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Nurgleprobe’s TOP 10 – Netrunner artwork

So the only thing I really had to think about before doing this list was: Should I include promo art in this list. Sure promos are a part of the game but it’s not something that you will always see when getting expansions or playing with your buddies. So… should it be here? Well after looking through some of the promo cards I realized that they’re not always ”better” and they are a part of the Netrunner game so I kept them in there.

I first thought that I would give small motivation to each art but I just truly like them and just putting them in order should be enough for this list. Also, the Order & Chaos set and SanSan cycle are not included in the list.

So… here we go!

At spot number 10.

10. Wyldside (Alternate art)
Netrunner card - Wyldside promo

9. Blackguard
Netrunner card - Blackguard

8. Datasucker (Alternate art)

7. Tsurugi
Netrunner card - Tsurugi

6. Self-modifying Code
Netrunner card - Self-Modifying Code

5. Jinteki Personal Evolution (Alternate art)

4. Excalibur
Netrunner card - Excalibur

3. Shiro
Netrunner card - Shiro

2. Savoir-Faire
Netrunner card - Savoir-faire

1. Virgo
Netrunner card - Virgo

Until next time Nurglings, take care!
Cya soon!

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From the Vault: 20 – Complete Spoiler

Hello Nurglings!

So I just posted all the Black on Black planeswalkers. I thought I may as well also share the complete spoiler of the From The Vault: 20 box. Enjoy.

From the Vault 20 - Akroma's Vengeance

From the Vault 20 - Chainer's Edict

From the Vault 20 - Chameleon Colossus

From the Vault 20 - Char

From the Vault 20 - Cruel Ultimatum

From the Vault 20 - Fact or Fiction

From the Vault 20 - Fyndhorn Elves

From the Vault 20 - Gilded Lotus

From the Vault 20 - Green Sun's Zenith

From the Vault 20 - Hymn to tourach

From the Vault 20 - Impulse

From the Vault 20 - Ink-Eyes Servant of Oni

From the Vault 20 - Jace the Mind Sculptor

From the Vault 20 - Kessig Wolf Run

From the Vault 20 - Swords to Plowshares

From the Vault 20 - Tangle Wire

From the Vault 20 - Thran Dynamo

From the Vault 20 - Wall of Blossoms

From the Vault 20 - Venser Shaper Savant

From the Vault 21 - Dark Ritual

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Pictures of – SDCC Black on Black Promos

Hello Nurglings!

I’ve been waiting for proper images of these cards for so long, and finally somebody somewhere opened a box to show us. Here ya go, the black on black Planeswalker cards. 🙂

Black On Black Promo - Ajani Caller of the Pride

Black On Black Promo - Chandra Pyromaster

Black On Black Promo - Garruk Caller of Beasts

Black On Black Promo - Jace Memory Adept

Black On Black Promo - Liliana of the Dark Realms

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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M14 – Spoiler – Basic Lands (artwork spoiler)

Hello Nurglings!

Thought you would be interested in seeing all the artworks for all the Basic Lands in M14. Not REALLY a spoiler, but rather a artwork-spoiler. 🙂
So which color got the best arts?

M14 - Spoiler - Basic Lands (artwork spoiler)

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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MTG – Modern Masters – Booster art + Spoilers!

Hello Nurglings!

So we have some awesome pieces of pictures here for you: the booster arts for Modern Masters. And with that, also a big guess on which cards these artworks represent!

MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 1
This part of artwork is probably attached to the card:
Vedalken Shackles




MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 2
And this is for sure:
Sword of Fire and Ice






MTG - Modern Masters - Booster Art 3
And the final one we already know as:
MTG - Modern Masters - Spoiler - Dark Confidant

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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MTG – Modern Masters Spoiler – OH EM GE!

Hello Nurglings!

It’s upon us, a new era of awesome artwork and reprints, a time for money being spent and hearts broken when opening the wrong mythic cards. A time for arguing about prices and expensive drafting. Yes…. Modern Master spoiler season… is here!

