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Short Review – Recettear: An Item’s shops tale

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Everytime I get asked what kind of role or class I would have in a game, I always answer ”the shopkeeper”. Not only do they have a incredibly safe job, they also get to be the hero from behind the sceenes, they can teleport items from location to location without moving a finger, they have pets and portals to sell items across… well any distance and anywhere. That’s kinda awesome. And I haven’t mentioned the riches they have!

Recettear is a game that gives you a behind the sceene look on how it is to be that shopkeeper. You’re not the hero, instead you have inherited your fathers store and his somewhat… HUGE loan that you have to pay back. You collect items either from distrubiutors or by taking a friendly hero with you to a dungeon, killing enemies, finding treasures and defeating bosses.

The game is plenty of fun and you want to keep going trying to get better results and better items as you level up your shop-keeping-skills. Sadly tho there is not a lot of content, the game is tiny in both price and size. After you’ve learned everything there is to know, started to craft your own items, mastered the skills of buying and selling stuff, it ends up being a bit repetetive at times. Even though there are new story elements and some fun events to playthrogh, the basic game stays the same.

The dungeons don’t give a lot of variety either and they’re mostly there to give you more to handle when it comes to your time management, and also to add some needed gameplay. But I still enjoy being a shopkeeper and trying to make more and more money.

Overall a fun experience and definatly recommended.

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Guild Wars 2 – Ascalonian Catacombs Dungeon Cinematic

Oh, I already wish that I could sit down and enjoy the world of Guild Wars 2, and thanks to a comment here on the blog that linked me to another blog, I just want to play it even more. The alias of the person zakgrin told me to check out his blog about Guild Wars 2, and I did, the first video I found there just put me in a huge GW 2 mode again. Come on! Work faster! Or… no, take the time you need to make it awesome! But… maybe faster?

Have a look. Also take a look at the blog that will be filled with the latest Guild Wars 2 goodies: