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Netrunner – Top 5 cards – Order and Chaos

Okay so I want to start of by saying that plenty of cards in the set have a place somewhere, and some cards work great in different types of combos. In this list there are cards that I can immediately see a good place for without having to show you 2-3 other cards to explain the value.

Other than that it will be very interesting to see how the cards from Order and Chaos will be used. So before I go in to the 5 cards that I like, I should really mention 3 other cards that may have caught your eye.

Netrunner - Eater
Netrunner - Government Takeover
Netrunner - Traffic Accident


Yes, it’s a great card, being able to take care of any ice out there at the cost of you not being able to access cards, of course this wont matter if you play with different replacement effects that let’s you do other things or trigger other effects. Great card that will be played, but not one that I’m THAT excited about.

Government Takeover
This card is getting plenty of buss because one, it’s a huge score card, 2 it has a greaaaat effect if you manage to actually do so. But still meh under my radar.

Traffic Accident
I mean, 2 damage for 0 money, yes pulease! Needs 2 tags to do it tho, but in the right deck. Holy moly can you gather a good hand of burn cards.

Now to the cards I do care about!

Netrunner - I've Had Worse
5 I’ve had worse
About time we got a second good draw card, mixing this with Diesel feels… well… great. But it’s not the only great thing about this card. In the matchups where you probably will take some damage, this may draw you cards for free. Which will not only be great but also cancel out a card or effect from the corp. Love it.

Netrunner - Uninstall
4 Uninstall
Hey. Yay. Wombo Combos. Resets. Triggers. Counters. Craaazy!

Netrunner - High Risk Investment
3 High-Risk Investment
Well holy-moly money in the bank. If you manage to score just one of these against a runner that likes to keep his money high. It will be awesome for you as the corp. You can even save it to make it a rough choice for the runner, should they use Account Siphon? And when they do, they have to have a sweet plan to waste as much resources as possible that very turn. Or you know, just score if after they stole plenty of money or have a huge stash of cash and mimic it.

Netrunner - Housekeeping
2 Housekeeping
So as soon as your opponent decides to do something, you do 1 ”damage” to him. Wow. Really? That’s just great, and if the runner does not play any currents, this will be a overall game changing card.

Netrunner - Spooned
Netrunner - Forked
Netrunner - Knifed

1 Spooned / Forked / Knifed
The main reason I think these will see play is because a corp player can only have so much ice, and can only afford so much ice. Kill of the some of the most important ones and you will screw with their plans a plenty.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

MTG – M14 – Top 10 cards! – Top 5 of the list

Hello Nurglings!

It’s time once again to look at some M14 cards! Today we’re moving on to my top five cards from the set. I guess today we should just jump right on to it.

For the bottom five cards, you can check them out here:

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 51
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 52
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 53
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 54
MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 55
5. The Hate Cycle
I’m sorry to say… but this means we actually have a top 10 top 5 top thing… The reason they all share this spot is because it’s so very dependent on the format to come. Which decks will be popular decides which of these creatures will actually be worth having in your deck and/or sideboard.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 4
4. Kalonian Hydra
Okay so for once a big green mythic creature is actually looking pretty good! For one it’s not as expensive as the big green usually are, and this one can actually win with just two attacks. Not only will this see play in limited and you will be very happy when you get to play it there. You will also see this card in standard for sure. Thragtusk is now laving the game and giving trading out for his more aggressive friend. Oh and remember, if you give this thing haste. WHAMBAM

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 3
3. Liliana’s Reaver
Okay so I will tell you the truth right now, even tho this is my personal top 10 list. This card is actually my one favorite card in the set. This guy just reeks of value, one single hit from this creature is worth so much. Four less life for your opponent. One less card for your opponent. One extra creature for you. So much happens when this card hits, and I truly believe that this card will have a huge place in standard. I call this: the-mini-grave-titan. Even if your opponent decides to block this guy, he got Deathtouch and will clear that creature right out! I’m just happy they did not reprint White Knight in this set…

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 2
2. Archangel of Thune
The first time I read on this card, and probably for plenty of you out there. You read it as a cute little trick, when you gain life it grows. Then you realize that: oh everything grows! I’m not even sure how much that will matter when it all comes around, but I bet it will at times (just like any ability really). So I’m not all excited about this card, but I’m sure it will see some play. It’s a big flying lifelink angel after all.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 1
1. Strionic Resonator
Yea this is on here, yea it’s on the first spot. Why? Well it’s artifact and ability that we haven’t seen before (or am I wrong?). And I just see this card doing plenty of broken things. I’m even looking at my favorite card from the set: Liliana’s Reaver, get that trigger twice for each attack and that is one bad ass value machine. And that’s just one of MANY tricks out there. Start looking at cards and their triggered abilities and I bet you can find some awesome things to double-trigger. (Thank goodness Thragtusk is gone right?)

