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Nurgleprobe Podcast #3 – Dead of Winter


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MTG – Modern Event Deck – Spoiler!

Hello Nurglings!

So a little bird on a forum that non of us ever visist (pfft right) shared a picture of a certain new Modern product! The back of the new Modern constructed deck that you will be able to buy to get in to modern quick and easy. And I must say: I LOVE THE COLORS. Okay… let’s go on.

This picture was posted on the forums;
Modern Constructed Deck - SPoiler

So what we can see is that we’re getting the following cards in the deck for sure:

The deck will include:
Elspeth, Knight Errant
Hero of Bladehold
Intangible Virtue
Honor of the Pure.

So we’re getting a Black and White token deck! I even think I will get one of these just to build a deck myself to have around if there is Modern event I want to go to with a deck that’s not the Blue Urza one. It also says that you will get black disruption cards and white removal cards in the deck. So below are just a few guesses on what you will get in the deck:

Guessing on the following cards:
Lingering Souls
Spectral Procession
Zealous Persecution
Raise the Alarm
Path to Exile
Tidehollow Sculler
MAYBE Thoughtsieze – otherwise something similar like Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek
MAYBE Marshflats, Godless Shrine, Isolated Chapel

The guesses above are all based on cards that are very popular in modern token decks right now. The real question is how much value they want to put into the lands and spells of the deck. They probably won’t give us a full set of any land.

Will be interesting to see what they will add to the first proper Modern product they put out there. Let’s hope it’s better than we think!So what do you think will be in this deck? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Hearthstone – Bringing singleplayer and 30 new cards! [5 of them below]

HS News - Curse of Naxramas - A heartstone Adventurer

Hello Nurglings!

Blizzard just announced some awesome news for Hearthstone. They will finally give us a singleplayer like experience with a dungeon like mode within Hearhstone.
Tho the news I feel is most important to me as a constructed player (with hardly any money) is to see what the 30 new cards will be. It’s fun to see the new commons and rares that we can add to our cheap decks. And the five that has been shown so far (I was really close on the spider egg effect btw!) seems interesting enough.

Back to the event part:

The whole thing is a single-player experience within HS, you play through “five wings” and at each level you face bosses, challenges and unlock cards for your collection. Sounds sweet! I thought… until I read that beyond the first wing you will actually have to pay to enter the next stage (with gold or real money), and this kinda makes my eye twitch a little bit. I don’t mind if the gold price Is fairly costed (the same cost of a arena run would be fine with me), but anything that seems way to high for casual players would just make me irritated.

I know you want to make money, but please give the poor players a fair chance to experience this as well!

Anyway, to read more about the event format and so on go here:

Now let’s move on to comment the cards!

HS Spoiler - New Card - Undertaker
So we don’t know about all the new Deathrattle cards that will be coming out so it’s kinda hard to say if this card is “good” or not. I would say that it’s okay at the moment. Every other Deathrattle card basicly gets a Shattered Sun Cleric battlecry attached to them (well for this card). And there are a few that already see play and are actually played in the earlier turns. Once again, not sure if that makes it worht this card for a chance of pumping it up. You probably want to play a card that makes sure you get some value. Hard to say at the moment tho, will be interesting to see if people try this card out.

HS Spoiler - New Card - Naxxramas
Okay I love this card! So the place I already see it in, is the Miracle Rogue deck. Being able to play a card turn 3 that have stealth built in that will grow every turn after that? Yes please! Seems to be a very strong card for that deck and maybe even for other decks depending on how long they want to stay in the game. Remember tho that Miracle Rogue is not the strongest deck in the game exactly but it’s fun to see a new card that works for that deck.

