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Pokémon TCG deck – Darkrai EX / Giratina EX [Standard]

PTCGO - darkraiEX

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Darkrai EX
Deck Name: Dartina
Format: Standard

DarkraiEX GiratinaEX




2 Darkrai EX 4 Max Elixir 8 Darkness Energy
2 Giratina EX 4 VS Seeker 4 Double Dragon Energy
2 Shaymin EX 4 Ultra Ball
2 Jirachi 4 Trainers’ Mail
1 Yveltal w/ Oblivion Ring 4 Professor Sycamore
1 Yveltal w/ Fright Night 3 Fighting Fury Belt
1 Hoopa EX 2 Float Stone
2 Reverse Valley
2 N
1 Battle Compressor
1 Startling Megaphone
1 AZ
1 Delinquent
1 Hex Maniac
1 Lysandre
1 Xerosic
1 Professor Birch’s Observations

Video covering this deck will be coming up soon! To know when, be sure to subscribe on the youtube linked below!

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Pokémon TCG deck – Sceptile EX / Giratina EX [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Sceptile EX / Giratina EX
Deck Name: Sceptina
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016

Sceptile Giratina




4 Sceptile EX 4 VS Seeker 4 Double Dragon Energy
2 M Sceptile EX 4 Ultra Ball 8 Grass Energy
3 Spinark 3 Professor Sycamore
3 Ariados 2 Battle Compressor
3 Giratina EX 2 Lysandre
2 Shaymin EX 2 Enhanced Hammer
2 Level Ball
2 Switch
2 Sceptile Spirit Link
2 Forest of Giant Plants
2 Professor Birch’s Observations
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Energy Retriever
1 Xerosic
1 Hex Maniac

Hints / Things to think about

  • This deck plays very differently depending on your Matchup, some games you will focus heavy on Sceptile EX second attack. And at others Giratina EX ability and attacks. If you play the deck alot be sure to learn and understand when yo focus on which Pokémon.
  • M Giratina EX is great for healing but also for putting those two extra Energy cards on to your Giratina EX on your bench.
  • Sceptile EX first attack may not seem but much. But some fortunate flips can turn a game around,
  • Ariados attack stops your opponent from retreating, in a bad situation remember this as you can Lysandre out a weak or Pokémon without energy you can stall the game (hopefully) for a few turns.


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Pokémon TCG deck – Sharpedo EX / Hydreigon [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Sharpedo EX / Hydreigon
Deck Name: Sharpedo (Seriously it does not need anything cooler than that!)
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016

Sharpedo Hydreigon




4 Deino 4 Acro Bike 8 Darkness Energy
2 Zweilous 4 Ultra Ball 1 Psychic Energy
3 Hydreigon 4 VS Seeker
4 Sharpedo EX 3 Rare Candy
1 Malamar EX 3 Professor Sycamore
1 Shaymin EX 3 Silent Lab
1 Lugia EX 2 Switch
2 Professor Birch’s Obserbations
2 Head Ringer
1 Battle Compressor
1 Enhanced Hammer
1 Sacred Ash
1 AZ
1 Hex Maniac
1 Lysandre
1 Team Flare Grunt
1 Xerosic

Hints / Things to think about

  • Do not worry if you have to start the game with a active Deino or Shaymin EX using a single energy to retreat first turn can be acceptable. And often even recomnded if it’s the only way to get a energy to the discard pile first turn.
  • The deck as it is now is very focused on energy dissruption, if you feel it’s a bit to unstable. You can easily replace Enhanced Hammer, Team Flare Grunt and even Xerosic with other cards like Trainers’ Mail or a extra Silent Lab.
  • Do not be affraid to retreat with your Pokémon by discarding energy cards! You can easily get them back with a Hydreigon on the field.
  • The Psychic energy is semi important in matches where you fight against decks that are either very good at knocking out EX Pokémon and/or against cards like Regice!

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Pokémon TCG deck – Ancient Trait Entei / Pyroar [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Ancient Trait Entei / Pyroar
Deck Name: Fire Dogs
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016

Ancient Trait Entei Pyroar




4 Entei 4 Acro Bike 6 Fire Energy
4 Unown 4 VS Seeker 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Litleo 4 Blacksmith
2 Pyroar 3 Battle Compressor
2 Shaymin EX 3 Ultra Ball
3 Professor Sycamore
3 Hard Charm
3 Muscle Band
2 Switch
2 Lysandre
2 Scorched Earth
1 AZ
1 Ace Trainer
1 Sparkling Robe

Hints / Things to think about

  • Getting a first turn attack with Entei is not impossible with this deck. Always see if you have the options to do a first turn KO before wasting your supporter for the turn. Becuase you need to use Blacksmith to make it happen.
  • You do not always need to do your strongest attack with Entei even tho you have the option. Sometimes, you just want to tank up with Hard Charms and use ”Flame Screen” to set up a KO for next turn while being able to tank alot of damage.
  • Never forget, fire Energy in the Discard Pile is a tool for you with this deck.
  • Play a fire Energy or draw two cards with Scorced Earth, in most situations the card draw is correct to give your more options. But it all depends on the situation you’re currently in.
  • Entei’s second attack can do a maximum of 170damage in one attack. Make sure to punish those Manectric Exs’!


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Pokémon TCG deck – M Ampharos-EX / M Manectric-EX [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to the very first of many Pokémon TCG decks that will be posted on this blog!
Let’s jump right in to it.

Main Pokémon: M Ampharos-EX / M Manectric-EX
Deck Name: ManeAmp
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016

Ampharos Manectric




4 Manectric EX 4 Acro Bike 6 Electric Energy
2 M Manectric EX 4 VS Seeker 4 Double Colorless Energy
3 Ampharos EX 4 Mega Turbo
2 M Ampharox EX 4 Trainers’ Mail
2 Shaymin EX 3 Battle Compressor
1 Hoopa EX 3 Ultra Ball
3 Professor Sycamore
2 Lysandre
2 Switch
2 Shauna
2 Ampharos Spirit Link
2 Manectric Spirit Link
1 AZ

Hints / Things to think about

  • Ampharos EX can attack Pokémon with Safe Guard abilities! This is important to remember, don’t just scoop in those situations.
  • You’re opponent may decide to use Lysandre deffensivly to pull out your Hoopa EX or Ampharos EX without energies. Remember that you have 2 Switch and a AZ that can be used to return your active to your hand.
  • If you start with Ampharos active and Ampharos is your main plan for that game, do everything you can to find one of the Double Coloreless Energy and make sure to have atleast one electric energy ready in the Discard Pile for Mega Turbo. P(S: You don’t need to equip the DCE over a lightning energy first turn, you just need to have it ready!)
  • Even tho M Ampharos EX has the strongest attack, it’s completley fine to use Manectric as a attacker and win condition as well. Don’t feel forced to go with the Ampharos plan if you do not really need it in the matchup.
  • As in any deck with Mega Pokémon in it. Do not be affraid to evolve and ending your turn!

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What is topdecking? EXPLAINED

Hello everyone and welcome to a new series of YouTube series of videos that I’m working on, I will release a new one ever so often. Gonna try to do atleast 3-4 videos a month… covering different gaming terms! Explaining them, giving some backstory, showing of some moments with this happening (if all of these things are possible to talk about and/or show of course).

The first one is about topdecking, and as always the video itself will be better with time. As I get a better camera, or … a camera. And work my way around how I want the video edited and so on. Thanks for reading and watching.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Short Review – 100% Orange Juice

short review head100 orange juice Short Head100 orange juice short image

If you did not already figure it out, the name IS a word play on: 100% RNG. Which of course means: 100% Random Generator. And you will definatly feel that as you play. This little boardgame /cardgame is about rolling dice, moving around a board, fight the other players, collect stars and play cards from your hand with different effects. And of course you can gain levels and buy new cards within the game in booster packs. All to create a tiny but … a surprisingly fun game.

But this is one of those games that you should definatly play with your friends. All the randomnes of the different situations that occur throughout a round of play will definatly bring a smile to your faces. And as your tiny chibi-like characters run across the board you will want to continue hunting down those other players and points and cards and scores and… so on.

Even tho the game is random and alot of players will state that it is ALL random, you do actually have a few desicsions that still makes the game somewhat strategic. You can often decide to walk in a certain direction on the board, you build a deck of cards that goes in to the pool of cards that players can draw from, you decide on which goal you want to go for during the game and you decide which cards to play and when to play them. So there are desicions to be made! A lot mor than you would originally think anyway…

If you already love tiny random games with cute art and very positive music. Go ahead and get this game! If you don’t… well you’re probably not reading this anyway!


