Pokémon TCG Deck Lists [Under Construction]

Pokémon TCG Deck Lists [Under Construction]

Hello everyone!

To see details on a deck: click the picture!

All decks may not be up to date with the latest set releases, newer decks will be higher up in the lists.

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PTCGO - Standard FormatPTCGO - darkraiEXPTCGO - Mewtwo EX deckPTCGO - Trevenant GengarEXPTCGO - HoundoomEXPTCGO - StarmiePTCGO - SeismitoadEX EmpoleonPTCGO - LucarioEX CrobatPTCGO - AmpharosEX ManectricEXPTCGO - Full Retaliation GyaradosPTCGO - TyranitarEX CrobatPTCGO - LatiosEX CrobatPTCGO - Nidoqueen AncientTraitPTCGO - Entei AncientTraitPTCGO - Rayquaza SpeedPTCGO - SharpedoEXPTCGO - MachampEXPTCGO - ToxicroakEXPTCGO - DugtrioPTCGO - metagross ancient traitPTCGO - mienshaoPTCGO - noivernPTCGO - night march oldPTCGO - sceptileEX GiratinaEX


PTCGO - Expanded Format PTCGO - blastoise raindancePTCGO - maxies YveltalPTCGO - LatiosEX Crobat


PTCGO - LegacyFormatPTCGO - scizor primePTCGO - sableye darkraiEX


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  1. Can I request sharpedo deck? 😛 looks fun -oneman2ballz/mamajamba123

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