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Mojangs new game: Scrolls – Open beta!


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So it’s finally time for some non-MTG-related news again, how about that? Awesome I know! So you may have heard of this game known as Minecraft (created by a well known man called Notch). You may also known that the company that stands behind the game is known as Mojang. Well Mojang is working on a completely new title called: Scrolls.

If you heard about the game from before, it may be that you heard about their fight over the name with Bethesda. Creators of the game: Elder SCROLLS V: Skyrim. Yup they wanted to be exclusive with the scrolls part of the name and took Mojang to court. You can read more about that here: (It’s old and settled tho!)


scrolls ingame pic

Scrolls is a game that’s been in a closed beta for a long time, but NOW on June 3d the game is going in to open beta! Which means that everyone can get a piece of the action. I will be looking in to the game as soon as a download button appears and you’re welcome back to read a review and even watch me live stream the game (if allowed) after the 3d.

The game itself is a mix of a collectable card (scrolls) game where you collect, buy and trade scrolls with other players. These scrolls are then used to create decks that you use to fight your opponent. The design of the playing-field reminds you a lot of the old Heroes of Might & Magic games, where you use unit position and magic to beat your opponent. The details on how the game is played and such will be up as soon as I try the game out.

Open beta trailer:

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From the creators of Ascension and Magic the Gathering: SolForge!

Hello Nurglings!

I wanted to tell you all about a new Digital Card Game that is being worked on by an awesome group of people. Including the creator of Magic the Gathering: Richard Garfield. Indeed that should get our attention right?

So this game was recently put up on where it has been getting support.. quickly! Every minute I update and find new people putting a few dollars in to the game. Surely they will reach their goal of 250.000$ soon enough! One big reason will be the fact that you get a Beta invite to the game if you support them with just 5$, even I feel a bit tempted to join in the fun.

The game is an all digital card game, and when released it is a completely free game! But yes, you will be able to spend actual money on it to buy booster packs and products within the game so that they can earn some money on it.

If you want some more information on this game, check it out here:

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Sword Girls Online – Almost a Review

Hello my Nurglings!

So one of the reasons that I’ve been a bit slow with my Calendar updates is because of a game that I’ve been playing the last few days. It an Online Collectible Card Game called Sword Girls! It’s currently in Closed Beta but it will open up for the public shortly! And then everyone can join in the fun.

I thought I would give a short review of what I feel about this game, finally now after about 250 matches and completed several completed dungeons, yes a card game with dungeons. I haven’t read up to much on the story of Sword Girls, but the name itself tells us the most important part, girls with swords. All card motives in the games are currently girls, manga girls none the less.

There are four different factions in the game.
The strong, Crux.
The shadowy, Darklore
The clever, Academy.
And the persistent, Vita.

Sword Girls is a Flash based game where you build decks, collect cards, search for minerals, play against other players, train and upgrade your cards, craft cards and more!
So as you see there is plenty to do except just playing the card game, and that is one of the strong points of the game. Seeing that Rare card that you want to craft is a great way of giving yourself a goal within the game. When you play matches or fight your way through dungeons, you’re able to collect minerals and items that are needed to create/craft newer and better cards. So the more you play, the bigger the chance you end up with the cards you want or need.

Your deck consist of three different cards.
A character card – much like in WoW the card game, this is “you”. It shows your hit points that you’re opponent need to lower to 0. And different characters have different effects that activate every round.
Followers – Cards that fight against your opponents’ followers and damages your opponents’ character.
Spells – Cards with a onetime effect that may greatly change the wave of the battle.

Instead of talking all much about the rules of the game, I thought I would look at how the game actually works. Something that’s very different between Sword Girls and other card games, is that most effects and attacks are random, when a card attacks, it attacks a random card on your opponents side, and cards will attack in a random order.

Spells will always activate before characters attack, and they will also affect random targets. Unless the card gives you a specific type of target needed, like a certain type of follower, it will only randomly select between any legal target. The action also jumps between players every turn, a coin flip decides on who takes the first action, than the other players takes an action, and then it goes back and forth until all cards are done activating.

There’s a big collection of players that are currently complaining about this randomization system of game play. They feel it’s too random and you can’t be sure that your cards will do what you want them to. But this, even thou annoying at times, creates an interesting balance in the game between beginners and seasoned players.

A beginner will not as often see what card he needs to play to maximize his chances, while a player that knows the game, will see the situations and opportunities to turn the game around. Playing random cards every turn won’t win you the game even if you think it will, it takes strategy even with the random factor in play. Cause you, even if you don’t believe it, can control the outcome by playing the right cards.

At the same time, “professional” players, won’t be able to automatically win unless they carefully think about their game. That spells activate before attacks, and that players take turn activating cards, is something that you need to think about.

