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Pokémon TCG deck – Starmie [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Starmie
Deck Name: No really… just Starmie
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016


Starmie deck




4 Staruy 4 Level Ball 6 Water Energy
4 Starmie 4 Trainers’ Mail 4 Double Colorless
4 Regice 4 VS Seeker
2 Lugia EX 4 Muscle Band
2 Shaymin EX 3 Ultra Ball
3 Professor Sycamore
3 Rough Seas
2 Lysandre
2 Floatstone
1 Battle Compressor
1 Super Rod
1 AZ

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From the Vault: Realms – Spoiler – Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Hello Nurglings!

Mark Rosewater posted this recently on his Tumblr! ( )
This is another card that will be released in the set: From the Vault – Realms!


Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Ignorant gaming communities, and how to join them.

Hello Nurglings!

Warning: This is a very long article!

I thought I would share something that has been… not bothering me, but it’s a thought that has been twirling around in my head. Lately there have been a lot of articles posted about the female players of Magic, how they are looked at by 90% of the players who are male. And thankfully also their accomplishments in Magic.

I was thinking about this at the same time as I was sitting down at my local hobby shop, looking through my Yu Gi Oh collection. At the same time I was talking with a few of my friends that plays Magic the Gathering. The room was crowded with players playing different card games. A World of Warcraft TCG tournament was taking place in the room, some Yu Gi Oh players took up a big table discussing the game and playing it, and in front of me my friends were sleeving The Spoils decks to demo the game at an event here in Gothenburg the next day. A huge mix of games and players of all ages, it was a good day for card games.
In the past I was very active in the Yu Gi Oh community, as a gamer and collector. I’m still a moderator at the biggest Yu Gi Oh forum in Sweden, and I try to stay somewhat up to date so I can join the discussions or at least understand them. A year or so ago I switched my focus to other card games and haven’t really been active with Yu Gi Oh.

Recently the Yu Gi Oh Swedish national was announced, and I thought I would join in. Meeting with the people again and doing something that I actually enjoy more than gaming; going to events and experiencing the social side of card gaming. When sitting with the cards I was met by skepticism from the other Yu Gi Oh players. Mainly because I wasn’t active anymore, and they questioned why I would start with it now instead of just keep playing Magic the Gathering.

This onetime thing didn’t really bother me too much, I know the Yu Gi Oh players around here and shortly after I was offered to borrow cards for Nationals if I really wanted to join. I KNEW this, but what if I was a new player, sitting down for the first time, building a deck for a tournament that is way over my head (and still is to be honest). Just to hear: why are you even trying?

Yu Gi Oh is a constant eternal format just like Magic the Gatherings Vintage or Legacy. All cards are allowed in tournaments except for a selected few on a banlist. These types of formats and games usually costs more than games focused around new cards and sets. This is because of a simple thing: supply and demand. The older the set gets, the cards from it gets harder to find and fewer and fewer cards keep rotating between players. The prices go up and it becomes less interesting for new players to join that type of game because of this.

But not only is the cost a problem, but the community that plays these eternal formats are usually players that have stuck with it for a long time. What I’ve noticed with these players is the fact that not many of them allow new players to “join in”. New blood is considered players without skills and without decks and cards that are interesting to play against. And that may be true, new players don’t have the decks or skills yet, but why shut them out just because they aren’t at your level?

I think this is one of many things that are happening within Magic right now, discussing the female players. The male demographic is having issues with the fact that this smaller group of players that haven’t really been successful before, are starting to become worthy opponents. If a smaller group of Legacy players have issues with new players without skills or decks. The male gaming community as a whole has been having this issue with female players. It’s time to become more accepting of new players, especially if we want our gaming groups or games in general to grow.

We can’t let the new players be shut out just because they don’t know everything from the start. If we talk about the game with them, play it with them and discuss things that they may want to think about. They will find that once you become a part of the community, the community is awesome. The social aspect of card games is a huge thing, blogs, forums, gaming groups, these are all huge and important things for a card game to have. But as a social game, we also need to respect each other and people we meet through gaming. No matter the gender, what they’ve played before, how much they’ve played or even what their names are.

Learn the basics:
If you’re a new player, or someone that wants to try a new game out. Try and look at the rules before you head down to your local hobby or gaming store. The more of the basic rules you know, the easier it will be for the older players to respect you as a new player.

Be social:
Even if the gamers there may a bit nervous with you being new. Talk to them, they are not as dangerous as they look.

Put your hard skin on:
As the new player you will realize that there is a lot of “friendly bullying” going on between players. And this is nothing to be afraid of, this is something that is very common within any type of gaming, online or offline.

Ask other players for help (even if you don’t really want it):

People that think they are good at any game, love to talk about their skills. Ask the other players for help, about your deck, gaming style or whatever. They love to share what they think is best. This way it’s easier to talk to them afterwards and that is a huge positive side effect of asking a simple question.

Well that was it for now everyone.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgle Update – January 14th 2012

Hello my Nurglings!

The ones of you that stick around know that I do short updates at times, about me, about the blog, about several different things. Usually I promise future content, but I know that promising stuff for a blog is a bad idea if I’m not already working on it. Why? Cause it may just not happen. Like saying that you will review a game but you haven’t it played it yet. It’s just a bad idea.

Today is also the pre-release of the new Yu Gi Oh set: Order of Chaos. The Yu Gi Oh TCG is sadly a game that I’ve been pulled further and further apart from. Why? Well once you take a longer pause from Yu Gi Oh there’s a big investment to be made to get into the game again. The game is just too expensive for me to get back into right now. I can afford it, but it’s hard when I also want to continue playing Magic The Gathering and other games.

When on the subject of Magic, I just want to say: I know there is a lot of Magic going on right now on the blog. But a new set is coming out and there’s a lot to be said about it and its spoilers. Wizard of the Coast really knows how to build the hype for new sets. And I just love the whole horror theme of the Innistrad block, so it’s hard for me to hold back when they reveal new awesome cards flavored by horror.

That’s long enough of an update wasn’t it?
Also: thanks to all the new followers, subscribers and likes! You’re the ones that makes me want to keep going.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

I want you! Bloggers, youtubers, writers!

Hello everyone! I must say feel good about Nurgle’s Place becoming the one blog I’m using, about games and different related hobbies. The one last thing I wish I could do with this blog, is to run it with other people, or rather, invite guest bloggers that can use this space to vent their thoughts on new games, events, reports, deck profiles and so on. I want to let the readers come back to a new content everyday from people that they know talk about interesting subject.

So I’m going to take a long look around the web tomorrow evening, try to find bloggers that blog for the joy of it, I will even be looking around on YouTube to find people that can make episodes to post on this blog. This is the next logical step for me and what I want this to become, I want it to grow and invite people from different hobbies to one place.

A forum, a youtube channel, interesting articles and comments and most importantly fun! Let’s make this into something special! If you’re interested to become a part of the Nurgle’s Place family, just leave me comment or email:

I’ll be happy to see you soon!

You will even get one a cute sign picture like me to use on the blog. 😉

Nurgle / Nurgleprobe – The person behind the name

So I may not be the best writer in the world, I may not have the most exciting blog that you can subscribe to. But you know what, I’m doing something that I enjoy and that’s the most important thing for this little project of mine, a project named Nurgle’s Place. And what is this about? A long boring post? Well maybe for some of you, this is the story about this blog, the person behind it and what it’s been in the past and what it will be in the future.

Let’s all sit down with a cup of hot tea, coffee, coco or whatever you prefer and read this story together.

It’s started back in the day when I went to University West, a school two hours away from where I live. I studied media in all kinds of different forms, interactive, emotional, social, commercial and so on. I’ve always enjoyed the huge subject “media” it covers so much of our lives that it’s almost impossible to comprehend before you take a step back and look at what the world is built of. Anyway, at University West we had a teacher that always wanted us to share what we were doing through blogging or some kind of social media. It may not sound so mind boggling, but during those courses, the subject of putting our work and thoughts on blogs became highly debated. What you’re looking at now, is something that has grown out of that. A blog where I share my interests and thoughts about games and other nerdy things.

To be honest, and you have to be honest at times, I’ve tried to write about things that are popular just to get a lot of hits for two or three days, I still do that of course but only if the subject at hand interests me. That is also the biggest reason that the blog has some ups and downs when it comes to content, some days I’m inspired and find a lot of things I enjoy, some days I just don’t feel like sharing anything.

I’ve had a few blogs and projects on the web long before this one, one being a card game that I and a friend worked/works on. I’ve always enjoyed creating; creating things that are enjoyed by people out there in the world, sadly this blog can’t cover that many people or even draw that much attention from the people I want to come here. I guess I could go around making a fuzz and noise about the blog and myself around the internet, but I feel that they should find their way here if something on this blog interests them.

