ryon is at a certain location. Thinking about if they have to stop after spending a few clicks and at the same time if you’ve put in resources to make a run… you will want to complete it. Right?

In general I just love the gameplan of lowering your opponents hand with cards that are not in themself horrible. I can definatly see myself trying out a HB deck once this pack is out.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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FFG Announcing a “new” LCG – Netrunner: The Card Game

Hello Nurglings!

Okay, so I’m just going to share this announcement cause I love the setting of “Android”.
A world that actually started with the board game called Android, and has since then gotten plenty of products surrounding this world like books and most importantly: more games. This is one of them.

Let me share the announcement message with you.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Android: Netrunner! Originally designed by Richard Garfield and released in 1996, Netrunner was widely hailed as one of the greatest customizable card games of its era. Now, with Android: Netrunner, players can look forward to revisiting the game’s exciting play… or experiencing it for the first time.

Android: Netrunner is an asymmetrical Living Card Game™ for two players. Set in the cyberpunk future of Android, the game pits a megacorporation and its massive resources against the subversive talents of lone runners. Corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, and netrunners try to score points by breaking through the corporation’s defenses and stealing valuable data. The first player to seven points wins the game, but not likely before he suffers some brain damage or bad publicity.

So I read that, and sure that sounds like a good pitch and all. But what really got me into it, was the awesome artworks and feel! If any of you played the old RPG Shadow Run and enjoyed that world, you will love this. Sadly there is no magic in the mix, but the world still excites me in the very same way.

I know a certain person that probably won’t be able to stay away from this game (he truly loves the Android universe), and when he gets this, I will be testing the hell out of it! I will be sure to tell you what I think about it once I do.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Ulimate Fighting System (UFS) Lives!

UFS är ett kortspel som baseras på de många fightingspel och serietidningar som finns där ute i världen, så som Tekken, Streat Fighter osv. Ett kortspel som har gått upp och ner i popularitet i Sverige. Efter att ha försvunnit ner i djupet plockade Fantasy Flight Games upp spelet och började förse spelarna med nya produkter, men det varade inte länge. Kort efter sa Fantasy Flight nej till spelet och la av, de kände att det inte fanns någon vinst i att fortsätta med UFS och lade ner hela verksamheten. Sorglig dag för alla UFS spelare och de företag som börjat köpa in nya saker för att åter igen få igång spelet.

Men räds icke!

Spelet har nu ÅTER igen tagits upp av ett nytt amerikanskt företag vid namn Jasco Games! Som de ser ut nu, tog de även över de fyra senaste expansionen som släpptes av FFS och även om företaget inte är det samma så tvivlar jag inte på att dessa kommer vara spellegala i framtida event. Jasco Games planerar även att släppa ett helt eget set så snart som möjligt och med detta kommer även ett litet erbjudande från deras sida. Köp två displayer (24boosters, 10kort i varje) med boosters, så kommer du även att få med en display av det nya set de jobbar med just nu. Hur detta kommer tas upp här i Sverige vet jag inte ännu och vi får väl se om någon vågar sätta igång med UFS igen efter det svajiga livet spelet har haft.

Jag är själv redo att testa på spelet igen då det skiljer sig väldigt mycket från andra kortspel och jag ser ett spel som jag möjligen kan ha kul med i framtiden. Så för alla er därute som var rädda att aldrig få se UFS igen, ingen fara spelet kommer återupptas och fortsätta tryckas, kanske stannar det längre den här gången.

Jesco Games egna uttalande:

After several months of pouring our heart and soul into getting UFS back, IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! The Universal Fighting System CCG is alive once again! As of today, our negotiations with Fantasy Flight Games over the purchase of the UFS license are now finished. Jasco Games has now officially gained control of this amazing game that we have all come to love. We hope that this announcement is as exciting to you as it is to us, as we cannot begin to describe how eager we are to share with you our passion and ideas for the future of UFS.
As a token of our appreciation for all of your continued dedication and support:

• We want the player base to know that the UFS community is as important to us as the game itself. We personally welcome you to call and discuss the future of UFS with us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. We encourage you to share your ideas and feedback with us.

• We are treating our player base with a limited time offer that takes effect June 14th – August 1st. Each of you who purchase a total combination of 2 boxes (boosters and/or starters) of: (a) Soulcalibur IV: Tower of Souls, (b) Soulcalibur IV: Quest of Souls, (c) ShadoWar, and (d) Tekken VI will receive a FREE booster box of the upcoming UFS expansion; first produced expansion by Jasco Games! This offer is limited to one purchase per player. Availability of this offer will only be through Jasco Games.

• Tell your retail stores to contact us for a special onetime start-up promotion kit to kick off the UFS excitement again!

There is so much to look forward to in the near future, not only for the players, but for us. Get excited and get ready, because UFS is coming back stronger than ever!


Nerd stuff!

Dags för lite nörd skrivande! Jag gillar inte uttrycker men jaja, folk gillar det så får väl följa med i det där.

I vilket fall fick jag just syn på en dröm, en relik som har funnits i franrike och bara väntat på att få släppas här. En expansion till det härliga brädspelet: Tannhäuser.

Nämligen: Operation: Novgorod .


Väntat på expansionen i ett år nu och äntligen träffade den hyllor utöver hela världen då Fantasy Flight Games insåg att. “Oj sa vi att vi skulle börja göra något me den här produkten… i Januari… 2008?”
I vilket fall så är jag glad att äntligen få tillgång till detta och får hoppas att dom blir lite snabbare med att släppa iväg expansions grejer till ett spel, som är kul, men behöver mer alternativ och element. Coffeh kan hålla med mig där. 😉

Sen en annan god nyhet. Efter att ha fått ihop en ca 600 poängs arme för Tau så skall jag nu börja med ett litet större projekt med Black Templars.
Ni säger: Va? Jag säger: Hm?… Ja juste! För warhammar 40.000 såklart. ^^ Ett tabletop spel med armer och figurer som man målar och limmar och… så vidare.

Även om tau är ett projekt jag kommer ha kvar och inte göra mig av med (troligen kommer det spelas mest 400-500poängs matcher mellan mig och vänner), så vill jag börja på något som jag alltid varit intresserad av egentligen.

Black Templars. Tänk er: Supermänniskor. Korsriddare. I framtiden. Som slåss för sin herre med stora vapen och blixtrande krigshammare. Tänk er dom i svarta rustningar och kors och små heliga texter utöver sig.


Ja hur kan man… inte älska dom!

Mer om det kommer så fort jag sätter igång. Tack och lov får jag en del saker från min bror då han var först med denna arme (en anledning till varför jag inte spelat dom). Så han får mig att spara in nästan 700kr. 🙂 Tack bror!