For you that really don’t feel like playing other people, there are also dungeon challenges. A dungeon consist of between 10 and 30 floors, every floor is a fight against an AI. Beat the AI on floor 1, and you move on to floor 2 and so on. When you reach the top floor you meet the boss of that dungeon, they have strong effects and more life than your average Character. Beat him and you gain plenty of recourses to craft new cards. If you end up defeating him 10 times, you also get a special character card.

I love sword girls, there is so much more to say and talk about with this game but I felt that the above things were something that new players should be aware of. If you give the game a chance you will notice that it grows on you, and all of a sudden you’re struggling to get that next card that you want for your deck.

An amazing feeling I promise you.

Game here:

Well I hope that was good enough for you all.
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Sword Girls – A Online CCG Game – Sign up for beta!

Hello my Nurglings!

If you think Tanto Cuore is popular because of its maid theme with young manga girls, I bet Sword Girls will be just as popular because of the sword wielding manga girls! When I first found this game (today actually) I signed up for the beta right away.

Here is a quick summary of the game by the creators themselves:

Sword Girls is an online collectible card game featuring stunning anime artwork and strategic game play. Sword Girls offers an engaging experience whether it’s your first card game or you’re a seasoned veteran. The game offers hundreds of unique and alluring cards to collect.
An innovative card-crafting system provides an exciting new way to obtain additional cards and use them to build powerful decks. Players can duel each other, fight their way through dungeons, and challenge powerful bosses. Sword Girls is free to play and works on any web browser or Flash-enabled mobile device.


Original Anime Artwork – Extensive library of over 500 cards at commercial launch, each with its own uniquely drawn anime artwork, created by 30 veteran anime artists.
Revolutionary Card Crafting System – Gather crafting materials from every battle to create almost any playable card and become the ultimate card collector!
Limitless Strategies – Unleash countless card combos against enemies with your own uniquely customized decks.
Dungeon Bosses – Unique Dungeons offering challenging battles and exclusive rewards.
Episodic Releases – Enjoy frequent updates that bring along new cards, Dungeons and new game features.
Monthly Tournaments – Challenge other players in monthly tournaments! Be rewarded for your courage and earn prestige by having your name on the “live” Leaderboard.
Play Anywhere! – Dive into the game using any web browser or Flash-enabled mobile device whether you are at home or on the go.

Draw your sword and prepare for battle!

Sounds awesome I know! And the artwork for these virtual cards are truly amazing. For all you CCG lovers out there, you should check this out and sign up for the beta to at least give it a try. Next BETA hand out is December 7th! So don’t miss the chance.

Images and video from from:

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DOTA 2 and what is known (Big news tomorrow?)

First of, let’s just say: nothing. Nothing is really known about DotA 2 at this point, the official website only gives us a few artworks and a small Q&A. Where we really want to look is around the net, discussions, rumors and information that was found out by sneaky DotA fans. There is a small hope of something being revealed tomorrow though, keep reading to find out!
Let us start shall we; well first of we have the artworks from the official site of course. After that we have a few points that come out in the Q&A:

– You will be able to reconnect to games, and join games that are missing players (from rage quitting and so on I’m guessing).
– People in different regions will have an easier time playing with each other.
– “Older” computer and LAN cafes will have an easy time using this game hardware-wise.
– There will be an AI that can take over for players that leaves.
– There will be bots, and with that the capability to practice.
– There will be a replay video feature.
– You will be able to be a spectator on games that are ongoing. There will be a delay on the game to avoid cheating.
– Several shoutcast features within the game.


There are also some interesting comments from Gabe Newell (President of Valve) on how he wants the paying structure for games to look. Don’t see this as the paying structure of DotA 2, it’s just an interesting read to see IF they will use it. Let’s just say it pays off to be a nice player that helps out within the community, and being rude, angry and mean to other players won’t help your situation.

“An example is – and this is something as an industry we should be doing better – is charging customers based on how much fun they are to play with. Some people, when they join a server, a ton of people will run with them. Other people, when they join a server, will cause others to leave. We should have a way of capturing that. We should have a way of rewarding the people who are good for our community.

So, in practice, a really likable person in our community should get Dota 2 for free, because of past behaviour in Team Fortress 2. Now, a real jerk that annoys everyone, they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.”


Something that’s out there and circulating right now, is this very interesting site: Right now there is actually a release date on their Facebook page stating the following release date: 21.06.2011, which is tomorrow depending on when you read this. There are a few rumors around about the site, guessing on what this site may include once it opens up with more information. TobiWanKenobi was one of the first people to mention this site, and with that I’m guessing this may be DotA 2s version of honcast. Though this feels like it will include a lot more then replays of games and so on.