The last week or maybe even weeks I’ve had a lot of things to think about when it comes to my blogging, should everything be shared, should the blog have a bigger focus on a certain subject to let a certain crowd enjoy it. I see a lot more activity on the blog when it’s about card games, I love card games and always try to stay on top of the ones I actually play, and I’ve tested more card games than I can count, well maybe not, I guess I can count to ten or so. I’ve never been a great player in any of the card games I tend to play, but I don’t mind being okay in several of them. Currently I’m even a Judge in the tournament card game: The Spoils. A game that I really hope will grow and become something big in the future. This blog will try it’s best to help that game out from now on. So prepare for some The Spoils content everyone.

Video games. Yea I guessed you would ask about that, I love video/pc games, and these days I mostly play the ones that allow for multiplayer, I enjoy good stories, but playing with friends is really the most enjoyable thing when it comes to gaming. Maybe that’s the reason I enjoy card games so much. Card games work, because people find the time and heart to sit down and play with strangers. But about digital gaming in general, this blog is really taking a step back from that, and that’s mostly because of my current economy, I just can’t afford new games at a good rate to review and talk about, and just posting game news like any big site out there doesn’t really interest me anymore (I used to do a lot of that). People won’t come here to read news they can find anywhere else, they will come here to read about new things, new thoughts, and a personal view on different subjects.

Well thank you for clearing my mind this evening, and I really hope you will stick around and keep yourself updated with this blog, now that I feel more secure writing about card games, there will be a lot more content to follow.

Cya soon!

The Spoils är officiellt

Ja det har det väl alltid varit mer eller mindre. Det som är lite extra kul nu är att de äntligen har kommit ihåg med sitt helt egna rating system och har även medföljande programvara! ^_^ Så för alla spelare som är intresserade av att spela mer och äntligen få lite poäng för sina turneringar så är det bara att dra in till Wizard Games och be om ett STP nummer. Eller helt enkelt ett player nummer för The Spoils.

De senaste 3-4 veckorna har vi lyckats dra ihop mellan 6 och 8 spelare varje måndag på Wizard Games. När spelarna saktat börjat trilla in har vi även sätt att fler spelare visar intresse för att spela och prova The Spoils, något som jag tycker alla kortspelare borde göra. ^^ Våga testa något annat än det spel du sitter fast i nu. 😉

Nåväl vi ses!


Pokémon TCG – Errata!

Ojoj, det var ett tag sedan som jag faktiskt uppdaterade mig med Pokémon TCG, men hänga borde man när jag ändå tycker att det är ett coolt spel. Jag menar, man använder ju Pokémon!

Följande är en Errata för spelandet i Japan med de nya settet som kommit där. Alltså gäller detta inte för oss riktigt ännu, men att förbereda sig hur spelet kommer ändras känns ändå som en bra idé:

Pokemon BW: New Rules

Abilities: The BW series introduces Pokemon that have “abilities.” Abilities are a Pokemon’s powers other than its attacks. If you have a Pokemon with an ability in play, you can use that ability during your turn. There are also abilities with effects that only work when a Pokemon is brought into play, and there are abilities that can’t be used if you don’t meet certain requirements, so read the explanatory text written on the card carefully. Note: The way Poke-Powers and Poke-Bodies from the LEGEND series and earlier are used hasn’t changed. Also, abilities, Poke-Powers, and Poke-Bodies are treated as different types of powers. For example, if you used an attack that does 10 damage to Pokemon with Poke-Powers, it wouldn’t affect Pokemon with Poke-Bodies or abilities.

Trainers: Starting with the BW series, “Trainer” cards are called “Trainer’s” cards. Although the classification has changed, if multiple cards have the same name, they’re treated as the same card. The Trainer card “Pokeball” from the LEGEND series and the Trainer’s card “Pokeball” included in the BW Starter Set are the same card.

Using Trainer’s on the first turn of the game: The player going first can now use Trainer’s cards on the first turn of the game. Trainer cards from the LEGEND series and earlier can also be used.

Supporters: Starting with the BW series, cards called “Supporters” are now “Support” cards. Moreover, the rule stating that to use a Support card you must place it next to your Active Pokemon and discard it at the end of your turn is gone. After using a Support card, don’t leave it in play, discard it immediately. Immediately discard Supporter cards from the LEGEND series and earlier, as well.


Pokemon BW: Erratas

Rare Candy: You can no longer play “Rare Candy” on your first turn. Moreover, you can’t Evolve a Basic Pokemon that you just played down during your turn into a Stage 1 Evolved Pokemon. The purpose of the card is now to Evolve a Basic Pokemon that was played during a previous turn into a Stage 2 Evolved Pokemon. Use this new effect for all Rare Candy cards from the LEGEND series and earlier.

Rare Candy: Choose a Stage 2 Evolution card from your hand that Evolves from the Stage 1 form of 1 of your Basic Pokemon, and play it on top of that Basic Pokemon to Evolve it. This card can’t be used during your first turn, or on a Basic Pokemon that was just brought into play during this turn.

Plus Power: Plus Power’s effect has changed so that on the turn it’s used, (all of) your Pokemons’ attacks do an additional 10 damage. Unlike before, you can’t choose the Pokemon you use it on. Also, you no longer attach it to a Pokemon when it’s used, you immediately discard it. Use this new effect for all Plus Powers from the LEGEND series and earlier.

Plus Power: During this turn, your Pokemons’ attacks do an additional 10 damage to any Active Pokemon.

Potion: Potion can now heal 30 damage. Use all Potion cards from the LEGEND series and earlier as cards that heal 30 damage.

Great Ball: Great Ball’s effect has changed. Use this new effect for all Great Balls from the LEGEND series and earlier.

Great Ball: Look at the top 7 cards from your deck. Choose 1 Pokemon from among those cards, show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Return the remaining cards to your deck and shuffle your deck.

Knock Outs: The procedure when a Pokemon is Knocked Out has changed:

Old way: 1) Player performing the Knock Out Knocks Out the opponent’s Pokemon. 2) Player with the Knocked Out Pokemon discards the Knocked Out Pokemon. 3) Player with the Knocked Out Pokemon advances a Pokemon from his or her Bench. 4) Player performing the Knock Out takes 1 Prize card.

New way: 1) Player performing the Knock Out Knocks Out the opponent’s Pokemon. 2) Player with the Knocked Out Pokemon discards the Knocked Out Pokemon. 3) Player performing the Knock Out takes 1 Prize card. 4) Player with the Knocked Out Pokemon advances a Pokemon from his or her Bench.


World Of Warcraft TCG – Draft Resultat – Wizard Games 19/10

World Of Warcraft TCG
19 Oktober 2010

1 – Linus, L
2 – Thomas, F
3 – Erik, J
4 – Henrik, W
5 – Niklas, B
6 – Alexander, E


Nya True Six Samurai

Äntligen äntligen äntligen äntligen ha de visat de nya samurajerna och äntligen har vi mer att leka med för våra lekar. =D

Så låt oss bara hoppa rakt in ❤

Kagemusha of the Six Samurai
EARTH/Warrior – Tuner/2/400/1800
When a “Six Samurai” monster on your field becomes the target of Magic or Trap Card or effect of a Effect Monster, you can switch the target to this face-up card.

Shien’s Yoriko
EARTH/Warrior – Tuner/1/300/700
When a “Six Samurai” monster on your field battles, activate by sending this card from your hand to the Graveyard during Damage Calculation. That monster cannot be destroyed by battle this turn.

True Six Samurai – Enishi
LIGHT/Warrior – Effect/4/1700/700
{Once per turn, if you control a “Six Samurai” monster other than “True Six Samurai – Enishi”, by removing 2 “Six Samurai” monster in your Graveyard from play, you can select 1 face-up monster on the field and return it to the owners hand. This effect can be activated during the opponent’s turn. Also, if you control 2 or more “Six Samurai” monster other than “True Six Samurai – Enishi”, increase this cards ATK and DEF by 500.}

True Six Samurai – Kageki
WIND/Warrior – Effect/3/200/2000
When this card is successfully Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower “Six Samurai” monster from your hand. If you control a “Six Samurai” monster other than “True Six Samurai – Kageki”, increase this card’s ATK by 1500.

True Six Samurai – Mizuho
FIRE/Warrior – Effect/3/1600/1000
If you control “True Six Samurai – Shinai”, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. Once per turn, by releasing 1 “True Six Samuari” card on your field, select and destroy 1 card on the field.

True Six Samurai – Shinai
WATER/Warrior – Effect/3/1500/1500
If you control “True Six Samurai – Mizuho”, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. By releasing this card on your field you can add 1 “True Six Samurai” monster from your Graveyard to your hand.

True Six Samurai – Shien
DARK/Warrior – Synchro – Effect/5/2500/1400
1 Warrior-Type Tuner + 1 or non-Tuner “Six Samurai” monster
Once per turn, you can negate the activation of a Magic or Trap Card your opponent controls and destroy that card. Also, when this card on your side of the field is destroyed, you can destroy 1 face-up “Six Samurai” on your field instead.

Blir lite snack om dessa framöver, ikväll skall jag dock inte analysera och ta det lugnt istället. 😉