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Pokémon TCG deck – Starmie [Standard]

Hello Nurglings!

Main Pokémon: Starmie
Deck Name: No really… just Starmie
Format: Standard 2015 – 2016


Starmie deck




4 Staruy 4 Level Ball 6 Water Energy
4 Starmie 4 Trainers’ Mail 4 Double Colorless
4 Regice 4 VS Seeker
2 Lugia EX 4 Muscle Band
2 Shaymin EX 3 Ultra Ball
3 Professor Sycamore
3 Rough Seas
2 Lysandre
2 Floatstone
1 Battle Compressor
1 Super Rod
1 AZ

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The MetaPod – XY: BREAKthrough set review w/ WanderingVenser

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to the first official blog post where I announce the fact that our “Pokémon talk” recordings shall now be called:

The Metapod Log

I’m aware that this recording is VEEERY long, but we talked about every single card and we may have spent a bit to much talking about the early bad cards just to rush through them towards the end.

BUT, still had a great and fun time reviewing this card for card, and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

Thanks for watching/listening!

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