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MTG – Duel Deck: Heroes Vs. Monsters [Deck Lists]

Hello Nurglings!

About time I shared these lists ey? ;D

MTG - Duel Decks Heroes vs Monsters - image



Lands: 24
2x Boros Guildgate
11x Mountain
2x New Benalia
9x Plains

Creatures: 19
1x Anax and Cymede*
2x Armory Guard
1x Auramancer
1x Cavalry Pegasus*
1x Dawnstrike Paladin
1x Fencing Ace
1x Figure of Destiny
2x Freewind Equenaut
1x Gustcloak Sentinel
1x Kamahl, Pit Fighter
1x Nobilis of War
1x Somberwald Vigilante
2x Stun Sniper
1x Sun Titan
1x Thraben Valiant
1x Truefire Paladin

Other Spells: 17
1x Battle Mastery
1x Bonds of Faith
2x Condemn
1x Daily Regimen
1x Griffin Guide
1x Magma Jet
1x Miraculous Recovery
1x Moment of Heroism
1x Ordeal of Purphoros*
1x Pay No Heed
1x Pyrokinesis
1x Righteousness
1x Smite the Monstrous
1x Stand Firm
1x Undying Rage
1x Winds of Rath


Lands: 26
11x Forest
2x Kazandu Refuge
2x Llanowar Reborn
10x Mountain
1x Skarrg, the Rage Pits

Creatures: 22
2 Blood Ogre
1 Conquering Manticore
1 Crater Hellion
1 Crowned Ceratok
2 Deadly Recluse
1 Deus of Calamity
1 Ghor-Clan Savage
2 Gorehorn Minotaurs
1 Kavu Predator
1 Krosan Tusker
1 Orcish Lumberjack
1 Polukranos, World Eater*
1 Satyr Hedonist*
1 Skarrgan Firebird
1 Skarrgan Skybreaker
1 Troll Ascetic
2 Valley Rannet
1 Zhur-Taa Druid

Other Spells: 12
1 Beast Within
1 Destructive Revelry*
1 Dragon Blood
1 Fires of Yavimaya
2 Prey Upon
1 Pyroclasm
1 Regrowth
1 Shower of Sparks
1 Terrifying Presence
2 Volt Charge

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig