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Scrolls Card Game – 3 new Scrolls! [With comments/reviews]

Hello Nurglings!

I know my ”almost a review” is still not out for this game but I’m still going to post news about it, and you can do nothing to stop me! Mohahaaha! So anyway, three new Scrolls have been released and I thought we would take a look at them.

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Noaidi

Okay so this guy is a bit iffy, the effect is very strong in the right deck but I’m not sure if there is a spot for him yet. He could work well in the 3-color control decks where he would give you resources + a guy, which in some cases would be better than a Memorial. If you’re facing duo decks you can even get some awesome value from this guy.

You won’t play him in pure Growth decks tho, his stats are ”okay” but they are nothing you really need in the Growth decks in the moment. If you face an opponent that’s not any of your colors he’s really not worth the space in the deck.

But the more popular multicolor decks gets this guy will get better, and if you play one yourself let me know how he works out for you. I will be trying him in my 3-color deck and will report on my success!

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Efficiency

The reason this card exists, is so that you wont have to discard for resources in Order/Energy decks. Instead you can play this and sac a card for two cards, that way you get your resource for the turn + new cards in your hand. It can also be used to push your damage that one extra step if needed.

I’m not sure how this card mixes with Iron Ogre if you get +1 Energy for EACH unit he manages to kill or just the first one, aka: a static ability that only trigger once. I’ve seen a few Energy / Order decks out there and I can defiantly see this card being used as a ramp card (ramping = working up your resources faster than 1 each turn) especially since Energy want to have a great amount of resources towards the end game.

This way it’s easier for them to work out their combos and kill of units and Idols… FAST.

Scrolls - Spoiler - New card - Dust Runner
Dust Runner
I LOVE THIS GUY. Maybe he will be overrated, maybe he will not do as much work as I think he will, but every single burn spell just got better in Energy. Use a Spark to get a creatures health down and let this guy finish him of. Mixing this guy with Concentrated Fire also clears up week units fast. This will be a definite include in any Energy deck that focus on Ranged units.

Rememeber tho, his ability on works on CREATURES so Walls and Structures can stop him in his tracks.

Time to change our Energy decks. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my little commentary on the new cards, and until next time Nurglings.
Take care, cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

Magic the Gathering – M14 Spoiler – Archangel of Thune

Hello Nurglings!

So the MTG set M14 is just around the corner, and we’re starting to get spoilers handed to us around the net, through advertisement, websites, articles and so on. We’ve already seen the new Slivers and most people seem to be somewhat disappointed in them, they don’t feel as much as Slivers as the ones before them, but we’re not here to talk about Slivers. We’re here to talk about Angels. Or rather, a certain Angel with the name: Archangel of Thune!

(Oh and also: LOOK AT THAT AMAZING ARTWORK! I’m already calling this out as one of my top 5 arts from the set.)

MTG - M14 Spoiler - Archangel of Thune

So I don’t know if your thoughts trigger likes yours do, but I instantly thought of Baneslayer Angel when I saw this card. No it’s not as good as her, but it’s clearly a hint of her power to make us all excited. And are we? Maybe? Hm.

The question is really, is this card strong enough to go in to decks that are already playing white? Or will there be a completely new deck formed because of this card? I think we can see decks with this card in it for sure and I even feel tempted to start working on a G/W deck or even a Junk deck to fit this baby in to it! Okay… so maybe Bant is the best way to go with this card, giving you control, mana utility and aggression.

Deck lists will be out as soon as we know more about the set and I hope that you will come back to read all about it here.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig