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Mojangs new game: Scrolls – Open beta!


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So it’s finally time for some non-MTG-related news again, how about that? Awesome I know! So you may have heard of this game known as Minecraft (created by a well known man called Notch). You may also known that the company that stands behind the game is known as Mojang. Well Mojang is working on a completely new title called: Scrolls.

If you heard about the game from before, it may be that you heard about their fight over the name with Bethesda. Creators of the game: Elder SCROLLS V: Skyrim. Yup they wanted to be exclusive with the scrolls part of the name and took Mojang to court. You can read more about that here: (It’s old and settled tho!)


scrolls ingame pic

Scrolls is a game that’s been in a closed beta for a long time, but NOW on June 3d the game is going in to open beta! Which means that everyone can get a piece of the action. I will be looking in to the game as soon as a download button appears and you’re welcome back to read a review and even watch me live stream the game (if allowed) after the 3d.

The game itself is a mix of a collectable card (scrolls) game where you collect, buy and trade scrolls with other players. These scrolls are then used to create decks that you use to fight your opponent. The design of the playing-field reminds you a lot of the old Heroes of Might & Magic games, where you use unit position and magic to beat your opponent. The details on how the game is played and such will be up as soon as I try the game out.

Open beta trailer:

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MTG – Date for next Standard Rotation (M13 – Return to Ravnica)

Hello Nurglings!

STANDARD ROTATION: October 5th, 2012
Also: Magic 2013 will be in standard from July 13th 2012.

I noticed that there are alot of people looking for this so I thought I would inform you.

The following sets all rotate out of Standard on: October 5th, 2012
Scars of Mirrodin
Mirrodin Besieged
New Phyrexia
Magic 2012

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Restoration Angel Promo – This friday! Don’t miss it.

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Just wanted to remind you NOT to miss the FNM this Friday! Why is it so important that you don’t miss it? Well, you get the Restoration Angel promo this Friday. I don’t believe you want to miss out on that!


(Don’t know where you can find a tournament? Go here: )

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