Okay, that was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed the list and as always…
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!
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MTG - Trading post not in the list

MTG – M14 – Top 10 cards! – Bottom 5

Hello Nurglings!

(If you’re only interested in the TOP 5 it’s right here: ]

It’s time to make one of the hardest top 10 lists in a long time. Cause people seem to be complaining ALOT about M14 at the moment. Saying that the power level is over all low, BUT, I’d say that there are plenty of playable cards in this set. People always seem to be expecting a power creep and want to see better, bigger, more useful, awesome spells. That’s not what Standard is about people. It’s about creating a new type of environment with new types of cards and letting new decks emerge.

And I’m telling you there are plenty of playable cards, if we were to make a “These cards are playable list” I do believe people would be happy to notice that there’s plenty of that around.
But nope…

So this is my top 10 cards from M14! I rate from the heart and not from my brain and I most often look at cards for a standard playability, not eternal formats and so on (even tho that may happen with some cards just because I’m to excited… okay?). So let’s move on the bottom 5 of this list. The top 5 will be posted later!

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 10
10. Dark Prophecy
Some may argue that this card should not even be on this list, and I… agree! The true reason this card is here is because I want to see it. I want to see players use this card, try and build around it, do their Mono Block Control decks and try and win FNM’s. It’s the kind of plan that will work great when it does work and make you cry when it doesn’t. And hell… maybe I want my goat tokens to draw me cards when I block with them or sacrifice them to Trading Post.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 9
9. Ring of Three Wishes
Okay you’re laughing but I believe this card will do a lot. I’m going to say it once again but I’m looking at you Trading Post and you will be resetting this card for me. The thing that makes this card awesome, is the fact that is a instant search effect. Yes you have to cast it once, but once it’s out, the searching is awesome. In the late game you can even search for proper instants to respond to your opponents cards.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 8
8. Shadowborn Demon
I love black cards, okay? Okay. But really if Mono Black becomes a thing in the next format or if black will be played plenty at all. I do believe that this card will find a place. It’s a strong body for a relatively low cost AND it actually kills something (hopefully) when it enters the battlefield. But just as most demons that are released that seem powerful, they always end up not being the powerhouse they seem to be. So we will just have to wait and see.

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 7
7. Ogre Battledriver
So this card can work for you in two different ways. One, it gives all your small creatures and token creatures a chance to be very aggressive and awesome. Secondly, it also gives ALL creatures haste, which means that you can use important tap abilities the moment you play them. I see this card winning games all over the place in the future, and I will rage every time it happens and be mad about “fast-creature heavy-decks”. I’m not liking the aggressive decks in the format right now and I sure will not like the ones to come. BUT to all of you that will use him for combos and interesting interactions: I salute you!

MTG - M14 - Top 10 - 6
6. Grim Return
This had two different spots on my list, either it’s down here on the sixth spot or I wanted it as number one. But it’s a hard card to valuate when you’re not really sure what will be played. It’s not only good if you’re playing creatures that can use it to great effect, it’s also great when you’re facing a opponent with plenty of “ETB” – triggers. It will be interesting to see where this card will fit in.

So these are my bottom 5 cards! Next we will check out the top 5. Excited? Oooh just you wait. 🙂
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Nurgleprobe’s Top 10 Dragon’s Maze cards! – [Top 5 Favorite Cards]

Top 5 favorite Dragon's Maze cards

Hello Nurglings!

Welcome to part 2 of my top 10 Dragon’s Maze cards. We’re now moving on to my personal favorite cards of the set. Sadly there was only one John Avon piece in the whole set and that was on a land card. So, no Avon in top here and that…. that… makes me sad. 😦

Moving on.

