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MTG – Modern Masters – Booster art + Spoilers!

Hello Nurglings!

So we have some awesome pieces of pictures here for you: the booster arts for Modern Masters. And with that, also a big guess on which cards these artworks represent!

MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 1
This part of artwork is probably attached to the card:
Vedalken Shackles




MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 2
And this is for sure:
Sword of Fire and Ice






MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 3
And the final one we already know as:
MTG - Modern Masters - Spoiler - Dark Confidant

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe Sig

Let’s Talk Dark Ascension – Display & Booster design

Hello my Nurglings!

Just wanted to share the look of these awesome things. Purple is one awesome color!

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!

Opening Pokémon booster packs! (Black & White)

Hello my Nurglings!

When you’re out in the woods, or rather, when you’re visiting your girlfriend far away from the city, you’re happy whenever you get the chance to see some booster packs. Every time I’m at her place I end up doing some type of pack opening thing, if it’s a few packs I open, a video or even a deck idea from the packs I buy.

So booster packs all the way. This time I’m doing something for a game that I wish that I played more: Pokémon TCG. Always loved it but don’t play it far enough.

So the packs I bought:

1: Black & White
1: Black & White – Emerging Powers

Play online!
If you didn’t already know this, Pokémon TCG now has it’s very own online version of the game, where you build decks, play against other players, and as of right now it’s “free”. To get new cards and such within the game you use codes that you get in booster packs. With this you get a virtual booster pack online to expand your collection. I must say this is one of the very best systems I’ve seen for an online version of any TCG. Instead of having to buy cards and packs within the game, you get cards in your hand and in your virtual game at the same time. Wonderful.

So anyway, like most of the time I told my girlfriend to get the packs out of the booster holder (I had some issues getting it out so yea). And like most of the time when she picks packs, I should just always listen to her: I get one awesome card!

So until next time, take care!
Cya soon!

Chandra & Garruk reworked in M12?

(To read up on the acctual changes go here:

If you came here believing you would read about how Garruk and Chandra changed… I’m terribly sorry. But if you want to see why I came to the conclusion of a planeswalker change, well here you go.

I recently found this picture online: (Source:

Now a little history lessons when it comes to the images on boosters. Recently it’s been very popular to show of the planeswalkers on the booster packs, and I don’t see any reason for them to skip this for M12 when the planeswalker set up changes. Also the artwork on the packs has always matched the actual artwork on the cards. We’ve seen that Sorin Markov (Yay!) is in the set, and he’s keeping his old artwork.

If Sorin Marko keeps his old artwork I don’t see why they would change the artwork on Chandra and Garruk if there wasn’t a good reason for doing so. Of course planeswalker has been released with different artwork before, but they’ve always been promos or special releases. Take a look at the first picture again, we clearly see a full body art of Garruk and Chandra, and that’s PROBABLY the way they will look in the set.

So are we looking at a rework? Most of us probably didn’t mind the old Garruk, he was good, he did his thing and all abilities had a good mix of green. But Chandra, will she finally find a form that will stay and be loved. Will the Chandra fans scream in joy? Let’s hope so. Seeing as she is my second favorite after Liliana Vess, I wouldn’t mind seeing her becoming more powerful.

Gratis kort på Vasa Gaming – Lördag!

Detta innebär väl mer då att man faktiskt får några paket från varierande kortspel som man sedan kan använda för att byta med andra människor som dyker upp på Vasa Gaming samma dag. De 20 första som dyker upp efter klockan 14.00 får sig en liten gift bag. Bra tips till alla er Yu Gi Oh spelare som varit på sneak på förmiddagen.

Tid: Saturday 14:00 – 17:00

Vasa Gaming
Aschebergsgatan 11
Göteborg, Sweden


More Info Vi ska ha en kortbytardag här på Vasa Gaming. Det är en dag då de 20 första som kommer in efter kl 14 00 får en påse med olika paket från olika kortspel. Allt är gratis och vi hoppas att ni kommer och ser vad som finns i den påsen som du får.

Alla är välkomna. Eventet går ut på att byta med varandra och träffa likasinnade spelare.

De kort som kommer finnas i var påse är från följande spel:
Adrenalyn XL World Cup
YGO Limited Edition Foil Cards
Bella Sara

Skulle du vilja prova på något av de här roliga kortspelen så är det bara att ta vägarna förbi! Påsen inkluderar en del limited edition-kort och ett och annat foil!

Eventet håller på en stund. Man öppnar påsen i butiken och umgås lite med varandra.