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Nurgle’s Top 5 – New cards from M13!

Hello Nurglings!

Time for my top five newly created cards from Magic 2013 Core set, I usually do top 10, but I thought I would do a top 5 newly created and top 5 reprints. So let’s start with my favorite five new cards!

On spot number 5…

5. Cathedral of War
Is it just me that tries to find space for this card in every deck? If you play an aggressive deck this can be great to boost your early creatures, if you play big, it’s great just to make big even bigger. It comes in tapped which is sad, but I still think that this card will find its way in to some decks. I love it!

4. Knight of Glory/Infamy
I put these two at the same spot mostly because they are just mirrored versions of each other, only difference being what they protect themselves against. The exalted part makes these cards shine, the very same turn you put them in they will be able to boost another attacking creature. I absolutely love these guys, and no matter what kind of mono-black deck I will be building in the next format (except if it’s a dedicated Vampire deck) Knight of Infamy will be in it.

3. Augur of Bolas
I was going to put the new Merfolk lord on this list, but it’s really not a new card, it’s a updated version of Lord of Atlantis so I decided not to add him. Augur of Bolas is a new Merfolk friend that I think… may actually see play. Surprised? No. It’s not as good as Sea Gate Oracle, he is not a Ponder, but he is a cheap enough creature that makes his effect worthwhile. With enough sorceries and instants in your decks, you will be hitting those spells 70% (I have not done the math) of the time. Loving him!

2. Talrand, the Sky Summoner
This is another card that I believe will have some impact on Standard. And remember that this is MY favorite list so it’s not all about power. Talrand creates value, and as soon as you get to cast one, two or maybe even three spells while he is on the field, it all gets crazy. Don’t be surprised if you see him at your FNM after rotation (maybe even before).

1. Thragtusk
WHAT!? This guy, I love him! He is basicly a new Wurmcoil Engine for green. I know he doesn’t have Death Touch, but he gains you the life and if he leaves the field you still get a 3/3 to fight with. Actually, getting 5 life when he hits the battlefield is a lot better than having to attack your opponent, I have a green/white list with this guy in it, and I cannot wait to try that deck out. I may be posting it here soon for you all to check out. A big reason that this guy is useful is the fact that Vapor Snag/Unsummon will be useless against him in the format to come. Return him to my hand? I get a 3/3 and a chance to play him again for more value. Delver won’t like this guy.

So that’s my list, thanks for reading.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!