HS Spoiler - New Card - Nerubian Egg
This card is interesting. I was very close on my guess on this cards effect, I was right on the deathrattle and what kind of effect it would have (tho I guessed a 5/5). But I was also hoping for the card to have built in Taunt, to make it hard for your opponent to decide if he wants to attack for a turn or not. You can still give it taunt with other cards of course, or give it attack so that you can trade it with another minion and get the spider out on the field. The card gives some great value when it creates a 5/5 in a trading situations, and even giving it taunt will create strong situations for you. Your opponent dont want to attack it unless they can handle the 5/5 with what they have available to them, but not attacking it would also mean one or two wasted turns (depending on the gameplan of the deck of course). I do believe it’s a strong card, but at the same time I think it’s hard to find a great place for it right now. Is it a better Taunt card than Ancient Watcher? Maybe.

HS Spoiler - New Card - Dancing Swords
You get a cheap big creature, and it may be worth it if they waste 2+ cards on it. Most of the time they wont. So. Yea. No. The problem is that you lose the card AND your opponent gains a card. Even if he trades 1for1, he still replaces the card he used and you get nothing from it. Don’t like him. Rather play Harvest Golem turn 3 that gives me a similar situation instead of him, or even a Yeti on turn 4.

HS Spoiler - New Card - Baron Rivendare
It’s lacking the attack, but triggering Deathrattle on your minions twice? It’s pretty good actually! He’s cheaply costed enough to make it worth while as well, you get 2 minions from Harvest Golem, you draw 2 cards from Loor Hoarder, Leper Gnome deals 4 damage, Sylvanas Windrunnes takes 2 minions, Carine Bloodhoof gives you 2 minions. Spider Egg gives you two minions. Yea. Seems to be fine when the value is there!

Can’t wait to see what more they will bring to the game, and I’m excited to see how it will change the meta game and decks being played. COME ON PRIEST!

So where will you use the new cards if anywhere, are you happy with them? Dissapointed?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Journey Into Nyx – All the promos!

Hello Nurglings.

Yea it’s time to post promos when I see them. 😀
Like the good old times, enjoy!

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Dawnbringer Charioteers

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Dictate of Kruphix

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Dictate of the Twin Gods

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Doomwake Giant

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Eidolon of Blossoms

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Heroes' Bane

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Scourge Fleets

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Spawn of Thraxes

MTG - Journey Into Nyx Promo - Squelching Leeches

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Spoilers – Two promos for M14!

Hello Nurglings!

So we got the two release event promos in our hands! Okay no I don’t actually have them in my hands but I have pics of them that I can share! So first one is a card that we’ve already seen in the set and I’m not really … excited about it, but who knows. Maybe it’s okay somewhere? In… draft I guess.

MTG - M14 Spoiler - Promo - Hive Stirrings

Okay moving on to a completely new card from the set that we have not seen before. And it’s a very cute and entertaining card! I mean… Goblin Diplomats? That is awesome. 🙂

MTG - M14 Spoiler - Promo - Goblin Diplomats

Thanks for checking in.
Until next time Nurglings, take care!
Cya soon.

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Article by Naoki – MTGO 4 Sealed Events

Recently I have been working a very busy schedule for my job. This coupled with school has left me limited time to work with magic, but I have managed to get in a few games in these past few days. One I would particularly like speak about is MTGO’s 4 pack sealed event.
I personally feel this event is potentially a great way to build up one’s collection while keeping costs to a minimum. My reasoning behind this thought is because the only entry requirement is 4 booster packs. The prize break down is as follows:

1st: 5 boosters
2nd – 4th: 3 boosters
5th – 7th: 1 booster
8th: 0 boosters

So if one were to some how manage to alternate between the top four slots, then essentially you could play for free forever. Of course this is only a hypothetical scenario. So now onto the actual game play.

The play is rather interesting, because unlike most games instead of playing with a 40 card deck your deck minimum is 30. This leads to a rather fast paced game. Lets not forget about those good ol’ mill decks. Not having very much experience I had gained quite a bit. So here is some basics I’ve figured for deck building in this limited format.

You want to keep to the 30 card minimum as much as possible. Next, you will want to have about 12 – 13 mana. Most likely you will probably be playing with three colors.

I know that this wasn’t the most informative post about how one should tackle the event, but I do feel this is a good start. I also came upon this older article for how to get a better understanding of this event. If you’re on a budget, then this may be something you want to get into for mtgo. And for those of your that are interested about the article I had found here it is: Magic: The Classroom.

I do apologize for not posting more. My schedule is quite hectic as I mentioned before, but I shall try my best to make a new post each week. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until next time have a good game. =)

(Original post found here:

Draft Ravnica on Magic the Gathering Online

Hello everyone!

Just got reminded by naokihan from that Magic The Gathering Online are currently having Ravnica drafts again! (The old Ravnica block not the new one that we don’t even have all the info about yet).

There arent many days left of the event so get on there and play some!

START TIMES: On demand starting after the downtime on Wednesday, August 29, and ending with the downtime Wednesday, September 5.

LOCATION: Limited Queues room.

ENTRY OPTION(S): 15 Event Tickets OR 3 Event Tickets plus product.

PRODUCT: 1 Ravnica booster pack, 1 Guildpact booster pack, and 1 Dissension booster pack.

SIZE: 8 players.

DURATION: Drafting and deck building time plus 3 rounds, single elimination.

Thanks to naokihan for the heads up and as always…
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

The biggest Trading Card Game tournament ever held is…

Hello Nurglings!

Yea I know that you’re all excited, sitting at your computers, or with your Ipads or phones on the buss thinking: well isn’t this obvious?

Magic The Gathering must be the game that held the biggest tournament in the TCG category. That would be the obvious answer from the top of any gamers head I think. Some may take a step further and see it as a trick question and quickly jump on to:

Pokémon. It’s a popular game and plenty of kids still play that around the world. Tournaments still seems to be doing best in the US and Japan though. Pokémon is indeed one of the best selling card games on the market. That is strengthened by the fact that it keeps going together with a cartoon for kids plus a series of games that are popular for people in all ages.

But no. Neither of the above is the correct answer.

Yup… you guessed it.

The correct answer is Yu Gi Oh! And the tournament:
100th Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament!
So how many people joined the tournament Nurgle? Well let me start by telling you this, they made 3,500 play mats for the tournament to give out to the players… they ran out of play mats. The final player count:

So now you know.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

The Spoils at Gencon! (info and what not)

Hello everyone, just to give some extra publicity to this awesome game and what they will be doing at Gencon, I’m doing this sweet post for you guys. There’s a bunch of fun things that will be going on and be sold at Gencon so be sure to check them out while they are there! You don’t know much about the spoils? Well let’s just give you this little flavor then.

The Spoils is one awesome card game that takes place in one twisted fantasy world filled with, sex, gore, violence, soldiers and cuthulu inspired beats! It’s a mix of the best from both WoW TCG and Magic The Gathering. You should really take a look at this game if you love any of those games.

To check out any and all info about the even you should go to

First of all, some info about the open booze draft:

Quoted from Will Clark @

Due to a generous donation from Doc, there will be an Open Beta Booze Draft Thursday August 4 at 11pm.

The winner gets a bottle of Macallen12 year old Scotch!!!

The Cost will $10 and will be limited to 16 players.

4 packs of Beta will be used
We will be using Open Beta rules with the text of the card being correct. No 1st edition errata.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Gencon.

This event will not appear in the Gencon program, so there will be no prereg for it. First come first serve. 18 to play 21 to win*

They will also be selling playmats with art from not yet released cards, the one below here is just one example of the 6 different variants.

Quoted from Will Clark @
Good news everybody!!!!

The Spoils will have a great selection of merchandise available at Gencon. We will be selling 6 unique playmats containing Seed 3 artwork, special t-shirts, and pewter micromajig tokens.

If you buy all 6 playmats you will get a special playmat not available for purchase.

And now to the general information, and a huuuge chunk of it:

It’s Gencon Time Again!!
Gen Con will be opening up for registration for events at Noon (US Eastern time) on May 1, 2011.
Now I could write something extremely hilarious and witty but you, The Spoils player, are just going to skip it and move directly to the events.
So to appease my audience I instead immediately give you the 2011 Spoils Gencon Event List
Enjoy 😉
Will Clark, your OP Director.

1:00pm Satellite Constructed

Open Constructed Event
Cost: $10
• Winner gets free entry into the Constructed Championship on Friday as well as 1 bye for the event.
• Product prizes and Promos to top finishers

3:00pm Seed Block Draft
Each player will receive 2 packs of Seed 1 and a pack of Seed 2.
Cost: $16
• 1st place gets an iPod Nano.
• 2nd place gets an iPod Shuffle.
• Product prizes to top finishers

4:00pm Satellite Draft
Cost: $16
• Winner gets free entry into the Limited Championship on Saturday as well as 1 bye for the event.
• Product prizes and Promos to top finishers.

7:00pm Seed 1 Sealed
This is a Seed 1 only sealed event. Each player gets a Seed-1 Competition Pack and two packs of Seed-1 boosters.
Cost: $10
• Winner Gets a Nintendo Wii
• Second gets a $50 amazon Gift card.
• Product Prizes to the top finishers

10:00am First Edition Part 1 and Part 2 Draft

Each player will receive 2 packs of First Edition Part 1 and a pack of First Edition Part 2.
Cost: $14
• 1st place gets an iPod Nano
• 2nd place gets an iPod Shuffle
• Product prizes to top finishers
1st edition is leaving. It is sold out. Unlike the Rolling Stones or Green Day, it still has its artistic integrity. You just can’t buy it anymore, so this will be the final official event using those products!

2:00pm US National Championship – Constructed
Open Constructed event.
Cost: $20
• 1st place- Apple iPad
• 2nd place- Acer Netbook
• 3rd and 4th- Flip Video Camera
• 5th-8th- iPod Shuffle
• Product and Promos down to 16th place.*
Bring your best constructed deck and fight to be crowned the King of Constructed, but remember that winning isn’t everything. It’s really fun though and chicks dig winners… and dudes with tattoos.
*If the turnout for the Championships reaches 40 or higher prize support will extend down to 32.*

7:00pm Seed Block Sealed
Each player receives 1x Seed-1 Competition Pack + 2x Seed-2 boosters
Cost: $24
• 1st place gets an Xbox 360
• 2nd place gets a $100 Amazon Gift card
• 3rd and 4th get an iPod shuffle
• Product prizes to top finishers

11:00pm Booze Draft
Seed Block Draft for a bottle of Grey Goose.
Must be 21 to participate. We will be checking ID.
Cost: $16
• First place takes “home” a bottle of Grey Goose
If you prefer to have your vodka chilled, then we recommend using the cold bodies of the people you crush on your way to victory.

10:00am US National Championship – Limited

Seed Block Sealed with a top 8 Draft.
Cost: $26
• 1st place- Apple iPad
• 2nd place- Acer Netbook
• 3rd and 4th- Flip Video Camera
• 5th-8th- iPod Shuffle
• Product and Promos down to 16th place.*
Do you have the skill, the mental fortitude or sheer luck to be the crowned ruler of Limited? We certainly hope so because someone has to win.
*If the turnout for the Championships reaches 40 or higher prize support will extend down to 32.*

1:00pm Seed Block Constructed
Cost: $10
• 1st place gets a $75 GameStop Gift card.
• 2nd place gets a $50 GameStop Gift card.
• Product prizes to the top finishers.
Last year we had one of these but we didn’t realize that the nearest GameStop was very far away so we gave away cold (OK room temperature) hard (pretty flexible really) cash. It’s ALL ABOUT THE JEFFERSONS BABY.

7:00pm 1st Edition Part 1 and 2 sealed
Each player will get 1x Competition Pack of 1st Edition + 2x Part-2 boosters.
Cost: $22
• First place gets an Xbox 360.
• Second place gets a $100 Amazon Gift card.
• 3rd-4th will receive an iPod shuffle.
• Product prizes to the top finishers.
Say goodbye to drafting 1st edition in style by winning a Spoils Skinned Xbox 360. That’s right it’s skinned sexy Spoils fashion.

11:00pm Booze Draft
Seed Block Draft for a bottle of Patron.
Must be 21 to participate. We will be checking ID
Cost: $16
• First place takes “home” a bottle of Patron
Patron goes down so smooth. It tastes almost as good a Tiger’s Blood or the tears of your defeated opponents.

All day, every day
Seed Block Draft
Single elimination event.
We will run one of these whenever we have 8 players.
Cost: $14
• Prizes to top 4. There will be lots of product given out.

** Gencon Special **
Meat Exchange
The banning of Meat of the Mountain destroyed many players’ hopes and dreams for constructed domination.
To help alleviate the pain of the loss of your meat, we will be exchanging your copies of Meat of the Mountain for any ASS promo that has been released to the General Public. This will only go on while supplies of ASS promos last.
You can receive a non-foil version of any ASS promo for a non-foil copy of Meat of the Mountain. You can receive any foil ASS promo or foil alternate art dual resource for a foil Meat of the Mountain.

My return to The Spoils! Welcome to The Spoils!

Hello everyone, I’m glad to see you all back here now that I have an announcement to make. Well actually most of you already know that I’ve been talking about The Spoils lately and that I want to support this game and its growth. And like the honest man I am, this first post on The Spoils is about my very “return” to the game, even though I have been staying somewhat updated at the official forums and was just sitting down with the vast rule document and judge guidelines (you need to read up on those once in awhile), I feel ready to return.

I recently applied myself to volunteer as an article writer or “columnist” for the The Spoils website. The very first thing I was asked to write about, or hinted that I could write about, was my local meta game. At this time I think Bizze is better suited for that task, seeing as they have more constructed tournaments in his area. Where I live we’re crazy about limited formats, sealed and drafts is the way we love to go, it’s also a great way to get new players in to the mix. They sit down, see the cards, build a deck and get a small collection to start of their The Spoils careers.

So, no, this is not an article I’m doing for The Spoils site, this is all for you my Nurgle fans. I don’t think a personal note about me coming back would be very interesting for them so instead, I welcome you all to the spoils!

Well thank you Nurgle, but what is this marvelous “The Spoils” that you talk about?

The spoils is one heck of a card game, it got humor, great game play, sweet community and lately some awesome tournament support. Arcane Tinmen is really doing their best to give something to their players, and I must say their doing a great job and deserve a huge player base. Just like many other card games, they have weekly tournaments known as Afternoon Saturday Spoils (ASS for short). Where you have to chance to get some sweet promos, meet up with people, try your new decks and just have a great time.

If you’re familiar with different competitive card games, you will probably recognize the style of the The Spoils quickly, it’s taken the best from several different systems and put it together to the best possible experience. If you ever played Magic The Gathering for example, you know that at times you will draw a lot of mana and flood your hand, or vice versa. In the spoils you instead use a resource system where any and every card in your hand can be used set facedown a recourse on the field. There is more to it of course, but for an example that will do for now.

As you know I’m currently located in Gothenburg Sweden (or now you know), and for all of you that are Swedish and hit this blog, if you’re interested in the spoils hit me with an email (contact information at the top of the blog) or just a comment to let me know that you are out there. The rescue missions for the game may have been a great success but it’s now time to help the game grow in my local area. Wish me the best of luck everyone!

By the way, if to write an article on The Spoils, where should I start? What should I write about? I’m really taking a long deep look for inspiration and I probably need to get in to the constructed game again to really feel what I can and want to write. Well until next time, stay safe, look up the spoils and have fun!

Cya soon!