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Netrunner Deck – Runner/Anarch – Reina the Destroyer

Netrunner - Reina Roja
Deck: “Reina the Destroyer”
Identity: Reina Roja – Freedom Fighter
Cards: 45
Influenced used: 15/15

Netrunner - EVENT
3x Diesel (Core Set) ** ** **
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
3x Dirty Laundry (Creation and Control)
3x Steelskin (Order and Chaos)
3x Forked (Order and Chaos)
3x Knifed (Order and Chaos)
3x Spooned (Order and Chaos)

Netrunner - HARDWARE
3x Grimoire (Core Set)
1x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)
3x Prepaid VoicePAD (Second Thoughts)

Netrunner - ICEBREAKER
1x Corroder (Core Set)
1x Mimic (Core Set)
3x Crypsis (Core Set)
1x Eater (Order and Chaos)

Netrunner - PROGRAM
3x Datasucker (Core Set)
2x Djinn (Core Set)
2x Medium (Core Set)
3x Parasite (Core Set)
2x Paintbrush (Double Time) **** ****

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How to use Hearthstone emotes: The Guide


Okay, let’s put this straight, as a huge fan of and long time card gamer I’ve learned through the years how to act around card games. What to say, what not to say, how you fake cards & hands (even tho I’m horrible at it), but the most important lesson is how we treat eachother. Trading Card Games has always been a very social hobby and game form. And because of that we need to know how to treat eachother to make everyone feel welcome and enjoying the game!

So, why are Hearthstone players so bad at understanding when it’s approperiate to say ”Well Played” and when not to? This blog entry is about how we can use the ingame emotes as a proper communication tool (and how not to), but also how to use them to mindgame your opponent.

well played
“Well Played” aka. The handshake
This is the one that we all “need” to learn how to use properley. Mostly it’s right now used to taunt your opponent when your just about to win by hitting them with lethal, this is just horribly bad manners. Let’s go back to the IRL card games and how tournaments work there. If you win a match against your opponent no matter how good or bad or excellent the win was, you always wait for your opponent to stretch out their hand for a handshake. It’s up to them to decide if they want to do that. Why?

Becuase imagine this, you’ve just won the final in a tournament, the game itself wasn’t even close. You beat down your opponent, he never had a chance with the cards he drew and you pull of a quick and decicive win. Directly after this you smile happily about the win and try to shake your opponents hand. Seems nice right? No. On the other side of the table you have a person that may feel beaten down, defeated and humiliated and as he look up from the table he can see your smiling face and stretched out hand, would you shake it joyfully or would it feel like he’s adding insult to injury?

So in the future let’s try and use the “Well Played” emote the way it’s supposed to be used.

How to use “Well played.”
When you lose and want to gratulate the opponent.
When your opponent actually pulls of a good combination of actions that is indeed impressive.

How not to use “Well played.”
When you’re the winning player.
When your opponent uses the “Oops” emote.

The mindgame of “Well Played”:
If you use the “Well Played” emote before you actually have lost the game and you see that your opponent have exactly lethal on the board, he may actually notice is just because you said “Well Played.” His first thought may have been to try and kill your big minions to defend himself instead of actually killing you, not saying “Well Played” before it’s actually over can actually save you a few games of losses. This may not sound important, but trust me, people miss lethal more often then you think.

“Thanks.” aka. You suck
To say thanks is to show appretiation for a positive comment directed at you, in most cases. In Hearthstone you use it to taunt your opponent when they do a play that will favor you on your turn. It’s not quite as bad as the “Well Played” when you win manoveur, but I would say it’s still heavily frowned upon. To say “Thanks” just because your opponent makes an error they’re not aware of is kinda pointless. Just be happy to know that you’re now able to pull of some advanteges from their misshap. Oh, and of course remember that when you say “Thanks” and they end up acutally answering your play because they thought you had a certain card in your hand and they accounted for it… well. Karma.

How to use “Thanks.”
Say thanks when your opponent says “Well Played” because of a cool/good play you did.
Actually that’s about it.

How to not use “Thanks.”
In a taunting way when you believe that your opponent maid the wrong play.

