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Boardgames with Nurgleprobe #9 – Video Game High School / VGHS

Hello everyone!

Time for another podcast review, this time covering a game based on a webseries that I enjoy veeery much! Can the game match it? Listen and find out!

Or listen right now through the YouTube clip covering the same podcast:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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Journey Into Nyx – Spoiler – Ajani, Mentor of Heroes

Hello Nurglings!

The spoiler season for the next Magic The Gathering set is upon us, and as a old card gamer I need to look at every single card released every single day and say: BU or YAY! And even tho I’m not a huge fan of the current standard/type 2 format in MTG, I still await the moment when the change comes and stuff looks more fun and appealing. Cause appeal is truly everything when I play card games (I still miss the Zendikar vampires btw).

So on to the card!

MTG Spoiler - Planeswalker - Ajani Mentor of Heroes

Yes a new Ajani and he is now a dual colored card, and not surprisingly: Green/White. Even if it kinda makes me sad that Elspeth didn’t get her chance in the G/W zone it makes sense that it happened to Ajani instead. He’s a cat and he’s mean, a green white machine… Enough of that and on to the card with a mana cost of … 5! So okay let’s not panic, as long as he has some controlish elements to him he should be fine as a 5 cost planeswalker.

[+ 1] Distribute three +1/+1 counters among one, two, or three target creatures you control
The sad part about his first ability is that it’s one of those that demands that you have creatures out already. I’m a bigger fan of creating small creatures to defend himself with. Putting out three counters every turn is not bad, but I bet you will mostly use him for his second ability which is…

[+1] Look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal an Aura, creature, or planeswalker card from among them and put that card into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
So this is a planeswalker that not only draws you a card, but lets you look at the top 4 cards to find it. Tho you are limited to Enchantments, Creatures and Planeswalkers I don’t think this is a huge setback. If you play him you clearly create a deck that has a good amount of targets for this ability, and even his first ability is a sign that you want to have some creature focus.

[-8] You gain 100 life.
You gain 100 life. So, as long as you’re not playing against infect in some other format or dare I say it: The Maze! Not a great ability not a horrible ability, but 100 life will surley give you time to stabalize or make your opponent deck-out before the game is over. Or you know you can just punch him in the face while you take some damage (not sure if 100 is alot in the current format tho).

Overall I think Mr ajani will see some play like almost all Planeswalker… except for that one, you know, the 2 mana evil devil guy. His + abilities are clearly formed out for the green/white with enchantments and creatures to control the board. Question is wouldn’t you rather have an elspeth on the field turn five?

So what do you think about this lovley new form of our cat lord Ajani? Good, bad or ugly?
Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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New Hearthstone card? – Swords of many ???

Hello Nurglings!

Some time ago I heard a rumor that Blizzard wouldn’t do alot of updating to HS when it comes to balance and new cards. Clearly they keep doing that regulrley anyway thank goodness and they’re even now spoiling something on their Facebook that looks like this:

Heartstone new card spoiler

Joined with the following text:
We stumbled across a mysterious cache of blades! Much to our surprise, when we reached out to add them to our collection, they sprung to life and began wildly cutting up everything in their path – including the text on the card! What do you think the text on this card said? What secrets are they trying to hide?

So this is basicly a hint that they’re releasing new cards (or atleast A new card). There are already plenty of guesses what the cards ability/ies will be. Myself I guess one of the following (for fun):

Some mana cost and some name with this ability:
2/1 Charge
Battlecry: Summon a 1/2 taunt.

Some other name and cost with:
2/2 or possibly 2/1
When this minion takes damage deal 2 damage to the source.

It’s always fun to think about new cards but clearly, to little information has been given out so we can’t really give any kind of proper idea of it’s effect since… well we don’t have anything to go on except for ”swords!”. Other then the guesses above, I actually hope and thought of it as a new type of card: Equipment. Instead of enchanting your minions it’s equipped or added to it. Which means that it gives a stable buff (a + sign down by both stats instead of just stats) and can’t be silenced away like the buffs we have right now. Instead, adding a few new cards that “destroy” equipment. But that’s just me… and my dreams.

So what do you think this new card will be? Leave a comment below with your own ideas.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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He has arrived! – Dragon’s Maze Spoiler – Ral Zarek

Hi Nurglings!

One of the posts on this blog that keeps getting plenty of hits, is my post called ”Who is Ral Zarek.” It talks about the design of his clothes, where he will appear and also the possibility of something Ravnica related being a part of the next block.

Cleary we Returned to Ravnica. And now Ral Zarek has arrived.




Dragon'z Maze Spoiler - Planeswalker - Ral Zarek




Yes we are all very very excited about his coming, and so far we are not disappointed! First scream of joy came with the fact that he is our first U/R Planeswalker card. Something that we have been waiting for! Finally it’s time to put that U/R control deck together right? Just because we can put this boss in it?

Erm… maybe that should not be the reason we do things… or SHOULD IT?

Moving on…

Zarek 1

He got a competitive cost with the converted mana cost of 4. So that is a check. His first ability will give him a chance to protect himself as the game continues… wait… no. Okay so here is the deal with his first ability, it’s one aggressive ability. The permanent you tap won’t stay tapped as you pass the turn to your opponent, this is clearly to enhance your chances of attacking or giving him less of a chance to answer any of your spells that are cast during combat or main phase 2.

Nothing wrong with that tho, untapping one of your permanents is not in anyway a bad ability!
It can give you one extra mana, another shot at a tap effect or even the possibility to attack and untap just to have a blocker ready. This ability will find plenty of different uses if Zarek will ever see play (and we do believe he will right?)

Okay so that is his first ability.

Zarek 2

A lightning bolt? A LIGHTNING BOLT!? Okay so I was discussing Zarek with some friends today and we we’re talking about how you could break him in EDH (just for laughs of course as almost any good card can be broken in EDH), and they talked about his second ability as a – 3. I quickly mention that it’s a – 2 ability and they stared at me.

”Wait you can do it twice?!”

Yes, yes you can do it twice.
Do we really need to discuss a sorcery Lightning bolt more than the fact that this Planeswalker can do it twice.

Zarek 3

Okay so …. we all love this. We bend the game rules with this ability… and we can do it up to 5 times. Even if you don’t get to do it 5 times, the chance to have at least 2 extra turns after this ability resolves: really high.

One awesome ultimate ability that may not be relevant with the aggressive feel of first two abilities, but if you manage to pull the trigger and get a bit lucky, you probably have a high chance of winning that game (you know, as your opponent scoops his card up in disgusting and all over your 5 extra turns).

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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Garruk, Son Of The Wild ( M12 / Magic 2012 )

So forget the Chandra and Garruk I posted recently, they are fakes. At least the Chandra one that was recently released on Magic The Gatherings website (take a look at her, she’s awesome! Recently though they have once again shown us a new rumored Garruk, this time he was given the name: Garruk, Son Of The Wild.

Only the abilities are out on display so here ya go:
+1 – Search your library for a forest card or green creature card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.
0 – Put an X/X green Beast creature token on to the battlefield, where X is the number of loyalty counters on Garruk, Son Of The Wild.
-6 – You get an emblem with “(G)(G)(G)(G): Put an 8/8 green Elephant(?) creature token with trample on to the battlefield.

Have fun speculating.