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Nurgleprobe Podcast #8 – Carcassonne

Hello one and all!

Time for another podcast episode, this time covering the tile-laying / worker placement game Carcassonne. It’s one of those games that you can find anywhere these days usually next to Monopoly and Ticket to Ride in the toy stores and even at supermarkets. But is the game any good?

Listen and find out!

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Thans for listening, take care, cya soon!

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Netrunner – Top 5 cards – Order and Chaos

Okay so I want to start of by saying that plenty of cards in the set have a place somewhere, and some cards work great in different types of combos. In this list there are cards that I can immediately see a good place for without having to show you 2-3 other cards to explain the value.

Other than that it will be very interesting to see how the cards from Order and Chaos will be used. So before I go in to the 5 cards that I like, I should really mention 3 other cards that may have caught your eye.

Netrunner - Eater
Netrunner - Government Takeover
Netrunner - Traffic Accident


Yes, it’s a great card, being able to take care of any ice out there at the cost of you not being able to access cards, of course this wont matter if you play with different replacement effects that let’s you do other things or trigger other effects. Great card that will be played, but not one that I’m THAT excited about.

Government Takeover
This card is getting plenty of buss because one, it’s a huge score card, 2 it has a greaaaat effect if you manage to actually do so. But still meh under my radar.

Traffic Accident
I mean, 2 damage for 0 money, yes pulease! Needs 2 tags to do it tho, but in the right deck. Holy moly can you gather a good hand of burn cards.

Now to the cards I do care about!

Netrunner - I've Had Worse
5 I’ve had worse
About time we got a second good draw card, mixing this with Diesel feels… well… great. But it’s not the only great thing about this card. In the matchups where you probably will take some damage, this may draw you cards for free. Which will not only be great but also cancel out a card or effect from the corp. Love it.

Netrunner - Uninstall
4 Uninstall
Hey. Yay. Wombo Combos. Resets. Triggers. Counters. Craaazy!

Netrunner - High Risk Investment
3 High-Risk Investment
Well holy-moly money in the bank. If you manage to score just one of these against a runner that likes to keep his money high. It will be awesome for you as the corp. You can even save it to make it a rough choice for the runner, should they use Account Siphon? And when they do, they have to have a sweet plan to waste as much resources as possible that very turn. Or you know, just score if after they stole plenty of money or have a huge stash of cash and mimic it.

Netrunner - Housekeeping
2 Housekeeping
So as soon as your opponent decides to do something, you do 1 ”damage” to him. Wow. Really? That’s just great, and if the runner does not play any currents, this will be a overall game changing card.

Netrunner - Spooned
Netrunner - Forked
Netrunner - Knifed

1 Spooned / Forked / Knifed
The main reason I think these will see play is because a corp player can only have so much ice, and can only afford so much ice. Kill of the some of the most important ones and you will screw with their plans a plenty.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Tanto Cuore Expansion – Soon in English!

Hello my Nurglings!

I feel so bad that I haven’t done my review of Tanto Cuore yet. It’s a Japanese deck building game where you as a master of your house hire maids and build up you’re… house. It’s a fun and quick game and it’s been up to play at my local store several times. People love the style and theme of the game and adding that it’s a fun game just makes it more awesome. It’s becoming more and more competitive though, as we start getting passed the awesome theme and in to the strategy behind the game.

Anyway happy news! They are currently translating one of the expansions to the Enligsh version! As it is now it may even be out this December (or if not hopefully early next year), and this is how it looks:

This is what Arclight has to say about the game:

The long awaited English expansion to Tanto Cuore!

Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House, both a standalone game and the first expansion for Tanto Cuore, brings a garden theme to the world of maid-collecting, with construction cards such as “Garden”, “Lily Garden” and “Leaving”.

Tanto Cuore: Expanding the House includes 280 cards, with artwork from 27 artists.

©2010 Arclight,Inc.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

Nerd stuff!

Dags för lite nörd skrivande! Jag gillar inte uttrycker men jaja, folk gillar det så får väl följa med i det där.

I vilket fall fick jag just syn på en dröm, en relik som har funnits i franrike och bara väntat på att få släppas här. En expansion till det härliga brädspelet: Tannhäuser.

Nämligen: Operation: Novgorod .


Väntat på expansionen i ett år nu och äntligen träffade den hyllor utöver hela världen då Fantasy Flight Games insåg att. “Oj sa vi att vi skulle börja göra något me den här produkten… i Januari… 2008?”
I vilket fall så är jag glad att äntligen få tillgång till detta och får hoppas att dom blir lite snabbare med att släppa iväg expansions grejer till ett spel, som är kul, men behöver mer alternativ och element. Coffeh kan hålla med mig där. 😉

Sen en annan god nyhet. Efter att ha fått ihop en ca 600 poängs arme för Tau så skall jag nu börja med ett litet större projekt med Black Templars.
Ni säger: Va? Jag säger: Hm?… Ja juste! För warhammar 40.000 såklart. ^^ Ett tabletop spel med armer och figurer som man målar och limmar och… så vidare.

Även om tau är ett projekt jag kommer ha kvar och inte göra mig av med (troligen kommer det spelas mest 400-500poängs matcher mellan mig och vänner), så vill jag börja på något som jag alltid varit intresserad av egentligen.

Black Templars. Tänk er: Supermänniskor. Korsriddare. I framtiden. Som slåss för sin herre med stora vapen och blixtrande krigshammare. Tänk er dom i svarta rustningar och kors och små heliga texter utöver sig.


Ja hur kan man… inte älska dom!

Mer om det kommer så fort jag sätter igång. Tack och lov får jag en del saker från min bror då han var först med denna arme (en anledning till varför jag inte spelat dom). Så han får mig att spara in nästan 700kr. 🙂 Tack bror!