There are currently test servers and a private beta testing for DotA 2, when an official beta if any will be out for this game is uncertain, but be sure to take a look at the progress of GamesCom 2011 that takes place between august 17th and 21st. Valve is attending and hopefully there should be some news on DotA 2 at that point. Which should be fitting as it’s announced that the game should be released within this year. If you want to stay updated with the latest developments of DotA 2 take a look at where they will give you the latest news on where the game is going.

If any information will be revealed tomorrow, be sure not to miss out!


Thieves and cops, gangsters and peacekeepers, bad guys and good guys, all jammed together in one huge open beta package. APB is an action packed MMORPG game, and you take the role of a criminal or a cop. Lets’ start out with the basics now shall we.

As I mentioned, the first thing you need to decide on is if you want to fight for crime or peace. The difference mostly being what kind of weapons and gear you get, the characters you meet during the “story” and cosmetics. Once decided you get to create your character, and this is vast, if you’ve played any game like fallout 3 or Mass Effect, you will know what I’m talking about. I will actually mention more on this later, let’s just skip ahead for now.

After you’ve created your character you will enter a Tutorial world, were you get to try the game out, I advise you to stay here for a bit and learn the controls and how the game works. Training on your aiming and movement, because it will decide if you live or die in missions once you enter the proper game.

The world is filled with different characters that are bound to the game, these are located in different hubs where you can get ammo, your personal car, check your email and buy new weapons and gear. By pledging to one of these characters you will be able to level up your connection with that person. The more missions you complete while pledged, the character will send you emails, get you new equipment and finally: prefer you to new characters in the world. This is how you unlock your way to harder missions and more of everything APB!

The game is essentially made with a mix of RPG and 3d person action games. If you’ve played a lot of GTA you will quickly recognize yourself in the play style and handling of your character. You run around in a sandbox world with other players from both sides of the spectrum of good and evil. There are also plenty of different cars and civilians in the world which makes this feel even more like GTA (in a good way).

When you feel ready, you can easily start looking for missions, in a group of buddies or alone. Missions are found by simply clicking “ready”, after a few seconds a random mission will start fitting to your level. You will be informed where you need to go and what to do, and at the same time, a team or player from the opposing side will get a mission to stop you. There are several different missions and they will change somewhat depending on how long you’ve come with the different characters in the game.

The system can be somewhat awkward at first, you will be confused and shot down often in the first few attempts at these missions. The longer you stick with it the more fun you will have, you will learn how the fighting takes place, how to shoot and where to hide with the biggest chance of winning a firefight. The biggest problem I have with the system is how they pair you with enemy teams and other players. At times you will be playing against people that have a huge level and equipment advantage. The good thing is that it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose automatically, it just means that you will need to try a lot harder to win.

This game is HUUUUUUUUUUGE on customization! You can change the color and design of your clothes, fill your skin with tattoos and scars, make a personal design for your car and even a personal music theme that plays every time you kill someone or win a mission. APB Reloaded love to show this off and it even allows you to sell your designed items on a market for in game money.

The customizing of your character and clothes and cars even got its’ own world within the game. The social area, which is made just for you show of your creations, sell them and create new ones. If you’re a design freak, this will open a whole new experience for you when it comes to character customization.

I’m not really going to go far in to this, the controls are what they are for this kind of game. You can sprint, sit, stand, reload, use grenades and items and the more hotkeys and short commands you learn the better. The controls works fine for what it is and I really can’t see how it could have been done better than it is now. The only real problems with the controls are the fact that you get a lot of delay at the times when the servers are a bit busy. But it works.

The graphics are also great… to look at that is. The problem right now is the few graphic bugs that can occur, like invisible walls that all of a sudden turn in to a building. You will quickly learn where this happens and how to work around it, but it’s still something that needs to be fixed.

If you want a good story and missions that take you further in some kind of singe player mode, this is not a game for you. If you like a good action MMO with a lot of customization and a fun experience with other players this is it. You need to remember that this game is still in a beta version of it new self. There are some graphic issues and lag when the servers start to fill up. The game is FUN and that’s the most important thing when it comes to a game that I just got for free. If I have fun with it, the small errors and bugs can stay. Of course they’re working hard to remove them in the future.
The feel of cooperating with your friends on missions and roaming in a modern town world is great. The lag is still the biggest issue for me, a tip is to roam the world a bit before starting up missions so that it can load up properly. The lag shouldn’t be to much of a problem after that.
I will recommend everyone to try this game, it’s free to try and download and if you end up not liking it, just uninstall it.

+ Customizing
+ Fun co-op like game play
+ GTA like world

– Lag
– More vehicles please