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Conquest War Pack – The Scourge – All cards!

Okay so I’m just uploading this becuase I myself wanted a spot where I could see all cards from the set. I will do the same for the set that was just released last week and the very first set released some time ago. Woop. ;D

So here are all the cards from the War Pack – The Scourge

Conquest - The Scourge - Set 1
Conquest - The Scourge - Set 2
Conquest - The Scourge - Set 3

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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The cycle of enemy lands is complete!

Hello Nurglings!

The cycle of land cards is complete! Let’s start with the ones we had from Dark Ascension.

Grim Backwoods
It’s so sad that this card is kiiinda costs to much for an effect you really don’t want to use. The whole idea is probably to use it in combination with Undying creatures, but I rather have my opponent waste a removal or do a bad block before my Undying creature has used its ability.
I DO use one of these in my Frites deck though, the reason is so that I can control when I want to use Flayer of the Hatebound trigger to my advantage. Still, probably the worst land in the cycle.

Vault of the Archangel
Well this card is just in so many ways; lifelink and deathtouch are two sweet abilities by itself. Giving both to all your creatures is something that is really powerful. You can control the field when it comes to battles, as long as your opponent isn’t flying over your creatures. But since this cards fits so well with token decks that isn’t usually a problem. Having plenty of 1/1 flying, lifelink, deathtouch creatures… well that is just annoying for any combat oriented deck.

Desolate Lighthouse
A lot of people guessed (me including) that the U/R land would be a looter type of card, I also guessed that it would do 1 damage to target opponent but nope. It simply loots. This card will probably see some play, we will just have to wait and see how… worth it, it is to loot for 4mana at the end of your opponents turn. Most of the time you should have other tricks with U/R deck, unless it is a Burning Vengeance type deck where you want to dump cards. For example, wouldn’t you rather (most of the time) just cast Think Twice or Forbidden Alchemy?

Slayer’s Stronghold
Just as with Desolate Lighthouse I’m not sure of its use in the Standard environment. In block this card is probably great (red/white being very popular in block). It’s one of those cards that will be very very good or okay. Playing a cheap creature like Vexing Devil for example can be very devastating for your opponent. Imagine a scenario where they are tapped out, you killed the defending creatures, they have a lot of good answers in hand but they can do anything on your turn. They are somewhat low on life and playing Vexing Devil can be very annoying when they simply have to take the 4 damage or get attacked taking 6. But if they take the 4 damage, you may still have other good cards in hand that they don’t want you to cast.
I think you understand the idea right?

Alchemist’s Refuge
This is my favorite land of the five. Just image how many end of turn tricks you can do with this card. What can you cast for a little mana you ask. Well, how about an end of turn 10/10 Treefolk zombie in a green blue self mill deck? Yea I know that is just a “fun” card but I bet there is a lot of other sweet uses for it. I love flash in general and I think people will be playing around with this card a lot in the format to come (well maybe).

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!