So we’re doing some awesome and sweet and sexy cards right here, please remember that this list has nothing to do with usefulness or power. It’s all about MY personal taste, so let us see if we agree on some of the cards here.

Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 5 FAV - Skylasher
5. Skylasher
This card is the bananas. Have you read the amount of things this thing does for 2 mana? For 2 mana you get a 2/2 creature. That’s okay, it’s a bear, we can use that. Oh and it also blocks fliers cause it got reach. So it’s awesome at taking down pesky tokens and smaller creatures with fly. Oh and it also got Flash so we can do it as a combat trick which is also kind of sweet and even play it at the end of turn if we want to be aggressive with it. Counter it? No no, no worries it’s uncounterable so it won’t be handled that way. Oh you’re attacking with Delver, sweet, cause it’s dead… oh and I got protection from Blue so you know I’ll just keep insect here for awhile.

TWO F****** MANA for that…. yea just saying.






Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 4 FAV - Hidden Strings
4. Hidden Strings
This is pushed right? In one turn you can tap/untap 4 permenants for 2 mana. Just imagine playing this, tapping your opponents blockers, hitting your opponent and then untap the lands you used to play it. So that’s not insane in anyway BUT I can just see this card being used in so many broken ways. We just need to figure out which cards to use with it for maximum effect. I will give you a few names here and you can go check that out okay? Any kind of mana generating card should already be on this list of course. Skirsdag High Priest? Bloodline Keeper? Grimoire of the Dead? Gyre Sage? Izzet Staticaster? Krenko, Mob Boss? Underworld Connections?

Okay enough of that, let’s move on to our next card.






Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 3 FAV - Blood Scrivener
3. Blood Scrivener
This actually started of as number 1 on this list but after a lot of thinking and changing he ended up on a third post. This is one of those cards that could have been on the top 5 Best cards. But I’m just not sure about it yet. Sure it’s a 2/1 for two mana which is actually fine in itself. I’m just not sure if this card will be good enough. It’s awesome to draw the extra card of course, but what if you waste your resources just cause you … “know” that you will draw an extra card. AND BAM there comes the removal and you’re sad. Tho of course, if you have this and a draw card on your hand, that will actually let you draw a extra card since it’s not in your hand as it resolves. Just to let you know.








Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 2 FAV - Reap Intellect
2. Reap Intellect
So I love Memoricide. I love Hunger Games. I LOVE THIS CARD. Okay so you can’t name cards with this, but instead you clear out cardSSSsss from his hand, and all the other cardSSSss with the same name from anywhere! Just imagine a scenario where you get to cast this this and hit two vital key cards at the same time. Hunger Games is better in the way that you decide on which card should be removed and sometimes you get lucky and hit the card in your opponents hand. But with this you will 1) always hit cards in their hand and 2) stop them from ever drawing the card again if the needed it. I love hand killers. I LOVE them.









a 2 mana drop







lifelink & extort








vampire oh yea











Dragon's Maze - Spoiler - Number 1 FAV - Tithe Drinker


Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon.

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Nurgleprobe – TOP 10 Dark Ascension cards – Part 2

Hello my Nurglings.

Time for the last 5 cards of my top 10 Dark Ascension cards list, to read the first part you can go here:

5 – Vorapede
This is one hard nut to crack, Vorapede does a lot of awesome things. It’s a big creature, it has vigilance which is not the most common ability amongst the big green cards, and it tramples. Most people complaining about this card are either talking about one; it’s triple green mana cost, two; it doesn’t have evasion. But heeey let’s take a look at it again shall we, oh what do I see, undying? It may not be evasion in the classic sense, but after your opponent kill this creature with their Doom Blade or blocks it to death it will come back to the field larger than before. Forcing them to waste more than one card on something huge like Vorapede is a fine deal.

4 – Strangleroot Geist
Okay so everyone is talking about this card, they’ve looked at the card, they’ve commented on the card, they’ve been amazed by its haste and they’ve been amazed by the undying effect that comes with it. Green or green/red decks finally have that early drop that lets them be aggressive. Cheaper haste creatures always have a place in standard if they’re good enough. Strangleroot is joined by the ability Undying which means he will probably be a good enough early drop in the format to come. As I said about Vorapede, the only thing that is worse than having to deal with these cards is having to deal with them twice.