The mindgame of “Thanks”
To quite honest there arent a lot of situations where you can use this effectily in HS, because there is a lack of interaction inbetween you and your opponent during one single turn, you basicly observe and hope for the best outcome. Secretss is really the only way to mindgame with “Thanks.” Let’s say your opponent makes a play that is actually quite strong, but in the situation you see that a certain secret would be a perfect answer, but you don’t have that particular secret in hand. Say “Thanks” and play the secret as soon as it’s your turn, this may create a situation where your opponent plays badly to get around a certain secret. For this interaction to work you will have to know about the deck your facing, what kinds of cards it usualy plays and how they usualy react to a certain the secret. On a case to case basis you will have to decide how worth it is to set the “wrong” secret just to fool them.

And of course, your opponent actually has to know about the secrets to make it valid.

(PS. Honestly you don’t have to say thanks to create this kind of dilemma for your opponent when you play secrets. 🙂 )

“Oops” aka. Did I do that?
The “Oops” emote can be used whenver you want since it’s a emote to show your mistakes, not your opponents (“Thanks” is usualy used for that).
Also the “Oops” emote is really the only emote that you can use for mindgames. This really works in a similar manner to the mindgame of “Thanks”, you do a series of plays and you follow it up with a moment of thinking and looking through your cards, followed by “Oops”, by doing this you can create a situation where your opponent believes you have made an error tho you actually have not. This way your opponent may use his/hers turn to go all offensive instead of defensive, which may set up a next turn win for you.

Of course it’s always hard to say if it was correct or not until your opponent plays thorugh their turn. Once again it’s important to know about the decks and cards that are popular at the moment. This way it’s easier to know if your plays are correct and strong or just weak.

How to use “Oops.”
Let’s be honest, you didn’t mean to kill that minion when you played “Demonfire”.

How to not use “Oops.”
Let’s be honest, use it whenever you want as long as you dont spam.

The mindgame of “Oops.”
See the text above.

How to use “Greetings.”
Whenver a game starts.

How to not use “Greetings.”
Don’t spam it. Please.

The mindgame of “Greetings.”
When you say a greeting your opponent may instantly be effected by their invert side and leave the game.

How to use “Sorry.”
When your opponent use the “Oops” emote, just to be nice.

How not to use “Sorry.”
Many use the “Sorry” emote in a similar way as the “Well Played” emote, dont use it when you’re about to win. It’s just bad manners.

The mindgame of “Sorry.”
The only thing I can really see on this is if you use it once or twice during your opponents turn when they’ve played a card to make them uncertain of their action. Most usefull if you have a secret, “Sorry that my secret is just the secret I need right now to kill you.”

How to use “Threaten.”
I always use this when my opponent is bad mannered with his emotes.
Or when he uses threat on you.

Side note: Is kinda fun how the ingame “Threaten” emote is the least threatening/annoying one. I actually find it kinda fun.

How to not use “Threaten.”
As long as you don’t spam it, I don’t mind the roleplaying.

The mindgame of…. THREATEN.

That was that, I hope you find some of the information usefull and I will see you guys around.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Scrolls changelog 0.97 – crafting is live!


Hello Nurglings!

Here is the latest update from ! Remember to check the game out. 🙂


Chunk of changelog incoming…

Crafting is now live. For a more detailed explanation of how that works, check this post. Aside from that, we’re updating the “Just for You” section of the store more often, and introducing a smattering of bug fixes. Read on for the full changelog.

Bug fixes

Machination Mindset can now be put on relentless units
Automata Forge now produces units even if attack is non-zero
Charge Coil and Ether Pump now trigger Efficiency
Dust Runner now triggers Efficiency
Efficiency now generates resources for the caster, not the unit owner
Fixed bug where units could get visually stuck when libraries were reshuffled
Fixed bug where scrolls disappeared if players clicked on same unit twice with Transposition
Can now see last idol health in 5:4 aspect ratio
Store now works properly after buying an avatar or preconstructed deck
Scroll preview for rightmost scroll in deck builder now works as intended

Personal store items now refresh every three days instead of once per week.
AI improvements

Crafting is live
You can now see your stats on upgraded Scrolls
Players automatically join a shared chat room with chat history after exiting a match

Thanks for reading! Oh, one more thing. I’ll be posting an update on Scrolls development progress today tomorrow.

Owen – @bopogamel

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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