And O M G did they start of with something big? I mean we already go Goyf confirmed and that was like a huge deal already, so how could they match this? Well there is a certain 2/1 creature that likes to be in decks together with the Goyf, I hear they even sit down and take a few drinks at a Pub in Innistrad once in awhile. That’s correct, it is….! No wait let’s take a look at the artwork first.

Modern Masters - Artwork - Dark Confidant

Is that one awesome piece of art or what? I’m so freaking excited to tell you that this artwork is fitted on to a awesome card as well. Here it comes…















MTG - Modern Masters - Spoiler - Dark Confidant

Yup. Dark Confidant is Modern Masters. Plus Goyf. You can start ordering your boxes now. Just do it. Go GO GO GO!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Magic the Gathering – Dragon’s Maze – Top 5 Artworks!

Top 5 dragons maze artworks

Hello Nurglings!

It’s time for another kinda meaningless list, unless you’re like me: a sucker for Magic the Gathering art. So of course I had to make a top 5 list! You know that I’m a sucker for lists during spoiler season so yea, here it is. I won’t do plenty of commentary on this post like I usually do on my lists, instead, you will just have to enjoy the art and let’s see if we agree!

 Number 5 - Dragon's Maze artwork - Orzhov Guildgate

MTG Art - Orzhov Guildgate

Number 4 - Dragon's Maze artwork - Blood Scrivener

MTG Art - Blood scrivener

Number 3 - Dragon's Maze artwork - Wake the Reflections

[Could not find a bigger image of this piece sadly]

Number 2 - Dragon's Maze artwork - Awe for the Guilds

MTG Art - Awe of the Guild

Number 1 - Dragon's Maze artwork - Teysa Envoy of the Ghosts

MTG Art - Teysa Envoy of the Ghosts

So there we go! Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!
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MTG – Return To Ravnica – Huge Artwork Spoiler

Hello Nurglings!

No time to talk. Pictures!

PHew… that was alot!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

Return to Ravnica – Artwork Spoiler – Selesnya

Hello Nurglings!

Today they started posting pieces of the Ravnica story on Today’s subject was Selesnya, and merged in to that story were a few new pieces of artwork. People are already jumping to conclusions about these pieces and well… I feel that patience is our best friend right now.

Do… if we must think about it. Look at the first piece of artwork and think about the name:

Temple Garden. (?)

(To read more about Selesnya, and see the source of these images, go here:

Selesnya Attitudes Toward Other Guilds

Boros: “They shall tire of their fighting and, when they do, the gentle embrace of Selesnya will be waiting.”

Azorius: “One day, they will free their minds from foolish, external laws and learn to obey the voice of the Conclave.”

Rakdos: “Until they submit, they must be contained.”

Golgari: “These rot-grovelers could stand to learn more from our ways instead of mucking about with their bugs and death.”

Dimir: “A ghastly horde of disconnected murderers who never fully tasted life’s true gifts.”

Simic: “Warpers of life and nature whose downfall will be their lack of community and compassion.”

Gruul: “Such a waste… and a smelly, unreasonable, destructive waste at that.”

Izzet: “Tinkerers and meddlers under the control of one oppressive ego. Doomed for failure.”

Orzhov: “They are lost in a lifeless prison of their own individual ambitions.”

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
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Did you spot the John Avon art in M13?

Hello Nurglings!

It’s time for some John Avon art! Every time a new set comes out I tend to look for the Avon artworks. With m13, I completely forgot to look for his work! I feel somewhat embarrassed about the fact, but I don’t think Avon will mind. So, as I was looking for his artwork, I got somewhat surprised by the artworks he had done, one of which I loved the first time I saw it, and one that I thought: Oh, it’s an Avon! So these are the John Avon cards from M13.

Yup we start with a classic. One of his plains.

This next card, I love the artwork of it. Can be the fact that I love the shape and form of beetles (I know it’s kind of weird) but it may also be the sweet green “glow”.

And the last one, wolves that I wish that I had gotten more of at the Pre-Release!

So, surprised?
Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!