3 – Sorin, Lord Of Innistrad
I don’t know about you, but I think this card is somewhat overrated at the moment. Why? Well. First of all it’s mostly a feeling I have. I cannot deny the fact that on paper he is looking awesome. But I also remember the new Liliana looking awesome on paper when she was spoiled, sure she sees some play but not plenty like most people were expecting. I guess it has a lot to do with the format, maybe the cards aren’t fitted for it. Sorin is still high on the list just because of the hype and what it may do in Standard. He will just have to prove himself to keep this spot on the list.

2 – Gravecrawler
Now here is a card that is sweet on so many levels. You can cast it again and again from the grave as long as you make sure that you have a zombie on the field. It’s a one mana 2/1 which is awesomely sweet, and I see a few aggressive and controlling decks using this in the future. The one problem I have with it is the need of zombies. You need a zombie to get it back, so obviously your plan is to play around that. Not sure which zombies you want to play yet, but if the plan is to be somewhat controlling, maybe the new Undying zombie would fit in to the same deck.

1 – Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells
It enters the battlefield, it does a trick, it flips, it does a trick and your opponent kills it. By that time you’ve gained a 2/2 wolf, gained 2 life, burned your opponent (or one of their Planeswalkers) for 2, and killed one of their 2 or less toughness creatures. For a simple cost of 4 mana, this card will be awesome in standard, and people should pick it up while they can.

Getting so much value from simply casting a card is something that’s always been great in Standard. This card also has the possibility to gain you more and more if it gets the chance to flip a few times, I doubt it often will though. Your opponent will hate this card, you will love the card, and you will hate it when he plays his, because when they flip, they’re both dead.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Nurgleprobe – TOP 10 Dark Ascension cards – Part 1

Hello my Nurglings!

So before going out to get myself some soda and maybe MAYBE some chips… or crisps depending on where you live in the world. I will be doing a Nurgleprobe top 10 Dark Ascension cards list. And the cards are the ones I feel can truly be used in Standard. So I won’t be looking at other formats like Modern or Limited when going through the cards. Let’s start at 10 and work our way up to number 6 and the last 5 cards will be posted some time soon.

10 – Undying Evil
Yes, we start off with a common, a card that most people probably just skipped while reading the whole and complete Dark Ascension spoiler. But this card does some amazing things for your creatures. For one it gives your best dudes one more chance to show you what they’re made of. When an opponent casts a removal spell, and even removal spells with wrath effects, one single black mana will bring your creature back and with a +1/+1 counter on it. Not only is it back, but it’s stronger than before. And yes, enter the battlefield trigger is going to happen again, just imagine using this on a card like Solemn Simulacrum. Not sure where this card will fit in, but there are plenty of cards that love it.

The titans – Check.
Wurmoil Engine – Check.
Snapcaster? – Maybe.

9 – Curse of Exhaustion
Seeing this and all the other white control cards, makes me think that a pure U/W control will have a lot of fun in the future. Making your opponent unable to play two spells in one turn stops them from doing Snapcaster tricks. It also stops them from playing ponder followed by a spell and after the first counter magic on your turn, you’re safe to roll. This card is plenty fun.

8 – Faithless Looting
Desperate Ravings, Faithless Looting, a few other spells and Burning Vengeance. Come on! It’s fun and may just be a deck. Even if Burning Vengeance isn’t the place to use this card, a red draw power card is awesome. Even vampire and werewolf players out in the world like this card.

7 – Drogskool Captain

I mentioned earlier that U/W control is going to have a blast, but a U/W spirit deck seems to be a lot more tempting right now. With cards like Midnight Haunting and Geist of Saint Traft, U/W spirits is probably a deck now. No not Delver… spirits. With plenty of cards creating spirit tokens, and Intangile Virtue, they can bring a punch. Specially now when they also can have hexproof, and I guess Honor Of The Pure if you really want to pump them.

6 – Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
A few examples of what Thalia does: Ponder cost 1U. Mana Leak 2U. Gutshot, Gitaxian Probe and Mental misstep actually cost 1 mana. Any Planeswalker costs 1 more as well as any ramp spells and well… any spell. Not sure how well Thalia fits in to Standard right now. But I bet she will be used somewhere before rotating.

Thanks for reading.
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!